Rise of the Titan's II

Deathstroke in Konoha

Chapter 1 Averse Rebirth

Dreams and visions erupted in his mind.

Thoughts of fire, and screams of pain…even death.

Something was coming…

Something was here…


Naruto woke up abruptly. His body was sodden with perspiration, his heart beat loudly in his ears, and his breath came in sharp gasps.

The dreams had been affecting him more and more. They never stopped.

Usually he would simply try and dismiss them…but he couldn't. He was afraid.

That which made Naruto grasp onto these visions so tight was a feeling, it was a feeling that he could easily describe, yet find no logical reason for it's source. It was the feeling of being 'Real'.

He couldn't explain it, but he felt as though these dreams weren't dreams at all, as though they were warnings.

Naruto pushed the thoughts out of his mind and looked around him. He had been wandering the forest edges of Konoha for the past four days.

Naruto lay there on the soft grass beneath a small clearing in the canopy of trees above. The stars twinkled back at him and the night air gently caressed his face with a light breeze.

He was calm.

He noticed that there was the slightest tint of red to the edges of the sky, morning was coming.

Naruto picked himself up to his feet and commenced the same action he had undertaken every morning since he had been home.

He pushed his way through the foliage and looked out at the small fire lights of Konoha.

The town gazed back at him as though it harboured eyes of it's own. He longed to go there.

But he couldn't.

"I can never go back." He said to himself. "Those that would attack it come from the outside, if I go back…I would only find it harder to leave." He said this to himself as though for reassurance. He had recited this exact mantra every morning, as though to remind himself of his task.

He set off.

Naruto decided to head north.

Once again Naruto stuck to the edges of the forest. He had noticed himself unconsciously doing this as he travelled, it was as if his body wanted to stay as close to Konoha as possible.

He forced himself to turn deeper into the forest.

It was dangerous staying on the border. Fellow ninja's often trained or explored there, if he were caught…it would complicate anything.

Naruto walked for many hours, in the past he would have merely ran along the branches of the trees, but in the Titan world, he had found a sort of peace that came from walking. It was that which he currently sought after. That peace.

It came slowly but surely. Washing over him and removing all troubled thoughts. All except one…Raven. Or 'Rachel' as he was used to calling her now.

Naruto tried to force the image of her face out of his mind…but the more he tried, the clearer the image was.

A familiar ache struck him hard and he once again felt like he would rather die that live this life without her.

It was painful to be away. He had never thought that merely missing someone could cause him pain…but it did.

The very thought of her sent him weak, and the idea that he may never see her again…it was all but unbearable.

Three hours had passed and the sky above the canopy of trees had lightened to due to the rising sun.

He had now delved deep enough into the forest that he could no longer hear any sounds from the waking village of the Hidden Leaf.

Birds twittered in the sky and the sweet smell of flowers perfumed the air around him.

It also seemed a little damp, fresh, as though a storm had ended. Possibly only a few days ago, maybe just before he had returned.

He had yet to meet anyone from the village and for that he was than…

He stopped.

Naruto stood as still as any tree as he listened to his surroundings.

Someone was there.

The tiniest sound reached his ears. The swish of a single leaf, the swish of air as something sliced through it. A kunai.

Naruto jumped and barrel-rolled.

In the air, as he rolled, he managed to catch the kunai in between his index and middle finger. Once he landed, he used the momentum from his jump to throw the kunai back.

The blade flew into the tree's canopy of leaves from whence it came. A figure dived out of the vegetation and landed on the ground a few metres away, rolling to break it's fall.

Naruto looked.

It was one of the Anbu.

The catlike mask stared back at him. A brown robe flowed around the figures shoulder. The Anbu reached inside it's cloak, separating it for a second revealing a lithe male body, and drew out dual tanto's.

Naruto looked at the blades and then at the figure's mask. The Anbu certainly meant to use them.

This didn't make sense.

The Anbu were the protectors of Konoha, much like a police force, why would they attack him. Unless they didn't know it was him.

Naruto glanced down at his clothes.

They weren't his after all. His hair was probably still a shade or two lighter than it's original colour from when it had been dyed white, he was wearing black instead of his usual orange jumpsuit…and his eyes…Naruto obviously couldn't see them himself, but he knew they'd be different. After all, he was different. He felt it, he knew it.

It wasn't any surprise the Anbu didn't know who he was.

He wanted to tell the Anbu to wait, that he was from Konoha…but Naruto realised…he couldn't.

If he told the Anbu who he was or that he was from Konoha, the Anbu might want to take him into custody. And while he ached to see his friends again, to see the beautiful buildings, the people, the monuments, the ramen…he couldn't. He could never go back.

The Anbu dived. His arms were crossed so his blades were facing opposite directions. When the masked attacker close, he slashed out with both blades in a scissor motion.

Naruto dodged back and retrieved his blade from his back.

The Ceremonial Tishmarr gleamed in the sunlight as it was drawn. It's duel bladed fire shape seemed to glow red in the radiance of the early day.

The Anbu spun and swung his tanto's in an attempt to slash Naruto's stomach.

Naruto swung the Tishmarr down and caught the Anbu's blade in between the Tishmarr's dual blades. Naruto spun the Tishmarr causing the Anbu's tanto's to fly out of their masters hands and up into the air.

