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Max's POV

How? HOW?!

Why is it that every time we are finally having some peace (operative word: SOME), the School just has to ruin it all?

And Erasers?

Uh puh-lease! They're like, so last year!

"So should we ignore them cos they're not attacking us, or just go kick their butt?" Nudge asked, looking at Max expectantly.

"We have to go there!"

Max spun around sharply.

"Why, Angel? Is there something you're not telling me?"

The little girl was suddenly very interested in her pure white wingtips.

Max mimed tapping her foot in mid-air, her wings still keeping her afloat but she was growing tired of staying in one spot. She loved Angel and all but this was not the time to keep secrets.

Angel picked at her blond curly hair nervously.

"It's kinda hard to explain and we're sorta running out of time here." Angel hedged.

"ANGEL! Just spit it out already!" Iggy yelled, frustrated that he can't see whatever that we were fussing over.

Angel bit her lip, took a deep breath and then, "Thosearen'tErasersthey'rewerewolveswhoaredifferentbutstillbadcosnowtheyareattackingBellaandFangistryingtosavehersowereallyneedtogettherereallyquickyouknow?"

Nudge's eyes widened, while everyone else turned to each other in confusion. Trust Nudge to be the only one to understand that.

"Angel, say it again, SLOWLY this time," I said patiently, laying one hand on her tiny shoulders.

"Those aren't Erasers, Max. They're not from the School. They're real werewolves! But they're still bad, or at least some of them are, cos they're attacking Bella and Fang is trying to save her. We really really need to be there quick, you know?" Angel said to me, looking at me straight in the eye.

My heart stopped beating.

Fang. Fang. Fang.

He's there, he's just over there.

The last thing I heard were my flock's screams of surprise as I accelerated so fast, the next second, I was already half a mile ahead.

Jet's POV

I awoke with a raging thirst. A thirst for something else other than water.

The fire has finally subsided and disappeared. Thank God cos that was so not fun.

I was still lying on the ground, very still. It was like the eerie calm after a horrible storm. One very horrible storm.

Where was I? I couldn't remember much. It was too fuzzy. Why was it so dark?

Then I realised that my eyes were still closed.

I opened my eyes.

This is incredible.

I could see everything!

Everything! Every crack in the tile, every scratch on the window, every fibre of the wire sticking out in the corner, every detail!

And my hearing! I could hear everything!

I only just reached that conclusion when ear-splitting growls tickled my ears.

I moved on instinct.

The moment I thought of moving, suddenly I was crouching lower defensively as growls erupted from my throat too.

In two separate corners, I saw beautiful and breath-taking ladies. They looked really familiar, like from a long-ago dream…


Melanie, my girlfriend, my love.

And Emily!

"Em? Mel?" A strange beautiful voice, like the sound of the wind resounded around us.

I did a double-take.

Was that…me?

The short raven-haired girl looked at me, a strange look in her eyes. Then, my baby sister opened her mouth.

"Jet? What happened to us? Where are we?" Her voice was like chimes when a breeze blew past, tickling your ears. But then another voice spoke.


I knew who it was before I even turned to look at her flawless beautiful face.



Suddenly, the burning in my throat erupted and I found myself moving without thinking.

Instinct took over.

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