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It was dark. There were no lights, no people, no buildings. There was absolutely nothing. "Why ... Why can't I open my eyes?" Sasori thought to himself. "I ... don't know what the fuck is going on ..." The collected puppeteer reached his fingers up to his eyes and felt what seemed to be cloth. It had been tied around his eyes all last night since the incident. "The incident ... I-I don't ... remember. I can't see anything ... but I can see someone ... just barely ... how can I see if this cloth is obstructing my view?"

Sakura held onto the bedsheets too busy crying to realize her partner had moved. She didn't understand how something like this could happen. It just didn't seem fair. If she was there ... if Deidara had not gone with that stupid guy ... Sasori would never have ran after him and got over powered by those Anbu or whatever the hell they were. Deidara should have listened to her and Sasori when they told him it was a trap. But instead, being his thick minded self he had to go anyway and leave that message. That blonde idiot should have never sent him that message because now he's just still. He's pretty much crippled and as far as Sakura's concerned it is all Deidara's fault. Sakura looked down at the blurry sheets and cried some more letting the tears sink into the hospital bed where Sasori resided. "S-Sa ..." She tried to say his name but the words wouldn't form in her mouth.

Sasori's ears perked up at the sound. What was that noise anyway? It sounded like crying but he couldn't be sure. No, he definitely knew it was crying, but who's? It was a girl ... He could see and make out that much. And what did she mean it was Deidara's fault? Who beat him up? He could hear her thoughts. It was strange. "Who's that crying? ... Wait. Is that Sakura? Is she okay? Sakura ... Why can't I say her name? Just say it ... Sakura ... Sakura."

"Sakura!" Sasori shot up out his bed, tore off the offending cloth, and let his eyes dart around. He couldn't see anything. He was certain his eyes were open this time. Sasori felt around his body and noticed a feeding tube going in his nose and other things on his arms and torso. He screamed and ripped them off his bruised skin. He didn't have a clue as to what was going on. And frankly as much as it busted up his ego, it scared him. He couldn't see ... so that could only mean he was blind. He was blind and Sakura's crying grew more frantic by the moment.

"Sasori, stop it!" Sakura jumped up and held his arms steady, shouting for the other members.

Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, and Kisame appeared immediately holding him to the bed through his thrashing and screaming.

Sakura looked at Kisame and told him to take Sasori's arms while she injected the sleeping aid laying in her pocket.

Deidara stood in the doorway paralyzed he felt like his entire body had numbed up and could no longer move. He should be in there helping but something was keeping him from doing so. Was it his fear of rejection? Would Sakura even want his help after what he did? Deidara's blue eye focused between the members and to Sasori. He could make out a little bit of his ex partner's shivering figure and Deidara grabbed at the shirt covering his heart. The danna he knew wouldn't act so afraid and childish. But the danna he was used to knowing wasn't a human ... he wasn't able to feel pain ... bleed or bruise. The danna he knew didn't have strong emotions. Deidara leaned against the door frame watching as Sakura injected the vile into his ex partner's neck. He was the one that put his danna in the position to feel real hurt for the first time in forever. He should have listened and he chose not to leave. He let ignorance rule over judgment and his ... danna had to run after him and save his blonde pathetic ass from getting killed. Now there he was, laying there frantic and beat up and the Leader had two weeks ago decided it would be in Sasori's best interest if they remained seperated as partners through the duration of their membership in Akatsuki. Which would be until they both died or one of them died. Whichever one came first. The S-rank criminal felt a tear roll down his eye as Sakura glared at him when her job was done and the other members walked by without giving any signs of recognition save for a barely even noticable nod. Yeah, he definitely had to patch things up. He would start with Sakura first. Then after that, maybe she would be able to help Sasori fall back in love with him ... if by any chance she hadn't fallen for the puppet master herself.

I know it's confusing. I like it that way in the beginning. But I will explain everything later as the story progesses and you'll be completely aware of what the hell is happening.

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