Okay, keep in mind that i made this twist at like the last second because i wanted a happy ending, so it doesn't exactly fit but it does make sense, so i'm trying to the best of my ability to make it right.



E.P.O.V still;

10 years later.

I sat in my room day dreaming of my angle, who now, was a real angle. She's been one for 10 years, 10 long years. I still couldn't believe she killed herself, killed herself thinking myself and my family never loved her. Oh Bella. I don't how i even made it this far without her. If i didn't care about my family so much, i would of killed myself already, and even though Bella killed herself, i know she wouldn't want me too.I sighed and just thought of her beautiful face. My thoughts were interrupted when Alice came to the door.

"Come on Edward, we have to leave for school." She said as she gave a small sad smile and closed my door. No one was the same anymore. Even Rose seemed a little sad. We would never be the same. I reluncticly got up and walked down stairs. Everyone was looking at me as i walked down and out the door to the garage. I never drove my family to school anymore, i just wanted to be alone.

I arrived about the same time as everyone else. We walked across the parking lot and into the school together, and spread out making our ways to our first periods. The whole day went by as normal, the teachers talked about things i already knew, and i just stared out the window, waiting for another pointless day to be over.

The bell rang signaling it was time for lunch. I slowly made my way down the lunch room, buying my lunch i wasn't going to eat and sitting at my regular spot at the last table facing the beside Alice, across from Rosalie facing all the other tables in the cafeteria. When i sat down i noticed my family drawing their attention to a group of students. I quickly realized why. They were also vampires. How interesting.

There were three of them. Two females and one male. The two that i could see were beautiful, of course. The first female had blond hair that was pen straight and layered, she had light pink full lips and her slender face complimented with her wide almond shaped golden eyes. A feel of relieve swept my body. They were vegetarians. The other one, the male, had black shaggy hair and wasn't very muscular, but he wasn't puny either. Just average, I'd say. The two seemed to be an item from their thoughts, which I'm going to try to forget now.They were almost as bad as Rose and Emmet. The other one had medium light brown hair, looked small, but not as small as Alice, and quite bored. She was singing some song unknown to me. I was trying to study them more closely when Alice spoke.

"I'm surprised i didn't have a vision of them." She said, obviously trying to break the silence. Everyone was now looking away from the others and staring off into space. They all made small grunts in agreement, obviously losing interest in the new coven. I decided they got boring as well and started twirling my fork in the spaghetti they were having for lunch. It smelled awful. But then, another scent filled the air. One i never thought I'd smell again. I jerked my head of to see another vampire glide into the room, her back to me sitting beside the brunette. I could clearly hear their conversation.

"Sorry i was late guys, this guy wouldn't leave me alone." She said in annoyence. I couldn't see her face, but i could only imagine she was making a face in disgust because everyone was giggling. She had sat with her back still to me, but i could see she was slender, very fragile looking for a vampire and had dark reddish brownish hair. She had her head resting on her fist and just sat there. No one said a word. Her scent kept hitting me, and i know noticed my family was staring at me, then her.

"Edward," Jasper said. "why are you feeling so excited and nervous?" He looked at me like he was about to explode. I tried to calm my emotions down and composed myself.

"The girl over there, the dark redhead, she smells like Bella, doesn't she?" I asked looking at them frantically. They put their noses in the air, and then they all stared at me in horror.

"Oh my God." Alice muttered. "Exactly like her.." Then, the blond spoke quietly, but we heard her.

"Bella?" She asked innocently.

I took a sharp breath...Bella?

"What Aria?" She asked annoyed.

"You know there's another coven of vampires over there, and they're all staring at you. The one with the bronze hair is kind of cute." She said smiling. The male beside her elbowed her.

"Ow!" She said rubbing her side.

"Aria!" He said shocked.

"You know i'm kidding Jonathon, i love you." she said smiling at him.

I quickly turned my attention to "Bella", forgetting the soap opera happening across for her and tried to read her thoughts, but nothing came.I heard my family talking, but i didn't want to listen, I wanted to see her face. And i got my wish, she turned her face, and her eyes were wide with shock, but then, she gave me and my family the absolutely meanest face i have ever seen coming from someone so beautiful. She quickly turned back around, ignoring us for the next two minutes until the bell rang. I got up, but she had already left, obviously trying to avoid me. I was about to try and find her when Alice put her hand on my wrist.

"Not right now Edward, Jasper said she was very angry. Give her time." She said softly, but with authority in her voice.

I nodded. I knew that was the best thing...For now.