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Closed off from love I didn't need the pain

Once or twice was enough but it was all in vain

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Chapter One

It was quite hard to remember what Skulduggery Pleasant looked like before he was a skeleton. Quite handsome, he assured himself frequently. How could an old bag of bones like him fall for the beautiful eighteen year old Valkyrie Cain?

She would soon inherit Gordon's fortune, but for today, they were out getting a troll out from under the alter of Westminster Abbey. He glanced at her from the driver's seat of the Bentley. 'Hmm.'



'What?' She glared. 'Skulduggery.'

'I was just thinking … never mind.'

The steering wheel was nearly jerked from his hands as she shoved him. 'Now you have to tell me.'

He sighed. It was still a mystery to her how he did that without vocal chords. 'Fine. I was think about my wife, Alison Pleasant, and our baby, Christine. They had the same hair.' He faced the road.

'Oh… I'm sorry.'

He waved his hand, then gripped the steering wheel as the car swerved, chuckling nervously. 'Oh, oops. No it's fine. I was just thinking.'

The girl formally known as Stephanie decided to leave him to himself until they got there. She sighed. He didn't have a heart, but she guessed there would be a fracture where it would have been. It made sense. She just wished… no. It was a stupid thought. The engine died. They were there.

The troll wasn't too hard to find, as it was over eight foot tall, hairy and smelt of fetid meat. 'Oh there you are.' Skulduggery stated calmly as it turned slowly with a grunt. They'd done trolls a lot. He nodded to Stephanie, who struck out her hand, sending the beast flying. Skulduggery pressed a button on his car keys and a net dropped from the ceiling.

The Elemental nun thanked Valkyrie and Skulduggery, as she dragged the troll away with incredible strength, rambling about how she'd have got it if she still had any agility whatsoever.

When they got back to Valkyrie's house, she looked at her sleeping reflection through the window. 'Wait,' she said as he was about to leave. 'Can I stay with you? I'll swap back in the morning.'

She felt her face redden and Skulduggery looked at her. She guessed if he had eyebrows they would have been raised. 'Um, why?' He managed.

'I want to talk to you.'

'You can't just talk to me now?'

'No I mean, really talk to you.'

He paused. 'Is… that not what you're doing?' He asked slowly.


'Oh sorry, right. Well, no. It's not like – I just don't think it would be, all and entirely… appropriate.'

She rolled her eyes. 'Oh come on. Nothing's going to happen!' She felt herself blush. 'What I mean is, nothing's going to happen to me if I stay in you're apartment. It's not likely I'll be ripped to shreds by a crazed bride of Dracula, is it?'

'Not unless China sees you come in…' He muttered. 'Uh, nothing! Oh fine then. You are so annoying sometimes.'

She grinned. 'I know.'

When they arrived, Skulduggery fumbled with his keys for a while, but thankfully, China didn't notice when they arrived on his floor. It was the one directly above the library. Valkyrie grinned. She'd always figured him for the solitary type.

She was quite impressed with Mr Pleasant's living space. It was a neat, one bedroom apartment with a tidy kitchen, painted in deep shades of crimson and black. A large TV was set up in front of a blue and white striped sofa. There were some wine bottles and glasses on the shelf and a fruit bowl in the centre of the coffee table.

'I'll take the couch, since I insisted on staying.'

He mocked surprise. 'You're so gallant, my lady!'

'Oh shut up.'

Stretching out his feet along the couch, he offered her to sit on the armchair. She obeyed.


Valkyrie jumped. 'What?'

'You wanted to talk? Talk.'

His old fashioned way of speaking had always impressed her. As did the smooth velvety tones of his voice… no. It was her turn. 'I wanted to know… how he killed them. Your family.'

'Oh. But that's one of those awful sob stories filled with lots and lots of angst and drama. Don't you get enough of that as a teenager?'


'Fine then. He used his hand. Actually that wasn't as long and drawn out as I thought…'

She would have smiled if the situation wasn't so serious. 'Oh. I know what that's like.'

'Mmm.' He said, nonchalantly. 'And you couldn't have taken the half a minute to ask me at your house?'

'Do you have a problem with me staying here?'

'You didn't answer my question.'

'You didn't answer my question!'

'I asked first.'

She glared at him through her green eyes. 'Gah, fine. I just, I didn't want to go home tonight.'

Valkyrie could sense Skulduggery frowning. 'Trouble?'

'At home? No. Not at all. I just...' She sighed. 'I don't know.' Skulduggery patted the space next to him and she reluctantly sat down. 'I've realised some things, you know.'

'Oh no.'

'What?' She asked, a little unnerved.

'Is this one of those female stages?'

She looked highly unimpressed. 'No, I don't think so. I was thinking - I'm going to have to leave my family, or make the choice to leave the world where I belong. I don't want my parents to think their only daughter doesn't love them.' Tears were welling in her eyes. 'Pathetic, I know.' Her head rested on his shoulder - quite uncomfortable considering it was made of bone.

'Not at all.' He said. 'I can understand perfectly. You came into this world, you weren't born into it. It's entirely your desicion though, which basically brings us back to square one.'

'But...' She bit her lip.


'I don't want to leave you either.'

'I can certainly find another partner, if I chose I want one. You needn't worry about me.'

She gulped. 'YesIdo. Iloveyou.'

'I'm sorry?' He said, turning his skull slightly. 'What was that.'

'I don't want to leave, because I love you.'

Skulduggery looked at Valkyrie. Valkyrie looked at Skulduggery. Valkyrie burst into tears, sobbing into her hands. 'I'm sorry!' She cried.

'Don't be sorry. I... I'm very flattered, Valkyrie, I assure you. But, well. I don;t know WHAT to say. What's say we sleep on it? You on the couch, of course.'

She felt like a prize idiot.

He was more silent than usual. Handing her a soft blanket from the cupboard, he mumbled goodnight and retreated to his bedroom. She cried herself to sleep. How could she be such an idiot? She felt safe and annoyed at how much like a little kid she was as she fell asleep with her blanket.

Meanwhile, Skulduggery lay perfectly still. Of course, he didn't sleep, but now he couldn't rest. The truth was he had no idea. About anything. Not one bit.

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