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Fireflies and Roses

Chapter Four

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The beast watched the red head and her father from their bedroom window. It was interested in the girl and the magic that seemed to ooze out of her. The beast could even make out a trail of magic that she left from as she headed towards the mansion. It looked unchecked and untouched. The beast had to wonder. Was she completely unaware of her power?

"But that would be absurd!"

The beast continued to watch them. He thought it was amusing. All for a rose . . . He thought whimsically. Although he had laid out a nice dress for Beauty to wear, he did not expect her to actually come. What he expected was for the man to leave and never come back. The beast did not have much power over those where outside of his estate. At least he finally had some company in this place, but what was he going to do with her now? More importantly, how was he going to act in front of her? Perhaps he should dress up nicely and make a great impression on her. Or he could act so nasty and mean to her that she cries. Why not a mix both, that'll drive her nuts. The beast thought sarcastically. He sounded a lot more excited than he wanted to be.

Either way, he had a mission to get to. If she was staying, this might be one of his only chances he'd ever get to break the curse. Besides, it wasn't as if she was half bad looking either. The beast wouldn't mind spending eternity with a pretty face. Hopefully, she could keep a competent conversation as well.

Now, it annoyed him greatly, the green and black double tailed waist coat and black breeches he wore. They had to be the only publicly acceptable clothing he had to wear. It wasn't as if he could put on anything else without ripping it, not to mention find anything else that would fit. It was difficult enough just putting it on. He sighed and turned to the mirror as he fixed his hair by combing a clawed hand through it. He smiled wryly. It was still looked matted and uncombed, as it was for years, or as long as he could remember. Without other people around, he had simply forgotten what it was like. Being human. Dressing up for events. Well – he cut of the unruly snips of hair – he was human. He just looked different than others. Even after being trimmed and 'taming' his hair it was still long for a guy's, but he did not want to cut it anymore. It was the length it was when he was human. He wanted to keep it as a remembrance of some sort. So, instead, he tied his hair in a low pony tail.

He patted his chest once he was finished. It felt funny, all tightly bound like that. At times it felt even suffocating, even if it did belong to the bolder of a brother he once had. But, it felt somewhat lighter today. His mind was much too distracted to worry about something like that. He threw on a cloak and walked off to the dining room.

The table, to his delight, was already prepared. He had spent hours cooking long before Beauty had come. A feeling told him to cook a lot earlier today and he was glad he listened to it. Clawed hands were not the easiest thing to use, especially since they kept growing back each time he cut them down. He hoped they tasted good. He'd liked them, but he wasn't so sure about Beauty.

"Whatever. If she doesn't like it she can cook it herself." He muttered as he took his seat. He pulled up the hood of his cloak to cover his face. He didn't want anyone to see he was green or the fact that he was partly a beast. His unnaturally bright green eyes, though, could not be hidden by the cloak. They picked up the light from the candles and brightened even more. The cloak covered his tail and dark green gloves covered his clawed hands. He did not want to scare Beauty away. Yet. Beast paused in his tracks. Everyone leaves eventually. He reminded himself. That's the reality of living . . . He looked at his gloved hands in disdain. Out of all the ones on the curse, he was the only one remained – at least that's what he thought. Time had stopped for him and him alone.

x – x – x – x –

Remy lead Kim down the hallway and to the dining room. Rosen had stayed behind in Kim's room. "Good luck. You'll need it." Remy told her before leaving her to the beast.

"Remy?" She turned around but no one was there. But I didn't even hear any footsteps . . . Beauty thought as she blinked in confusion.

"Good evening, Beauty," came a voice from behind her.

Kim shivered as she heard the ever mysterious Beast. She briefly wondered just where on earth had he learned her nickname. Her father never used it. "Y – yes?" She said hesitantly as she turned back to the dining room. Chills went down her spine when Beast had called her name. It sounded dangerous.

"Come. Eat your fill. I assume you must be hungry after your trip here. It isn't an easy place to get to." Beauty looked at Beast intently, trying to see the beast under the cloak, but all she got was a pair of bright – so unnaturally bright, Beauty added – green eyes staring back at her.

Beauty sat at the other end of the table. It was awkward for her – not only because she was sitting with Beast, mind you – but the table looked big enough to sit at least twenty – five people. With only the two of them, everything that was said echoed back in a frightening manner. Beauty merely stared at her food, wondering why he had arranged this for her. It was much more than she could eat.

