Hello again, I am under a great stress because of my university work and my head is about to explode…I still managed to get this done so you would better pat me on the head ;) Well, I decided to make a SasuNaru story again but I reversed their roles as "top and bottom" on mental level. I surely hope you enjoy this one and delight me by telling me your thoughts :D If you have brilliant ideas for my new stories, please tell! I am open to new ideas but off course in SasuNaru/NaruSasu context :D

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.

Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: Best friends form a garage band and suddenly they have a record deal. Then why does it feel that the other does not enjoy it? Jealousy, what a wicked little game…but what if all he needed to do was ask - open the door into summer? SasuNaru, M for SEX

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or whatsoever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Maybe I was blind because I wanted to. Kissing your best friend…Somehow I always knew there was something more behind it. Someone bangs my door hard; the door rattles and hits my back. Open the door, Naruto, please, open the door, he pleads and sobs. I am sorry, I was jealous…I was always jealous…I am sorry…I love you, he cries.

I hear him dropping on to his knees because of the loud "thump". The cries echo from the ground level behind my door but I shut my ears with the palms of my hands. After an hour or so my body feels sore and I stand up in order to stretch. Maybe I should check…he has probably gone home by now. I open the door and I see a dark bundle on my doorstep, shivering like a scared rabbit. His eyes are closed and swollen; he does not even have his shoes on.

I look at that little pathetic figure and I drop on to my knees crying. You fucking moron, I sob and squeeze him in my arms. His body is cold and bluish and he clenches my shirt tightly. Do not leave me, he whispers and I hug him and promise to moon from the sky if he wants it. I carry him inside but he just keeps shivering.

I have to take him to the shower and without any hesitation I undress him. I wrap my sleeves and lead him into the shower booth. He is too weak to even stand on his own so I come inside the booth in order to help him. I let the hot water run down his cold body and my clothes get also wet in the process, but I do not really mind.

His skin begins to turn into a normal colour and he does not shiver anymore. He just presses his naked body against my wet garments and stays there. He feels so soft against me; his skin is like velvet under my touch. After a while he looks up with those midnight eyes and carefully slides his hand inside my soaked shirt. He watches my reactions so he would know whether to retort or not. I just gaze him back not saying anything.

It gives him the courage to unbutton my shirt and it drops on to the ceramic floor. A wet bundle of fabric. Then his edgy fingers slide down until they meet my trousers. His hands try to seek approval and he finds it in the fact that I do not resist - not even the slightest. He bends so he can peel the trousers off of me and they slump next to the wet bundle.

His fingers explore my inner thighs and the touch makes my breath hitch. His hands settle down on my arse and his face moves closer to my crotch. His black hair tickles my skin and with confidence he takes my length into his wet hot cavern we average men call a mouth. His fingers squeeze my buttocks as he sucks me twirling his tongue around my member.

I lean against the ceramic tiles behind me and my legs almost give upon me. I can sense my soul escape with his sucking; he plays with the bare tip, teases with his tongue and licks all over. I cannot help but to pant and huff. I have to take support so I would not fall. My left hand travels in his hair and pulls it with desire. My insides cramp fully but he does not let me cum. He raises his gaze and his eyes glimmer like two diamonds.

I pull him into a deep and wet kiss; I want to savour his lips, his mouth…Our lips crash and our tongues dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers used to. He leads me into my bedroom while kissing me to death. He pushes me on to the bed and crawls in between my legs. He licks and plants small kisses on my inner thighs and I open my legs for him. He sits on his knees his abs tensed as he settles himself into the best position.

I keep lying on my back and he raises my lower body a little. His breathing is fragmental and just I watch his every move. He pushes himself inside me, upwards just the slightest so that he can enter from that angle. I take him in fully and he groans while his hands shake. He starts to move pushing himself deeper in order to find my sweet spot. He feels me up with his member and moves rhythmically in and out.

He sets little fires inside me and the flames are about to eat me alive. The sweat drops on his forehead dribble down on his face on to my stomach and they give the same effect as nitric acid on skin. We both pant and huff and the skies open before me eyes - I cum and I cum hard. The immense pleasure is too much for my body and I scream my head falling backwards. My scream becomes his catalyst and he comes into my twitching hole with hoarse moaning that is almost beast-like.

His pulsating member pours out the warm sweet liquid that fills me up like a vase. My body jerks and he kisses me all over until it relaxes again. He pulls out and the warmness that devoured me vanishes. He towers above me and he gathers up enough courage to open his mouth after the long silence - can I keep you, he asks almost pleadingly fear filling his beautiful eyes. I have never been anything other than yours, I whisper and salty tears fall on to my face. He buries his head into my neck; inhales my essence and presses himself so close that we are almost one.

The morning comes like summer, the sun smiling at us and I find it hard to open my eyes. When I am finally able to do it, I see him watching me with tender eyes. He plants a sweet kiss on my forehead and I smile with closed eyes. The birds sing outside my window and we both laugh lightly, they singe because you are here, I say to him.

He brings his face close to mine and gives me a deep and wet morning kiss full of love, yearning and all the beautiful things I never thought I could feel - not without him. We dress and I see him to the door and he hops the stairs down. After it he turns around, brushes the hair from his face and flashes the most sincere smile. He looks so cosy in his ripped jeans and black T-shirt that it makes me smile back at him. Tonight, he says and I say yeah back at him and I close the door.

We meet up with the rest of the band at Nine Times Club where we are supposed to play. The club is almost like a stadium and we really are awed by it. We occupy the stage in order to test our instruments. As I tune up my guitar, Sasuke tests the sound. He glances at me and looks shy; he smiles faintly and I smile back at him.

After the tuning I go off the stage where all the others already wait. Why is Sasuke suddenly in a good mood, the others ask me. Who knows, I answer and I cannot help but to smile. It is time for us to get on the stage. The whole place is cramped and no tickets are available anymore.

Everyone, except Sasuke, walk on to the stage one after another and we wait as the audience screams his name. They scream my Sasuke's name. He walks on to the stage and his whole aura his glowing as if he had wings. He settles behind the microphone and smirks at the audience, who almost go on a rampage because of it.

Oh boy, do we give a show or what? Sasuke is sweating like we all and now we have come to the last song. He grabs the microphone and sings a short verse of a Michael Nesmith song "Some of Shelly's Blues",

"I won't let you go with nothing to show but more blues,
And all this talk about leaving is strictly bad news,
So you settle down and stay with the man that loves you,
You settle down and stay with the man that loves you.

I am quite amazed because I did not anticipate this. Then he drops the microphone and walks to me flipping the guitar to my back side. He takes me by the collar and crashes his lips on mine and the audience breaks into lustful screams. The other band members just gaze at one another with amazement but then they shoot the first chords into the air.

It is "The Day After Tomorrow" and I smile into the kiss. His skilful tongue explores my mouth and I start to play the song with my guitar behind my back never breaking the kiss. His eyes are closed but I can see they are smiling. After the last chords he breaks the kiss and all we can hear are screams from the surprisingly excited audience.

He takes me by the hand and he shouts into the microphone that he promises to tell today, not the day after tomorrow, today and all the girls practically drool. The applauses and hoorays fill the air and we leave the stage. On the way down, Sasuke pulls me close and inhales the scent of my skin. Neji laughs and says that one never did know where Naruto began and Sasuke ended. We all laugh and head for the changing rooms. The first gig of the late spring; what did we open? The door into summer, since Sasuke - you are my door into an eternal sunshine and all you needed to do was ask...