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"Roses are for love. Not silly sweethearts' love but the love that makes you and keeps you whole, love that gets you through the worst your life'll give you and that pours out of you when you're given the best instead… There aren't many roses around anymore because they need more love than people have to give 'em, to make 'em flower, and the only thing that'll stand in for low is magic, though it ain't as good, and you'll have to have a lot of magic like a sorcerer…"

-Rose Daughter, By Robin Mckinley

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Fireflies and Roses

Chapter One

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"Beginnings never start out the way anyone really wants it to start out like – at least that's what I've learned over the years."

She looked over the sentence and shook her head lightly. It wasn't going to do. She grabbed it, crumpling it in her hand before tossing it to the other corner of the room. The quill in her hand shivered lightly in anticipation.

"A happy ending never starts out the way anyone would really want it too – at least not if you aren't a cynic or one of those over analyzing know it all – "

The storyteller groaned, roughly crumpling up that page as well and threw it away. The pile of crumpled pieces of parchment there were enough to cause a small avalanche. She turned back to the blank page and stared at it for a moment. Then, it hit her. She grinned to herself and quickly scrawled two sentences.

"Happy endings tend have strange beginnings. Many of them involve a poor, needy child of some seemingly ordinary past."

She paused, hesitating for a moment before continuing.

"This is not that sort of story."

The ink nearly bled through the page if she hadn't caught it. She lifted her pen and smirked, knowing just what to add next.

"Instead, this story is about a woman who wanted a beast."

x – x – x – x –

The woman in this particular story, our protagonist, lived in a town called Middletown. Yes, I'm not making that up, but don't be fooled. This town was far from normal. It housed an incredible family. The Possibles.

Now, they were the most well known family in their region. They were – to say the least – incredibly gifted. Each and every one of them contributed to their community in rather unique, and some revolutionary, styles.

Their father, James Possible, was a scientist ahead of his time. He was also a soothsayer, a man who often saw into the future through is dreams . . . and even through his daydreams. When not focused, he does seem quite distracted, as if lost in his own tracks. He isn't. The soothsayer constantly found himself falling into daydreams as he grew older. His own personal dream is to create a contraption that would fly, claiming (with the silliest grin) that one day he would actually have his head in the clouds. But, as for a job, he built things like clocks and musical boxes. Anything that used gears and wood he was able to fix and at times create.

He was married to the finest physic known to the region, Anne Possible. She was a fantastic healing mage, versed on all sorts of cures and medicines. During a time where women were viewed more as prizes, she well proved time and time again that she was much more than a "pretty face." She led the way for more potent cures for head related injuries. That isn't to say she was all about business, she was an excellent mother and charismatic woman to chat with.

Together, the two of them had a pair of twins who took more after their father. They were inventors – scientists. They loved to learning about things that explode and things that lit on fire. After their father had obtained "fireworks" from the east, their efforts only increased tenfold. Never had they passed a holiday without the twins ending with a "bang." They lit up the sky, dazzling the town and by adding a pinch of magic they were able to form images in the sky with flames – just as the stars did.

Then, there was their eldest, a daughter, the one who this story was all about. She was easily considered the pride and joy of the town. With her bewitching red hair and charming personality, it was amazing to find out she did not show any apparent talent in magic. She was able to use magical items though. It was common to hear that she was the "most sought after Beauty" amongst the men, when entering the town's bar. In fact, they called her "Beauty" more than they called her by her birth name, Kim Possible.

She always had her nose in a book if she wasn't helping someone out. Because, you see, Beauty was a goody – goody little two shoes. If there was a good way to help, she would find it. After all, "anything's possible for a Possible," as the family saying goes and she always stuck with it. She managed to do things from rescuing lost kittens from trees to taking down a bandit group who was trying to take over their town.

Of course, she wasn't alone. She did have a dopey sidekick and baker, Ron Stoppable. There was also the town librarian named Wade Load, who was a brilliant wizard on his own right, that built magical items for Beauty and Ron to use during their missions as a hobby. The three of them did think of it as a hobby rather than a job. They were a strange threesome.

Now, there was one thing that Beauty wanted. More than anything else in the world, what she wanted was a rose garden. She had seen paintings of them before, but never in person, never outside the picture frames. They didn't grow in the area as well, and from what she knew, they were rather expensive. Still, the only chance she would have of obtaining one would be if she were to get it outside their area, to some far distant land like the Orient or more realistically, a city next to the ocean.

