Hello again, I am under a great stress because of my university work and my head is about to explode…I still managed to get this done so you would better pat me on the head ;) Well, I decided to make a SasuNaru story again but I reversed their roles as "

Hello again, I am under a great stress because of my university work and my head is about to explode…I still managed to get this done so you would better pat me on the head ;) Well, I decided to make a SasuNaru story again but I reversed their roles as "top and bottom" on mental level. I surely hope you enjoy this one and delight me by telling me your thoughts :D If you have brilliant ideas for my new stories, please tell! I am open to new ideas but off course in SasuNaru/NaruSasu context :D

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.

Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: Best friends form a garage band and suddenly they have a record deal. Then why does it feel that the other does not enjoy it? Jealousy, what a wicked little game…but what if all he needed to do was to ask - open the door into summer? SasuNaru, M for SEX

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or whatsoever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

You Are My Door Into Summer

Fuck, he is loosing consciousness. Sasuke, open you eyes, you fucking moron, I shout but his eyes just keep rolling back. The only things I see are the whites of his eyes. His skin is cold and pale and I have to keep slapping him so he would stay awake. I can see the strength leaving his body and I know he is drowning. The tears roll down my cheeks and I am so fucking scared because I do not have a clue what the fuck I am supposed to do now.

The backstage room we occupy is dimly lighted and full of junk. The air suffocates me and my chest hurts so much. You do not fucking leave me, I scream and at that moment the paramedics crash down the door. I hear them saying that they should rip his shirt open so that they can do DC on him.

Sasuke looks like a little boy lying on the stretcher and they keep giving him electric shocks. His body flinches yet the screen only shows a straight line. One last flash and the line makes a curve. Everything seems so hazy and I just keep screaming my lungs off. Two of the paramedics keep me down as the others raise the stretcher in order to take Sasuke to the hospital.

He is mine, I scream and the room echoes the hollow and desperate sound of my voice. I am not allowed to go with them and I just cry and kick not caring if I hit someone. It does not really help but eases my frustration. Why the fuck did you do this to me, you fucking bastard, I shout but he does not hear me. He does not hear anybody. Sasukeee!!

How did things take turns like these? I and Sasuke had a nice childhood practically growing up together. We were neighbours and each other's best friends. When we were ten, we made a blood oath - it was a promise that we would be together forever. A cliché, but a nice and happy one. Then the puberty hit us like thousands of blades and like every guy on this planet, we decided to form a band. Of course it was just the two of us, but still.

I always knew Sasuke had an amazing voice, so we - basically I - decided that he should be our singer and I took the guitar, since it was remotely the only thing I could play. We practised very hard because we wanted to become something. By the age of seventeen we were both still virgins, since neither of us had had the time to spend with girls or anything. Neither of us had never even kissed a girl let alone had sex with one.

One can never admit such stuff to one's friends so every time Sasuke and I were with our friends, I just kept ranting about girls although I was very much clueless. Sasuke was and still is quiet and an introvert. Basically it was I who made the talking and he always stood beside me giving me the strength I needed.

One would never believe that a crummy garage band would get a record deal. Well, that is what happened - literally. You see, people get everything too much and too fast…and that leads to trouble and loss. Always.

We had our first gig at Columb Club and some record dude spotted us and next we were introduced to our new band members. I do not have the foggiest idea how it all went so fast and I do not recall anything from this process and I am too ashamed to ask Sasuke. The band was my idea so I should carry the responsibility but how the fuck should I have known that Sasuke was not fit for this?

How the fuck…oh, dear God…He never said anything, he just agreed on everything I did and it took my all to understand that I never really asked his opinion on things. I just thought we stood on the same ground. Apparently not. Everything is too hazy and the past, I cannot recall it - I just get flashbacks that rape my mind one by one.

I never knew he had problems, since he did not tell me. I always thought we were best friends but somehow it was all about me. I blame myself for this, if I had done something, maybe he would not lie half dead in the hospital? I was so fucking selfish; can I take everything back and make a fresh start? I so fucking want to save him, I fucking want to save him…

I should have known something was wrong when he became cold and hard to reach. Everybody else just thought he was being the ice princess he usually is and it was stupid of me to think that he was only under such a pressure that it made him tense.

The new members were Sakura on keyboard, Kiba behind the drums and Shikamaru on bass and Neji on second guitar leaving me on lead guitar and Sasuke as the singer. I liked the new guys and Sakura. It was not awkward at all that everybody else was male except her - she was one of us no matter what and she and I became quite close thanks to our similar sense of humour. Now that I think about it, it seems that Sasuke had hard time getting along with others. He is a person who will not let anyone into his heart easily and that might have triggered bad vibes.

I played my role as the link between Sasuke and the others keeping us as a whole. I should have known it could not last but I gave it my all, perhaps I already knew back then that sometime soon everything would collapse. We got more gigs and Sasuke wrote more amazing songs but I could not help but wonder why the songs turned out so dark. When we used to practise together and compose music, the music was always lighter. As if Sasuke had changed somehow.

The days when we started were fun…not that those were not later on too, but when it was just the two of us - it was the whole world. I remember how we ended up trying kissing since neither of us had ever kissed a girl before, and we wanted to make sure we would know how to do it when the time would come. Basically it was his idea since I am kind of slow what comes to situations like these, but back in the day I thought he was a genius. How childish…like girls would really care if one had not kissed before…meaning if you find the one…she would not care, right? Haha.

My hands were trembling and my whole body was tense yet he seemed so calm and relaxed. Somehow his whole being made the nervousness go away and we united our dry lips together. First the kiss was shy since I did not know what to do, but he took the control and slipped his tongue inside my mouth. It felt really weird back then, you know, rubbing tongues together and stuff like that because we were both boys but soon I got the hang of it.

He was a marvellous kisser although it made me really think if it really was his first time doing that sort of thing. Okay, maybe we took the advantage of the kissing, since we used to do it sometimes at our gigs just to stir up feelings in girls, who were screaming with hearts above their heads. It was just plain weird; two guys kissing and what an uproar!

Well, those were the times back then when we were freer to do what we wanted to. Success changes the ways one can do things and we had to "behave" ourselves and just basically play and no games were allowed. Not that I really minded, since it was just a good tactic from the start and nothing more.

I was quite amazed that we became as popular as we did; it never really occurred to me why we were so liked. Okay, maybe I can guess the reason…I bet it is Sasuke and no, my voice does not sound bitter, since I am not blind. Oh fuck, if I was a girl…Sasuke is smart, mysterious and basically sex on legs. I am extremely happy that he is our singer since he will bring in the girls. I am not that bad looking either but he is just beautiful like the ancient Greek statues.