A Stormy Night

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Chapter 1


Then she danced in the moonlight as Louis stood on, watching his beloved fiancée from a secret position, as it was forbidden for them to see each other without a chaperone.

I groaned. I was an editor for a private publishing company, and here I was, once again reading the work of preppy wanna-be writers that have no talent whatsoever. I crossed out the sentence and made a paragraph of notations in the margins. Did they or did they not graduate eighth grade?

The one nice thing about this job is that it allowed me to work from home, which was good considering I was raising my daughter, Hilary, by myself.

It all started one night when I was walking home, alone, after dark. I was just walking, but being stupid as always, I decided to take a shortcut through an alley. Of course, I thought that the people who hid in alleys and killed people were just in movies. Boy, was I wrong.

That night I was raped. I was sixteen at the time and had my whole life ahead of me, but that one little decision destroyed it.

I found out a month later that I was pregnant, but with my mother's help I made it through high school and college. I actually just graduated a month ago. It was amazing how fast I had found a job, and I was lucky I did too. I started with my current company just as I was taking the finals in all my classes.. My mother passed away a week after my graduation. The doctors diagnosed it as an undiagnosed, asymptomatic heart murmur, which continued to get worse until it silently killed her.

"MOMMY!" Hilary called. I sighed as my thoughts were interrupted, got up and made my way to my six-year-old daughter's room.

"What's the matter dear?" I asked.

"The monsters are hiding under my bed!" She sobbed.

Oh, fun. "Okay, let me go get my monster spray." I quickly ran back to my room. I went to my bathroom and grabbed my hairspray; little children were so gullible. I headed back to my daughter's room and her face brightened up when she saw the familiar bottle in my hand. She pointed under the bed. I leaned down and sprayed a couple of squirts of hairspray. "There," I put a smile on my face. "Monsters all taken care of, now get some sleep."

I closed the door as I made my way back to my room; summer was always the hardest, because Hilary didn't have school. With her being cooped up all day in a two-bedroom studio apartment on the third floor of a lower class building, she had a lot of energy. I had always wanted a back yard for her, but with my paycheck, buying a house was out of the question.

I sighed; enough dreaming, back to work.


"Carson! No! Get back here right now young man!" I yelled, chasing after my naked three-year-old son that had just jumped out of the bathtub and was now running around the house.

I stopped short when I saw my four-year-old son, Drew, carrying a large pair of scissors. "Drew where did you get those?" I asked him, advancing slowly, bathtub escapee forgotten.

"I found 'dem." He replied, turning them over in his small hands.

Quickly, so he didn't have time to run, I grabbed them and put them on top of the fridge.

"Drew, those are dangerous, we don't want to play with them." I sighed. "Now why don't you go get ready for bed?"

"Alright daddy, will you read me a story?" He smiled up at me.

How could I resist? "I will, now go get ready for bed." I patted his head as he made a beeline for the stairs. Now to find my naked son.

I couldn't believe my marriage had ended this way. I had dated Jessica all through high school, and through college we were practically inseparable. We got married during sophomore year and she bore my first-born, a son, right after we graduated.

I began my job as a music and piano lesson teacher right away. About the same time Jessica started her job as a co-attorney for Newton Law Firm. A year later my second son was born. Nine months after that, the marriage fell apart. It was Jessica's fault; I found out she was seeing another guy, someone at her work, and she was cheating on me.

The divorce was nasty, and the custody fights even worse, but I won; there was no way I was letting my sons live with the likes of her. I had hoped to one day open my own music store, but as of right now, I had no time. I had thought I knew what love was, but apparently, I was wrong. I had confused love with lust and want, which is why I was never going to date again.

"Ah ha! Gottcha!" I grabbed Carson out from under the coffee table, where he had been hiding, and carried him back to the bathroom.

When I had gotten married, my parents had bought me a house, which was now five times too big. It had six bedrooms, a den, a living room, a family room, a humongous kitchen, 4 bathrooms, and a wonderfully large, fenced in backyard. The house was only two stories, both of which were above ground, so the house was very long.

"Daddy! Hurry up!" Drew yelled from the other room.

I sighed. I had work tomorrow, and I felt bad for leaving the kids with Esme, my mother, all the time, but there really was no other way. "I'm coming!" I yelled, wrapping Carson in a towel.

Don't get me wrong; becoming a father was one of the best things in the world, if only I had a loving wife to make it easier…

Ha ha. Like that's ever going to happen.

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