Title: Sakura Seductions
Genre: Tanka/Romance
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sesshoumaru/Rin
Warnings: None I can think of... other than if you don't like the pairing don't complain. I will laugh at you.

Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and the various people she has licensed him to. I am not in that lucky group, ergo the designation fanfiction.

(Found in an old literature book)

... an older form of haiku is the tanka, which follows a 5-7-5/7-7 scheme. Popular among aristocracy, especially between lovers, one person would write the first section of the poem and the recipient would reply with the second part. The following are the only tanka recovered from a tale dating back to the Sengoku Jidai of two lovers greatly apart in circumstance.

Sakura Seductions

Tanka 2

How fragrant the air
Soft petals like a late snow
Promising future --Rin

Only nature's brief flurries
Confusing scent and senses --Sesshoumaru

Tanka 9

Nourished by warm winds
Ripe and heavy on the bough
My garden's contrast --Sesshoumaru

The watchers are blind and mute
Isn't stolen fruit the sweetest --Rin

Tanka 13

Change is slowly come
Gracefully bowing to time
Yellow amid green --Rin

A mere inherent rhythm
Flesh alone pleas with aeons --Sesshoumaru

Tanka 32

Stark dark against white
Icy silhouette of limb
In madness frozen --Sesshoumaru

Insanity's child is birthed
Among winter memories --Rin

Unfortunately, all other tanka were either inscribed in obscure kanji or were too water damaged to make out. Curiously, the man was described as an 'inu youkai' or 'dog demon', perhaps an allegory to his fighting prowess...




I adore haiku and tanka. Something that starts out so simple gains so much meaning as you delve further into the rules and graces surrounding it. These verses all have three understandings... one is the simple observation of the same cherry tree through four seasons. The second is the 'seasons' of seduction. The third is the seasons of Rin's life.

I hope you enjoyed them.