Bella pov

Today, i was dreading. It was was my third day of school, and like last time, i was afraid of seeing Edward Cullen. But for very different reasons. My family was very animated this morning as we all got ready, i was guessing from the hunting trip i skipped out on last night. Luckily, they didn't mention last nights little run in. Not even Rachel. Maybe they understood i wasn't going to give in to them.

It was a cold cloudy day as I made my way to the car, followed by my family behind me. We were all dressed in sweaters or jackets, even though we don't get cold, our little charade. I was about 5 feet away from the drivers side when Jonathon blocked my path.

"Let me drive, Bella." I was confused...He never wanted to drive. He and Aria never wanted to miss out on their "backseat time".

"Why?" I asked, giving him a puzzled look.

"You always drive." He explained as he held his hand out, palm up in front of me.

"Uhm...okay.." I dropped the keys in his hands and walked casually to the passenger side, only to be pulled back. I turned my head to see Aria, grasping my arm.

"Let's all sit in the back, Bella! Girl time!" She smiled at me and clapped her hands together. What was up with them?

"...Sure..." I looked at Rachel who was smiling, but it was not a happy one. More like an apologetic smile. I guessed this was all Aria's idea and she was just as sorry as me. I smiled a sad smile back to her. Rachel opened the door and climbed in, and i waited for Aria to follow. She just looked at me and smirked.

"Bella, you have to sit in the middle!"

"And why is that?"

"Cause." She pushed me in, forcing to hit Rachel. We both glared at her but she just shrugged and closed the door. She scooted much closer than needed, keeping me crushed between the two of them.

"Aria, i don't think we're going to freeze. You can scoot over."

"Well duh, Bella! We can't freeze. Gosh." She sighed and let out a laugh, but didn't move. I rolled my eyes and i heard Rachel chuckle. I gazed out the window when i noticed that we weren't on the road to school.

"Uhm, Jonathan. This isn't the way to school."

"It's a detour." He retorted quickly. Almost like a reflex.

"Well it's not a very good one. Just go the way i do." I looked at him, but he didn't say anything. No one did.

"Uhm, hello? Earth to everyone." They didn't respond and i muttered some profanities under my breath i knew they could hear. It was 8:00 and i had no idea where we were or how this was a detour. Just as i was pondering the possibilities of what this was about Jonathan made a sharp turn, and we were on a small trail in the woods, obviously made very recently. "What the hell, Jonathan?" I almost yelled.

Again, no one said a word. "What is this about, guys? I have a right to know!" I was yelling now. This was a very annoying situation. I felt Aria grab my right arm. I tried to pull away but she had both her arms around my one arm. I was about to pull her off with my left arm when Rachel grabbed it, the way Aria had my other arm.

"What are you doing?!" I screamed at them. I heard Rachel's soft voice. "Bella, you need to go talk to them. I know they're sorry. I had the blond one's power, and what they felt was horrible guilt. They can't fake that, Bella." I just stared at her. I couldn't believe she had done this. I didn't even realize we were in front of a large, white house. It looked like their old home. The hole that i had fought off for ten years is starting to win again. Rachel and Aria opened the door and Rachel climbed out from the back seat.

"Come on, Bella." Rachel said softly.

"No." I looked straight ahead and had my free arm clenched to the seat as Aria held on to my other.

"Just go, you big baby!" She pushed against me, causing me to hit the seat and some large hand wrapped around my free arm and effortlessly pull me out, giving a bone crushing hug that would of killed me if i was still human.

"Bella!" I heard the familiar, booming voice yell. Emmet was always such a kid.

"I'll give you five seconds to release me. Five, four, thre-"

"Okay okay." He put me down and beamed at me. "You haven't changed a bit...Well, you have, but well. Yeah, you've changed." He rubbed my hair, messing it up, his booming laugh filling the air. I just rolled my eyes and went and stood back with my family, and they held on to my arms again. I felt like a prisoner.

"Why am i here? I made my decision clear yesterday." I said annoyed.

"Bella, please, just listen." A soothing voice said from the porch. Esme looked torn between some internal conflict.

"I don't want to listen anymore." I said as i made a weak attempt to get free. Alice was in front of in a flash, giving me a tight hug around my neck. I couldn't return, nor reject the hug because of my recent condition. I'm really not sure which i would've of done if i had the choice.

"Oh Bella!" She dry sobbed. This surprised me. "I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have listened to that moron! I should have torn him to pieces for even thinking of leaving you!" Her voice went down to a whisper. "Please forgive Please.."

I didn't know what to say. The three of them seemed so sincere. It didn't make sense.

"I-I...Alice..Let go." I said, my voice was hesitant. She obeyed and looked at me. She looked pitiful.

"I'm sorry." She said again. She looked and sounded so sincere. Maybe they loved me...Just them of course. I wouldn't think any farther than Carisle, Esme, Alice, and Emmet. Maybe even Jasper. The other two, i understood did not. They both made that clear.

"I..B-Believe you, Alice." I looked down as my arms were released, and Alice tackled me to the ground.

"Oh Bella! We must mend our time we've lost! Oh, a makeover, shopping! I can almost see it, Oh wait." She held her finger up and looked into space. "OH! I can see it! I can't wait!"

I let out a shaky laugh as i got up. "Fabulous" I said under my breath. Esme was standing in front of me, smiling a sweet smile.

"I've missed you so, Bella." She said as she pulled me into a hug. I hugged back, and meant it. She released after a couple seconds.

"I've really missed you,too." I said softly. The Cullens all smiled at me. My family let out a relief sigh and i shot them a glare. They all just smiled back.

"Oh, how everyone else will love to see you Bella! Let's go see them!" Esme chimed.

I smiled knowing two might be happy to see me, but the other two might have a totally different reaction. One in particular reunion i knew was not going to be pleasant. At all. I would make sure of it.