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It was time for him to step up again. He promised danna he would get them out and he wasn't about to break it. "I … have a plan, un!"

Sasori and Sakura only stared, with the exception of said red head rolling his eyes. Sometimes the blonde could be so persistent. Did he not just say earlier that he would take control of this operation?

"Well hurry up brat. Tell it to us."

Deidara sucked in a deep breath and quietly but quickly announced the plan. "We're gonna get out of here in less than five minutes, un."

Sasori snorted.

"I'm gonna make a series of bombs and put them in all four hallways, un. Sasori danna, when they come around you're going to hold them off, un. While Sasori danna's holding them off for us, I'm going to use that to opportunity to make my bird, un. Then Sakura, you're gonna have to immediately make an opening for my bird to fly us out …" Deidara's voice trailed off as he began to make his works of art. "I'm going to make my art go off in exactly four minutes and thirty seconds, un."

Sakura gasped. "What if we don't make it out of here by then?! Deidara this is going to take at least seven minutes!"

"No it's not, un."

Sasori looked between the two and stood up. He didn't feel like saying anything on the matter. Deidara and him had worked together as partners and lovers all the time and no easy plan ever took more than a few minutes except for when they had to capture Subaku no Gaara. His attention turned down the hall and could make out at least sixty shadow like figures jumping down the area.

"They're coming."

This wouldn't be easy at all without Hiroku. Luckily, there was always the option of using those ninjas.

Deidara was too busy creating his bombs to waste time looking and Sakura ran off to locate a good spot that would become an opening big enough for Deidara's giant bird.

Sakura's heart raced in her chest as she continued to run. If any of them failed, they wouldn't have a way out. Her injured arms and legs ached with the excruciating pain and pressure of exerting herself but she had to keep going. Ignoring the stabbing feeling throughout her body she dashed down the long stretch of hall and came to halt once it revealed itself to be a dead end. "Outside must be behind this wall." She thought to herself finally relaxing her muscles when no signs of guard ninja's were seen. That must've meant that Sasori was doing a good job at holding those bastards off.

The konoichi's thoughts wandered while still keeping an eye out for her cue. She began to think about the village she left. "It's almost time for me to go back home to Konoha …" Konoha being used in the same sentence with the word 'home' felt foreign on her tongue and didn't sit right like it once had. Originally, she joined the Akatsuki only to get information on the organization about its whereabouts, weaknesses, and plans. She also came to see if Sasuke had any connections to them and if they had any idea of where he might be. But the longer she stayed the more she began to … actually like being there. She even fell in love with Sasori but it was not supposed to happen.

She blinked out of her thoughts and listened for her cue. Nope. Nothing.

Next week was when she was supposed to send a messenger bird out to Konohagakure telling Tsunande-sama all she knew about the Akatsuki. That was when Konoha was going to attack and annihilate. But after spending around two months in their base, she was no longer sure whether the bird should be sent out or not.

When Deidara finally yelled 'done' she knew where she needed to be. She knew where her home was and where it wasn't. Sakura tugged her black gloves down and pulled her fist as far back as she could. Sheer force met with thick, heavy cement sending shock waves through her right arm. The wall was met with another fierce blow of her left arm and again with her right. Each blow hurt more than the last. Sakura watched - her arms and fists bleeding and deeply in pain - as the wall eventually collapsed and she felt a strong arm lift her off the ground.

In an instant the entire building came into view and the sound of bombs detonating and exploding filled her ears making the konoichi's eardrums rattle. The flames, smoke and debris were coming so close that they stung her eyes. Sakura thought she lost her hearing until a familiar voice said rather satisfied, "Art is with a bang, un!"

Sakura smiled as Deidara gently tossed her behind him and she ended up leaning against Sasori's chest. She was dead tired and her arms were achy.

The puppet master winced from Sakura resting on his battered chest and sighed irritably but let the girl lean on him. Hopefully, she didn't come to think of this as an everyday thing. He was not a pillow.

Deidara craned his neck and smiled weakly. "Don't be so irritated danna, un! We're all beat up and tired, un."

Sasori was about to retort when he decided against it. He was in way too much pain to argue.

In the middle of dozing off, Sakura woke up. She had a question on her mind. "You guys?"

Sasori looked down at her and Deidara turned around. He didn't need to look ahead the entire time anyway.

"Why does it always rain?"

The blonde raised his head towards the sun letting the cool wind caress his skin. "You mean in our village, un?"

Sakura nodded. "Yeah"

Sasori yawned. Damn, he was tired. "Well … no one really knows."

The konoichi glanced at the giant bird's back. "Do you think it has to do with keeping the village- base I mean, hidden?"

"Our village is called Amegakure and our base is located inside it, un. I used to think about why it rained all the time, un."

"And as did I." Sasori chimed in.

"So … Why'd you stop wondering?"

"Sometimes it's better not knowing."

Deidara stretched his arms making himself yelp. He forgot for a moment how badly hurt he was amongst the chaos and adrenaline. "Leader-sama told us that, un."

Sakura didn't say anything after that but instead she let herself think it over. Maybe it would be best that the leaf village didn't know about the Akatsuki and where it was at. The village would most likely be wiped out if they decided to advance with their new found information. And also, maybe it was best not to know what would happen if she were to turn her back on Akatsuki. She never thought she would end up being friends with them but after Sasuke, falling in lover with Sasori, and this event she decided that anything was possible.

But sometimes just needed to be known and her secret was one of them. "Can I admit something?"

Deidara and Sasori looked at each other then back at Sakura.

