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"Max?" Nudge looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

Oh Boy.

"I'm hungry! Can we take a rest?" she whined, pouting.

I pursed my lips but my scowl softened when I saw that the flock was tired. Oh wow. I just realized we had been flying for 5 hours already, poor babies.

Be firm in your goal, Max. I am waiting in Alaska. Do not keep me waiting.

Oh geez Jeb… can't you give your cute butt-kicking daughter a day off? I thought sarcastically.

We were flying over the forest of Forks on our way to meet Jeb in Alaska. He had been unusually adamant that we meet this time and that was the only thing that kept me flying. But hey! Guess what? The rebel in me just decided to keep him waiting! Yay!

"MA-AX! PUH-LEASE?" Nudge had gone 100 whine mode now and she knew perfectly well that I could not stand a second of it. I threw Fang a glance for help but he looked away.

Big surprise.

Fang has been acting way weird these days. Oh wait… that could be because HE FRIGGIN KISSED ME?!

But he has acting even weirder nowadays. I am worried. What problem had the almighty Fang encountered now?

Maybe he has a secret?

Maybe you should shut up.

I sighed in defeat.

"Oh alright. 20 minutes. That's all." I clenched my jaw as whoops of joy filled the air around me and closed my wings for the dive.

"Aww… Little Maxy misses her dad too much to wait?" Iggy mocked, his sightless blue eyes twinkled with mischief.

I shot Iggy a death glare. "Right now, I am shooting daggers at you with my eyes."

"A real pity I can't see it" Iggy said dryly.

"What's that sound?" Angel's – well, angelic– voice suddenly sounded scared.

Fang did a 360 check and voila, Flyboys.

Just perfect!

I pulled back my arm and launched a bone-cracking punch into the face of one Flyboy and kicked backwards – right into the middle of the Flyboy's abdomen. They dropped but more and more flyboys were coming. Nudge and Iggy were back to back, fighting off 20 flyboys together. Gazzy was taking on 5 flyboys by himself and Angel was trying to talk one into dropping but in the end decided to just kick him.

This is not gonna last much longer. I gotta–


I took a deep dive to catch a flailing Total who had apparently dropped from Fang's backpack.


"Shut UP Total or I will drop you!"


I turned around just in time to watch in horror and 10 or so flyboys punched and kicked him. One of them even bent his wing in a way no wing should be bent. As I watched horrorstruck, he fell like a stone – all the way into the forest of Forks…




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