So, I answer the challenge – but I have to admit, that I pulled out my "Merriam-Webster Thesaurus" for inspiration …too many recurring letters in his name :-)


A dmired

L ong-bearded

B rilliant

U pright

S enior


P owerful

E ncouraging

R espected

C unning

I ntelligent

V igorous

A ttentiv

L egilimens


W arlock

U nderstanding

L ustrous

F lamboyant

R esolute

I mperative

C ryptic


B ritish

R egal

I mposing

A lert

N otable


D ependable

U nbiased

M ysterious

B enevolent

L onesome

E nthusiastic

D emanding

O rder of the Phoenix

R egretful

E vasive