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She'd worked hard. Untiring. Even when she brought back the semi-demented doctor, who had been long since dead. She summoned her powers forth, and pulled them back to the state she knew best. Alive. And then she stood up and went to the next patient. And when she went forward to heal the enemy, they made to stop her, only to be shot back by a determined look.

'I have to do this,' she said, unflinching, 'please…'

And thus they let her. Because it seemed important to her. Because they don't think they have enough will power to stop her. Because they don't think they deserve to die… at least… not all of them.

And when the first beads of sweat tickled down the sides of the pale face, Ichigo had put a hand on her arm, 'stop, Inoue. You're tired…' she smiled at him acknowledging. . .

'I'm fine…'

She had placed a hand where her heart is, once. When she saw what was left of her capturer. 'I'm sorry,' she whispered as if his demise was her fault, and resumed her work.

Then she sat down and leant against the stones.


'I think I'll stop now,' she smiled.

'Like hell you would. Heal goddamnit!' he was being unreasonable. How can he demand for such a thing? She had been at work for the last sixteen hours.

She shook her head stubbornly. 'I'm tired.'

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly, 'Just one more Inoue, then you can rest!'

'Later,' she closed her eyes, 'I'm so tired.'

'Stop being selfish Orihime!' he was being loud and unreasonable now, 'One more! That's all!'

She didn't respond, merely shook her head.

A small smile graced her lips. 'I'm happy… you came for me…'

'Inoue goddamnit, heal yourself!!' he half screamed...