The Anbu jumped and kicked Naruto in the chest, using him like a wall to kick off of into the air. The Anbu caught one of his blades whilst the other fell and stuck in the ground point-first.

Naruto's attacker slashed again. Naruto defended the blow and attempted to counter with a slash to the Anbu's head.

The masked figure ducked and made to thrust his blade into Naruto's chest.

Naruto side-stepped and spun around his opponent, whilst he span he struck the Anbu on the back with a back hand causing him to stumble forward and his tanto to strike the tree in front of him, embedding it's sharp blade into the bark.

Naruto placed the Tishmarr against the Anbu's throat causing the masked attacker to stiffen at the cold touch of the metal.

Naruto was about to speak when the Anbu slipped, the masked figure's feet slipped out from underneath him and the Anbu's head and throat slipped from Naruto's grasp.

As the Anbu fell, he used his feet to grab the handle of his tanto that was still embedded in the tree bark, he landed on the floor and pulled the blade from the tree and thrust the handle into Naruto's stomach knocking him back. The Anbu, somehow, spun the tanto in his foots grasp so that the blade faced Naruto.

The masked attacker, spun on the floor and thrust the blade at Naruto point-first.

Naruto dodged backwards quickly as the Anbu dropped the blade into his hands and flipped up from the ground flourishing the blade at Naruto.

Naruto defended the blow with the Tishmarr, but the Tanto got close enough to cause a nasty cut on his arm.

The Anbu delivered a swift kick to the side of Naruto's head sending him keeling to the ground.

The masked attacker ran for his other blade that was stuck in the ground only a few metres away.

Once the Anbu had reacquired his blade, he ran at Naruto and jumped.

Naruto just managed to see this in time.

The Anbu came down, points-first, Naruto rolled to the left and thrust up his feet.

The Anbu's blade's barely missed him, but Naruto's feet didn't. The struck the Anbu's face causing the attacker to fly backwards and strike the ground hard on his back.

Naruto jumped up to his feet and watched as the Anbu struggled to get up.

Supporting himself on one hand, the Anbu clutched his mask which now bared a large crack down it's surface.

One half of the Mask fell away and a green eyed, black haired youth looked back at him. Barely older than himself.

The Anbu shoved his blades back into their sheathes and scampered into the forest.

Naruto let him go.

It was only now, after the attack, that Naruto became aware of a sharp pain in his arm.

He looked down and saw a small cut through the fabric. The main of Naruto's armour was a Kevlar bi-weave, but he had been unlucky. The Anbu had struck some of the fabric for the joints that wasn't Kevlar.

Just his luck that on his first fight back, the enemy strikes a weak point.

Naruto sighed and clutched his other hand to the wound attempting to stop the bleeding.

It wasn't a bad cut, not very deep, but it still hurt.

Naruto reattached the Tishmarr to his back and carried on.

If he stayed, he'd surly be attacked again.

The Anbu didn't give up, but when they needed reinforcements…the got them. And the thought of having to face an entire group of Anbu's…well, it didn't bode well.

Naruto set off.

Naruto didn't know how long he had been walking, or how far. He had lost track a few hours ago and now he simply couldn't be bothered to think about it.

He passed through a bush and came to a halt.

He was on a cliff overlooking a large waterfall to his right.

Naruto looked left and saw that he had somehow walked in an arch and up a hill, because now Konoha sat on his right below him a few miles away surrounded by the dense forest.

Naruto looked at the village and his heart felt like it would burst.

He could never go back there.

This knowledge had begun to haunt his mind more and more as he had walked.

He could no longer be a part of Konoha…he could no longer know his friends…he could know longer strive to become hokage…he could no longer be a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Naruto reached up and removed his headband.

He looked at it sorrowfully and slowly traced the leaf insignia with his index finger.

The surface was rough and scratched from years of use. It's band was worn and frayed in places.

To many it would just be a headband to protect ones head in combat…but to Naruto, it was something more.

It was his life. His reminder to himself that he was a ninja. That he belonged to something that no one could take away. It was recognition. It was meaning. It was irreplaceable and his alone to understand, to live by…and only he could throw it away. Only he could forsake it.

But it had already been forsaken.

The moment he had decided that he would return to the Titan world he had forsaken everything else. His life, his passion, his dream…all for love.

It seemed unfair to him, that to attain love, one has to sacrifice everything else.

Naruto gripped his headband in his left hand and held it over the waterfall.

The roaring water pounded against the rocks and the forest pool below. Light sprays spat at him causing his eyelids to flicker in reaction.

Naruto ignored all this and continually stared at his headband…his symbol.

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

Naruto knew what he had to do.

If he truly wanted to be with Raven, if he truly wanted love above everything else, and if he truly wanted to move forward in his life…he had to first leave his old life behind.

A strange calm fell over him.

A small smile crept on his lips. Not out of happiness, but out of something else…realization.

"Everything has a price," he said to himself. "Even love."

He dropped the headband.

The metal and fabric protection gear flew from Naruto's hand and dropped swiftly down the cliff.

It seemed as though even in the act of falling, the headband offered a symbol.

A symbol of change.

A symbol of new life.

A symbol of averse rebirth.

Chapter 1 finished

A/N: Several things, one…a single definition that will probably be plaguing the minds of those not used to such literature.

Averse unwilling, unenthusiastic…effectively, it was a drastic change, a rebirth that was neither planned, comfortable, nor truly wanted. But was needed.

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