Sometimes he does things that only she could comprehend. Take the second week she came back, for example…

She was doing her homework -god-help-me- happily in class, with the teacher supervising. She'd missed so many classed her calculus teacher found it necessary to give her and, since they all probably need it anyway, all of her classmates, extra classes.

Question thirteen, prove that tan2 x + 1 sec2 x. That's easy. she smiled to herself and proceeded to scribble the calculations. The teacher continued to teach in front of the class hopelessly, as ignorant as Inoue that everyone is engrossed in watching Ichigo who, for reason unbeknownst to them, had been staring at Inoue's back for the past fifteen minutes unblinkingly. This process continued on for five minutes before the silence (the teacher talking doesn't count since they've all mastered the art of blocking out her voice by now) was broken by the orange-haired teenager.

'Inoue, come here for a sec.,' he ordered suddenly. The ignored teacher was still writing notes on the blackboard for her ungrateful students.

Inoue stopped her scribbling obediently and climbed out of her seat in the oddly demure way of hers. She then tip toed over to his place with a bemused look on her face.

'Over 'ere,' he stated, gesturing to his side a bit impatiently.

She complied, though somewhat sheepishly.

Ichigo proceeded to surprise everyone by grabbing her by the waist and pinning his face close to her chest. He released her a good fifteen seconds later.

'What the hell was that for?!'

He shrugged unreflectively.

Her face scarlet as she ran back to her seat and her classmates couldn't help but notice that shy smile on her face.

He merely wanted to make sure her heart was still beating.