Naruto: ROTT: Deathstroke in Konoha

Chapter 15 Answers

"Come clean Slade, I'll let you help us, but only if you tell us everything, how you survived, why you can't die, who you are!" Naruto demanded, his anger subsiding slightly but his irritation barely being shifted, he detested the very presence of Slade, but he did need answers.

"Who I am." Slade repeated. "Fine then Naruto, I shall tell you the secret of my origins, but first, you must promise to never tell Robin."

Naruto felt confused and rather shocked by this demand but cautiously nodded in agreement.

"I am Slade." Said the black and gold masked villain in a simple and casual way. "Slade Wilson, originally known as Deathstroke the Terminator."

The name Deathstroke the Terminator sent a chill down Naruto's spine as he listened to Slade's words.

"Like your-self I am not from the Titan's world, but from another world in which the Titan's are much older. I was enlisted by the military as a mercenary, being on hand and ready for anything I applied for non-enhanced treatments. The result of which is a body that is nigh indestructible, I can heal from any wound, no matter how grievous, of course I still felt pain for a long while, though due to how long ago it was, I have become immune to such emotions." Slade's single visible eye narrowed slightly.

Naruto, not being the smartest individual only barely understood the concept that Slade was talking about, he didn't know what nano-enhancement's were, but he understood the healing part.

"I had a family in my world, a good family. But a sinister mad man named Jackal kidnapped my son Joseph, in the commotion of me trying to save him, my boy's throat was slit, cutting his vocal cords. He was never able to speak again. At the hospital, my wife Adeline, she was furious that I endangered our son. She shot me in my right eye, which is why I wear a mask, this was however, before the nano-enhancements, and sadly the treatment of the nanites did not heal old wounds. But I was so very confident in my abilities, I don't really need my right eye, I can beat anyone. My brain is like a super computer Naruto, I am a combat and tactical genius. You cannot comprehend my ability."

Naruto found himself chuckling at that. "If you're so great, then why is it the Titan's always kick your butt." He said nonchalantly.

"The titan's never do Naruto, the only one that ever bests me is Robin. And there is a reason behind that. Sadly, by an unfortunate twist of fate, the Robin you know looks very much like my own son."

Slade's eyes turned away for a moment, betraying an emotion that if Naruto hadn't seen for himself, would never knew Slade was capable of…sadness.

"Tell me Naruto, could you fight all out and kill a person that looked like Raven? That reminded you of her?"

The question cut deep into Naruto, he had never thought of it, but as he thought then, he realized Slade was right, he didn't think he could fight all out against someone that looked like Raven.

"Combined I have beaten the Titan's when they all fight me many a time, it is very easy when they all attack, I'm able to concentrate on just my reactions, counterattacking their attack's, but one on one with Robin, and I can do nothing but look at his face…and see my son, Joseph. Joseph grew up, and he developed the ability to possess people's bodies, a useful ability, but he often used it against me, hating me for his inability to speak." Slade said in an almost bitter voice. "Eventually, by a turn for the worst my now ex wife, having left me since what happened to my son, well, she fell seriously ill. I opted for a blood transfusion, sadly, my blood gave her the ability to heal from any wound, she became insane, wanting to die, always able to feel pain yet never able to die. She begged for it in the end, I actually enlisted the Titan's help, as a mercy, I chopped my wife into tiny pieces, and Koriand'r, or Starfire as you know her, star bolted the pieces, incinerating them. The most merciful death I could manage."

Slade's voice had gone cold, thought Naruto would usually describe his voice as cold, he felt an icy chill swamp over him as Slade's story obviously surfaced feelings in Slade of bitterness, darkness, and depression.

"That wasn't the end to my sacrifice; you Raven, your people made me kill my own son." Slade's eyes became pained as he glanced at Raven, whose features where now a mask of shock and disbelief. "The spirits of Azurath were drawn to my son's power, the inhabited him and sent him insane, for a single brief moment before my son attempted to kill me in his madness, he begged me to kill him. My son could not heal like I could, so I complied, shove my sword through his heart, an act that haunts me to this day." Slade gazes at Naruto, a shocked silence filled the air.

"In my grief I came to the Titan's world you know by means I will not tell you, the titan's were young, juvenile, not even teenagers at the time, but I don't age. I amassed a wealth and contacts before they reached their teens, and waited for them to take the roles I knew they would. I wanted to make things different. Though as time passed, you'll find I had a lot of free thinking time. In time my grief turned to anger, then from anger to rage. I no longer blamed myself for everything, I blamed myself and the Titan's, and I vowed I would destroy them. However, by the time this revelation and ideal had sunk and rooted itself within me, the Titan's were a feared fighting force for good already, and so began my complain against them." Slade paused for a while. "Shall I continue and describe every day up to this point for you, or are you satisfied with that." Slade said in a slightly snappy way.

"That'll do. It explains a lot. And fine, you can help us."

Chapter finished.

A/N other chapters will be longer, but thought you'd want this backstory in one chapter on its own. These origins are a mixture of my own interpretation of the actual Slade origin's, and a nice explanation as to why all the titans seem to get the hell kicked out of them by slade, yet robin always beats slade up in the end. I have always wondered about it and thought I'd give my own explanation. :D it also explains how slade has in the past known far more about the titans than he possably could have know. Well, hope you enjoyed the chapter. LOVE YA!

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