A/N: WARNING: Contains heavy amount of swearing. If you're not suitable to any swearing please don't look further.

-Some symbols are unable to be published, thus please see the reveiw in my reveiws. :D-

-Translated: Ew! Two boys fucking each other?! -- Tats nasty! what is anime anyways? is it good for porn?! Like real porn, not this fuck shit! You are a bad writer. Go to a real sex shop perv!-


You have no idea how happy I am to hear such a thing! I am grinning now as I type speak. One of the reasons why I am so happy, is that you spoke to me in a very strange form of language and YET I UNDERSTOOD IT! And the second reason is: THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER RECEIVED A FLAME!! :DDDDD

And because I'm not a sissy, and because I don't want to post a fucking A/N going: Boohoo, some reveiwer just bashed my fic--, and since I really fucking hate pity parties--I will not be deleting your careless reveiw. Now didn't I say this before?

If you're gonna flame me, expect something back. I don't give a fucking shit if you read this, but if you glided through life without reading this...mark my words, I'll plan to humiliate you, and you know who you are. One thing is, if you ignore me. I'm so glad you left an email. Because this copy of a combat-flame is going straight to you.

And now...to begin...

Oh dear, oh dear, if you had not known what anime is why did you read it? I swear, I'm giddy as I see this horrid language. My stomach is all churnning and I just want to slap you in the face for making such an unwise decision to read this when you don't even know what the fuck anime is. And how dare you talk shit about something like this.

Anime isn't just porn, as your sick and narrow minded nut-brain thinks it is. If you even take the chance and care to actually know what anime is then fine, I wouldn't be holding so much against you. However, I'm sitting here, staring at your reveiw, and imagining a stupid, bloated blubber fish saying: Duur, whash auh a-anuhmey?

And goddammit, it's just so funny.

And did I not supply a nice warning at the top?

Quote: Warning: The follow contains rated M content. Please turn back if you are very unfamiliar with boyxboy sex, because I'm not responsible for your innocence's corruption. Thanks you. :D

Had I not, you insensitive fool? Have you not any eyes to read this? Or are your eyes just knotholes or too blocked with shit that you can't even read correctly? Before the story, I have bolded it for you to see, yet you have ignored such a thing. One thing I can tell you is that I have experience at writing, maybe not something like smut, but I know how to write, unlike someone such as you who decides suddenly to use fucking symbols above the keyboard--OH MY!

Haha. It's very funny how you even CHOSE to grab at this fic to flame. As said again, I've never received a flame, but this...I will take oh so personally. Pardon me but...you are the one that is the real sex pervert.

Why else would you choose to click on such a link? I didn't force you to click on this, and I have absolutely not shrunken the fucking warning so that coincidentally you would be able to skip past the: boyxboy sex. How much do you take me for anyways?

I know that you're just a piece of horse shit-- a lowlife, that doesn't even take up half of my precious time.

Yet here I am defending my own name from your half-assed comment, bitch. And to let you know, I was very and deeply offended by your fucking comment, I don't even know any damn words to express my anger right now.

And oh gee, I'm sorry that I burned your eyes out with my 'bad writing'. I am so very sorry. Psh. Yeah right. My eyes burned when I read your freakin reveiw. Oh the joy I felt when it punctured my eyes like tiny spears.

You're really a hilarious fool. :D Really. You seriously crack me up.

:) So why don't you go to hell and screw yourself, because even if you decide to give a freaking flame to everyone of my stories and lemons. :D Remember: if you're going to go against me...why not go against all the yaoi lovers out there? I know I'm not the only one with a sick and perverted mind. I know I'm not the only one who writes about guys going at it with guys. So if you ever make the mistake again to flame, just to warn you. Expect things like this to be flying at your way.

Thank you.