"Aren't you hungry?" Beast asked. If she could see Beast's expression, she would have known how annoyed he was. It was a bit offending if the person he had cooked for didn't bother touching the food he slaved over to make. So . . . She's just gonna remain a statue for the remainder of her stay? He mused. At least that part kept him from getting more annoyed.

Kim shook her head. The food looked good. Plus, there was pasta. But . . . He's staring at me . . . She thought nervously.

"I suppose you're wondering why I asked for you?" Kim heard the beast say tiredly as she took a slice of ham into her plate. She looked up at him. "I wanted company. I suppose. That's all." He said nonchalantly, as he looked at his gloves. "It gets rather boring, living here alone, I mean."

"But you have Rosen and Remy." Beauty pointed out.

"Them?" Beast said surprised. "I haven't seen them in . . . Well since I was first called Beast." He said looking away from Beauty. It seemed that the paintings on the wall were more interesting than her at the moment. "I'm surprised you know of them." He admitted quietly, and then silently added. You must be a powerful one. Just as your father says.

"How did you find out about me? My dad told me he was surprised to know you called out my name personally. And this dress . . ." Beauty blushed as her voice dropped. "How did you know my measurements? This dress fits me perfectly."

"Cute . . . You're blushing. Well, I'm glad it fits you. I went through a lot of trouble to find them." Beast teased. He leaned back in his chair, trying to figure out the best way to answer the rest of her questions. No, he couldn't blurt out that he needed her to break a curse. Besides, why would he want help from her for? He could take care of himself. Oh wait, there was another reason. He hated pity. "First off, I wanted a girl for company. Guys . . . Let's just say I never got along well with them." He laughed darkly remembering his only friend before he turned into a beast. Yeah, he torched his buns whenever he got the chance. He also scared off any suitors he got. "I found out about you through your dad's sleep talking. Which reminds me . . ." He smirked. Beauty leaned forward eager to see what he was about to say. "How do you sleep with all that noise? Also, what is a 'pandaroo'?"

Flustered, Beauty blushed deeply, wondering why, of all the things to remember, they – both her father and Beast – had remembered that one. She couldn't help but hope that her pandaroo back in her room with Rosen was alright. The funny panda-kangaroo toy was her version of a teddy bear. It had been there with her in bed for as long as she could remember. She couldn't sleep well without it at night. Beauty did her best to ignore her ever growing blush and keep her tone as strict as possible. "My measurements?" She demanded.

Beast laughed. "You'll find out soon enough. Now eat. The food's getting cold."

x – x – x – x –

"Shego! Shego!" A blue skinned man said running around the estate of his 'best' friend. (More like only friend.) 'Best' because if Shego ever heard him call her that . . . He shivered in fear. Shego never did like that word almost as much as she hated the word 'suitors' and 'marriage.' He had been stunned to know that his partner-in-crime was actually the missing princess. It had taken him a while to adjust to it – he'd even called her princess for the first few months until Shego threatened to burn his butt if he'd call her that again – and everything went back to normal. Somewhat.

"I'm coming! I'm coming already!" The pale green skinned teen sighed as she caught up with the boy. "What is it this time, Drakken?" She demanded.

The boy ignored her tone and cheerfully showed him a red bound journal. "I was going through your library when I found this book!"

"So what? My library has every book known to humankind. From the past and from the future. Does it really matter?"

"B-but…" The boy faltered. He tried to compose himself as he did many times whenever he stood before her and said more strongly. "But it has a bunch of curses from another world that even I have never heard of."

"Curses?" Now that caught her interest. Shego snatched the book from his hands. Strange. I've never seen this book before . . . She thought. Every book on curses in her library, she had read. There weren't many that interested her, so she'd tossed them back into the library, never to see them again. But this particular book . . . She could have sworn she knew all the books on curses, but she couldn't remember ever seeing this one. "How to give a beast a heart." She read aloud. Boring. Just sacrifice a goat or something. Like it matters. She thought. " Blah . . . Blah . . . blah . . . True love . . ." She grimaced and threw the book at Drakken. "Keep it. It's just another fairy tale." She said as she walked out of the room.