Her stomach lurched. "I didn't really want to join the Akatsuki. My mission was to join and act as a double spy. I was supposed to send a messenger bird out with the information I found and go back afterwards. This may sound weird but, while we were taken prisoners and when we escaped I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go back." Sakura wrenched her eyes shut expecting her sudden death. When it didn't come, she continued. "And being up here on this bird … I had a chance to think about it some more and … I don't want to leave. I'm sorry."

Deidara frowned and crossed his arms. "We knew it, un. Everyone knew it from the get go, un."

Sakura sat up, suddenly afraid to lean on Sasori. "Please, don't tell …"

Sasori grabbed a fistfull of her short pink hair, pushing her forward until she was doubled over and bowing. "We should."

"Gomen nasai …" The konoichi's breath became ragged. She felt hot tears stream down her face and her body protested to being mistreated from her abrasions. Telling them was the worst thing she could have ever done.

Deidara's look didn't change. "Is that enough danna, un?"

Sakura stopped crying and was surprised, still inside her bow. That however, did not change the fact that she was still scared out of her mind.

"Yes, I think it is brat." Sasori pulled her back up so she was laying against his chest like she had been and smirked. "We won't tell."

Relief poured out of her and without delay she relaxed; it was a close call. "Gomen nasai ..."

The ex-suna nin sighed, "Whatever, don't open your big mouth about it anymore." and looked at the view below them seeping in warm rays of the sun. He never appreciated being free until then.

As soon as Sakura finally dozed off again Sasori opened his mouth to speak and flushed. He was never good at these things.

"Um ... Deidara?"

"What is it, un?" He asked after lowering the clay bird a bit more.

"Uh ... thank you."

Deidara was confused. "For what, un?" He didn't remember doing anything that needed thanks but whatever it was had to have been important. Danna hardly EVER said 'thank you'. He might say 'sorry' but very rarely will you be lucky enough to get those words out of him over small things.

Sasori shifted and maneuvered the girl and laid her down none too softly. He didn't have the energy to carry her in his arms. She must have been sleeping like a log after all.

Sasori drew his legs up to his chest, chin resting on his knees. "Alot ... not giving up on me after I treated you like shit and getting us out of here. You helped me to get better emotionally. Ever since I met you I've been healing from old wounds but lately it's been really tough. For a moment ... when thatone thing happened ... I thought I would just turn back to the way I was. And at one point, it was really lonely being me ..."

Deidara nodded and kept listening intently. He didn't think any of those things needed a 'thank you' because that's what you do when you love someone.

"But now, I actually feel complete for the first time in my life. At first, I thought you were just a stupid kid saying ridiculous things about making me happy because I thought it to be impossible."

Once Sasori finished, Deidara absorbed a breath and smiled. "You don't need to thank me danna, un. I do things like that because I love you, un. That's why we're here; to help each other out right, un?"

Ash eyes met up with blue and Sasori bit down the urge to smile. "Yeah brat." He could have sworn that idiot's smile and laughter was contagious.

Deidara pulled his sun soaked hair back in a pony tail. He shut his eyes and had his hand signed to tell Pein about their mission but suddenly stopped, setting his hand down. "Do you ever want to start over sometimes, un?"

Now it was Sasori's turn to be confused. "From what?"

"This, un. Haven't you ever been at a point where you just ... wanna call it quits, un?"


The clay master's voice got low while his heart paced fast in his ribcage. "Do you wanna start over, un?"

"Sure" Not like it mattered though. Deidara was really talented at coming up with empty conversations that wasted his time.

"How about we leave danna, un?"

Sasori's ash colored eyes got wide. "What?! Are you out of your fucking mind?!"

"For your information danna, no I'm perfectly sane, un!"

"W-We can't just leave!"

"And why not, un?"

The red head glared. "Akatsuki will hunt us down until we die."

"We have thirty more days until our mission is supposed to be completed, un. They won't even begin to track us down until after then, un." Deidara reached over Sakura with his good arm and grabbed Sasori's hand, squeezing it softly. "Please danna ... ... they won't be able to track us down successfully because we'd be doing this by air and ... we have thirty days ... thirty days to get as far as we can, un."

Sasori stared unsure but nodded anyways. "I'm going to trust you Deidara. I'm going to trust you to us far away from Akatsuki headquarters. You better not mess up brat."

Deidara grinned, and turning around he steered the bird west. They would stop to stock up on food and water in a few hours.

Sasori didn't know what caused him to say yes but maybe it had to do with Deidara's reasoning and reassuring smile. He often wondered what life would have been like for him if he had stayed with his grandmother but realized that he was glad he joined the Akatsuki or else he would have never met Deidara. He needed to stop thinking about what ifs because there was another future to look forward to. He no longer thought about, "What if he had never gotten that message from Deidara?" and "What if those men hadn't done what they did?" Because if those things never had happened him, Sakura, and Deidara would've never gotten so close.

If they had never been captured then the three of them would have never left Akatsuki.

As the sun set Deidara stole a quick look at Sakura. "Do you think she'll be happy with this Sasori danna, un?"

Sasori laid back on the tail of the bird. "Yep."

Deidara brought back that contagious smile. "It's going to be okay, un."

"I know."

"We're no longer Akatsuki anymore, un."

"I know."

"We're gonna have the best time of our lives, un." Deidara thought to himself as he got up and laid next to Sasori who has slowly falling asleep. He kissed him softly on the lips and locked his gaze towards the stars. They would have to stop tonight at the next town for rest. The following twenty days would definitely be interesting.

"I love you Sasori danna, un. Thank you for staying with me."


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