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This is in kayfabe…

Flashbacks in italics.

"Okay, so after you finish getting ready, you need to interfere in Candice's match against Melina and make your announcement…"

"Bri, I know what I have to do. I seriously have no idea why I keep you around anymore. All you ever do is say stuff that I already know. What good are you? Are you going to try to make the announcement for me? I swear, you're such a Jillian Hall rip-off," Beth ranted as the placed her headpiece on her forehead.

Bri was not one to stand for such insults. Most people would cower under the power of the Glamazon, but Bri knew better. "Jillian Hall rip-off? A Jillian Hall rip-off? I'm sorry, but do you see a tiny planet growing on my face? No, you don't. Do I follow you around like a lost puppy? No, I don't. I just sit there by Lillian until you get your stupid ass into a situation you think you can handle, but you really can't. Need I remind you how you won your first title and how you lost your second?" Bri asked with a clear tone of disdain in her voice.

Beth's eyes squinted at the smaller woman. She wasn't afraid of Bri, but she knew she was right.

"I can beat Candice Michelle! I can beat Candice Michelle!" Beth muttered to herself, the mantra reverberating in her mind.

"Don't underestimate her, Beth. She may kind of suck, but remember, she beat you last time," Bri said, slightly mocking Beth behind her back.

"That was a fluke. Everyone catches some luck once in a while," Beth mumbled.

"She was the better woman that night, Phoenix," Bri said, adjusting her glasses. "There was nothing you could do about it. Just think, it only fueled your fire for tonight."

"You're right," Beth agreed.

Later that night

Beth had Candice's neck draped across the ropes. She was stepping on her back, choking her out. The referee made Beth break the hold. Beth started to argue with the referee. Bri snuck up to Candice, who was still laid across the ropes. Bri smacked Candice across the head with her clipboard while Beth was distracting the referee. Beth rolled up Candice to win her first WWE Women's Championship.

"I don't want you coming down to the ring with me, Bri," Beth said. "I can defend the title on my own."

"Are you sure? Mickie isn't as crappy as Candice is, Beth. You're going to need me," Bri warned.

"No, I said I don't need you. You will stand back here and do as your told," Beth growled and then hastily exited the room.

"Alright, but I never said I won't laugh my ass off when you lose, bitch," Bri snarled after the door slammed shut.

In the ring

Beth thought she had it in the bag. She was stronger. She was faster. She…was less experienced than Mickie James.

Even Glamazons make mistakes.

Beth underestimated her own power. Mickie quickly reversed one of Beth's power moves and pinned the WWE Women's Champion to earn her fourth title reign.

After the match, Beth stormed into the Diva's locker room. Bri was laying down on a bench, but she sat up when Beth walked in.

"I told you," she teased.

"Shut up, whore," Beth said out of anger.

"Maybe you should listen to me next time."

"You're my fucking assistant! You're supposed to tell me what's best for me!" Beth yelled, pounding the nearest locker with a closed fist.

"You're the one that pays me. I'm supposed to listen to you."

"Well from now on…ugh, forget it."

"Don't fucking remind me," Beth said.

"Then don't fuck up. You act like you own the damn place, but you don't back up your shit."

"I will fucking kick your ass, Bri."

"No, you won't."

"And why not?"

"Because you need me and you know it."

Candice was about to win her match against Melina, but Beth and Bri stormed down to the ring. Beth pushed Candice off of the turnbuckle once again and got Melina disqualified. Instead of being upset about it, Melina just shrugged and walked off, happy to see one of her rivals hurt. Beth picked up Candice and threw her out of the ring. Bri got her a microphone and the two Divas entered the ring.

"Now that the trash is gone, I have an announcement to make. I've already held the WWE Women's Championship twice. I'm not even going to waste my time trying to go after Mickie James just to hold that title again. I am going to do what only one other woman has ever done before. I am going to challenge Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. And unlike Chyna, I won't hold it three times. I am only going to hold it once because I will never lose it."

"You think you're going to challenge me for my title?" Jericho said. He had just walked out onto the stage with his Intercontinental Championship belt snapped around his waist.

"Are you deaf? Yes, that's what I said," Beth retorted as Bri took notes on your clipboard.

"Beth, you should know that I don't hit women. But I'll make an exception for you since we all know that you're really a guy. How does Unforgiven sound to you?"

"Perfect," Beth said with a grin, forcing the words out of her mouth. She didn't appreciate being called a man, but she would use that aggression in the ring.

"Oh, but there has to be a stipulation, Mister—I mean, Miss Phoenix."

"What's that?"

"If you get to have your precious little assistant with you, how about I get to have one of my own?"


"Mickie James."