The book had hit the boy square in the face. "Shego!" He whined. "She could be a lot nicer to me…" He muttered under his breath after he was sure that he was out of Shego's range of hearing. If she had heard him . . . He winced remembering the pain as he rubbed his rear end, remembering the green flames that the princess emitted from her hands.

x – x – x – x –

Beast woke up shakily. He placed his hand on his forehead. Normal . . . I think. He looked out his window and saw the stars out bright. Beast shook his head. It's no thanks to him I'm stuck this way. Him and Hego. He thought as he got up and headed out of his room and to the balcony. There was already a bench out there for him to sit on. He took out the harmonica hidden underneath it and began to play.

He watched a falling star go by and stopped. "It had to be a curse for a guy." He muttered under his breath, as he looked at his clawed feet. He turned his gaze turned towards the stars, trying to ignore his changes. "I suppose I've been a guy longer than I have been a girl now, huh, mommy?" He told them quietly.

A moment later he began to chuckle darkly. "You always did say I'd never end up with a guy if I kept acting like I did. I'd end up like you and mom. You were always worried about that . . ." He shook his head. "Now I'm talking to myself. Just great." He shook his head again, this time with a sad smile.

"So you don't talk to yourself all the time?" A girl – Beauty, he corrected – said behind her.

x – x – x – x –

The dinner was a bit unnerving. She was glad that the beast acted like a human. It saddened her when she found out that Beast hadn't always been this way. She assumed someone turned him into this . . . Beast. Maybe they had bothered a wizard or something or maybe he had been a wizard himself in an experiment gone wrong. Or maybe he was just faking so he can 'fill' her up and eat her later. She shivered at the thought. No way was she going to get eaten. She had a huge life ahead of her and she wasn't going to spend the rest of them here. At least, she hoped not. She promised her father, after all, that she would make it out of there and visit.

There were only three rules that Beast had given her. One was that the only rooms she was allowed in were already unlocked and that she had to stay away from any that were. Two was that she has to tie a string to the door when and if she goes to the library. She wondered why. It couldn't be that big, could it? She thought. The third was call for him whenever she got lost in the huge estate. "If you need me… just say my name and I'll come." He had told her. It looked like the beast wanted to say something else, but turned away and began to walk off, saying "sweet dreams, Beauty . . ." There was something about the way he had said it that made her blush. She couldn't help or prevent it at all. For some reason she wanted to look and act perfect in front of Beast. Not blushing like a school girl with her first crush . . . It was just . . . embarrassing.

It must be well past midnight now, but she couldn't get any sleep. She got up and decided to just walk around for a bit, just until she got tired. She picked up a blue coat that she had found in the closet and walked out into the hallway when she heard some music. I must be hearing things. Beauty thought as she patted her ears. I wonder . . . Could the beast play? No. I doubt it. She thought as she unconsciously walked closer to where the music was coming from. Well he did use a spoon and fork when we were eating . . . So I guess he could . . .

" – you and mom. You were always worried about that. Now, I'm talking to myself. Just great." She heard Beast say sadly. Beauty couldn't help but to reach out to the beast. She tried to lighten the mood by saying. "So, you don't talk to yourself all the time?"

She watched the beast stiffen visibly, before getting up and whirling around to meet her eyes. In return, Kim couldn't stop staring at the Beast. He wore only a long shirt that exposed how much of a Beast he really was. Gone was that infernal dark coat he had been wearing that Beauty hated so much. Under the moon light, the beast looked like a werewolf stuck in its mid form. He towered over her. His dark olive green fur covered his entire body with exception of the hair on the top of his head which was dark as midnight. His feet claws dug onto the floor as he stepped forward scratching the marble below.

Beauty didn't move at all and he took this as an invitation. He leaned in close to her –his fangs and teeth gleamed dangerously in the moonlight – and asked in an oddly soothing voice, "Will you marry me?"

The silence was deafening and the look Kim made was anything but positive.

Beast only frowned at her expression. If she was just going to look all horrified, then why did she bother coming to see me at all? He moved away from her and then ran off on all fours without realizing it. For some reason, he didn't want her to see him like this. He couldn't have any cared less when her father saw this beastly form. Why her? He thought as he began to slow down.

x – x – x – x –

Finally snapping out of her trance, she began to sputter. She stammered. Never once had she gotten such a sudden proposal.

Funny that was Kim's thought rather than "I've just been proposed to by a beast."

x – x – x – x –

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