One day, Beauty's father received a letter in the mail. His services were requested at Go City to show one of the nobles there one of his fantastic and quick selling, musical boxes. Normally, the journey would take two weeks one way, but the weather had been rather harsh. The winds and rain alone would delay his journey by at least a day or two. But, he ensured his family he would be fine and would take extra precautions when necessary . . . as well as buying them over with gifts. Not that he phrased it that way.

x – x – x – x –

"What would you like me to bring back?" The soothsayer was tightening rope that was holding his cargo together, only to climb back down and hold out his arms for them to say their good-byes.

Anne gave her husband a hug and a kiss on the cheek, earning an 'ew' from the boys. "Just for you to be back home safely for Beauty's birthday." She replied after letting him go.

Of course, after hearing her nickname, Kim looked up and then scowled from hearing the word "birthday" attached to it. She was going to turn seventeen and her mother would try to get her hitched again. Sure, it was rare for a woman to still be unmarried at her age, but she did not find the men her mother found appealing. The closest she could see them was as friends. Just like her best friend, the baker. At least her mother wasn't forcing her to marry someone she did not genuinely love. That was one thing she was eternally grateful for.

The boys were the next ones who hugged their father. "We want two salamanders." They said in unison. Salamanders were amazing creatures that could speak and were excellent companions for these two wizards, since they took after the element of fire.

"One for –"

"-each of us."

Their father smiled wryly, knowing that it would be a bit difficult to find, but agreed nevertheless. Then, there was only one person left. "Kimmie-cub, what would you like?" He asked her.

A rose. She looked down and away. "I . . . I don't know." She lied.

"Come on, Kimmie-cub, consider it a birthday gift."

"A rose." Her mother spoke up after a moment's silence.

James looked from his daughter to his wife then back to his daughter once again. "A rose? Kimberly Ann Possible is there something you're trying to tell us?" Her father said sternly. If there was one thing he knew about flowers, it was about roses. He used them to court Anne when they were younger.

"W-What?" Beauty panicked. She could feel herself going pale.

"Honey, dear, it's just a rose. Besides, hasn't she made it clear that she wants it from you, not from any estrange boy?" The physic said calmly.

Beauty nodded quietly in agreement, unable to speak. The physic placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "You really should find a better place to hide your diary, Beauty, the twins nearly lit it on fire." Her mother's hands went into her own and placed a small journal in them as Beauty's cheeks matched her hair.

"T-Thanks mom."

Her mother moved away as Beauty pocketed her book. "Sorry Beauty." Her father said, hugging his only daughter and kissing her forehead. She hugged him back tightly.

As soon as they let go, James climbed up onto his cart and gripped the reigns in his hands. "I promise to get you those rose, alright?" Before Beauty was able answer, he lifted the reigns and left only the dust behind him.

x – x – x – x –

James Possible never broke a promise in his life. Until now. The meeting with the nobleman was long over, but he couldn't find the roses his daughter asked for. Heck, he couldn't find a flower that wasn't also a weed there. And the weeds were barely surviving!

Go City was a terrible place. Crime and chaos ruled its filthy, in the literal sense, streets. The "nobles" as he found out, were actually just leaders of large groups of organized crime that enveloped the city. The soothsayer himself was nearly robbed a few times. He'd also witnessed a murder scene. He shook his head lightly remembering the sight. He remembered how the people around him acted as if it was a normal event. I'd better find what I need and get out of here. He told himself as he looked around. The rain was not helping his search.

It was simple to obtain the two salamanders, but it was costly. He knew that he was probably had been swindled by the merchant, because later that day, he found the same man selling the same salamanders at half the price. Apparently someone had sold him more salamanders or so the man had explained. James had only enough money to buy a meal. No… Not even that… He thought sadly, looking into his wallet having finished his meal. He could almost imagine the wallet cough out a little cloud of dust when he opened it.

So, he did something he'd thought he'd never do. He ran out of the restaurant, jumped on to his horse and left. He'd never skipped out on paying a meal before. It made him feel very guilty. But, the feeling was quickly lost when he found that there were people chasing after him. The people who worked at the restaurant. Don't those people have anything better to do? He thought as he looked for a way to lose them. There was a dark, shadowy wood nearby. Perfect! He thought, pulling on the reigns to direct his horse towards it.

"Wait! Don't go there!" One of the men said, but Mr. Possible didn't hear it.

Needless to say, he never made it back to the city.

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