20 Years On

20 Years On


Summary: Short an sweet little story about the very not-so-sweet characters of Beano, Minnie and Dennis. Please don't puke from the cuteness

Oh and go read Cynic's new fanfiction. Tis excellent


Dennis took a long drag off a thickly packed joint. His eyes watered as he kept the massive volume of smoke within his lungs and slowly he sucked it down. Minnie took the joint and did the same. They fell onto the creaking bed with satisfaction.

It was bleak and cold as it was a winter afternoon but the room couldn't be cozier. The heater radiated kindly in the corner, and the blankets that wrapped around them pulled against their body heat. They held onto his other tight and Dennis gave the red haired g irl a kiss. She pulled a face, one that resembled the young girl he had known only 10 years ago.

"You know… you're exactly the same from when you were little."

"Am I?" she grinned, quite pleased at the compliment. "You're completely different."

"You're lyin" he protested. She rubbed his buzz cut lovingly, and then traced her finger down to his handsome face. Even as a child, he always had a buff, square face that had the ability to scowl darker than anyone had ever witnessed. With burly clenched fists that could knock the life out of anyone, he always went out for trouble. With his massive respect and fear, Minnie strived to be the same as him, and she was the closest anyone had ever gotten, but then suddenly something happened. Puberty rode through her body like a bullet and her body developed, her hair glowed, her face softened and her best friend Dennis who was one of the toughest kids she knew suddenly gave her long lingering looks.

It was strange and confusing. None of the other kids seemed to have such desires. So they ignored it, until the passion became too overwhelming and Dennis beat the crap out of Danny for flirtation. But he and Danny always felt a love hate relationship.

As painful as the experience was for Danny, it was what made Minnie realize that for the first time in his life, Dennis actually had a reason to physically hurt someone. For once, it wasn't nonsensical mindless violence for his own sadistic satisfaction, it was for her.

Of course, they still didn't admit the feelings outright, and the next couple months were filled with tension.

It wasn't until a day in the year that they were both 15, all the kids were drinking in a meadow, and Dennis and Minnie went off together to collect apples in the evening night. They sat, and talked. Dennis was perfectly solemn, his tough exterior never fading even under Minnie's nervous ramblings. He just slipped a hand around her shoulder with the gentlest touch she had ever known him to give, and with the only blush she had ever dared to feel, she touched his lips with her own. Slightly shocked, he kissed her back, and there they spent most of the night, kissing under the apple tree until Toots stumbled upon them, quite apologetically.

They just smiled her, and emerged out back to the meadow, Minnie as red as her sweater, and Dennis beaming victoriously.

And now, 20 years later they were still together in a nice apartment on the outskirts of Beanotown. After all, there was never any reason to leave.