Title: This is Life – New Beginnings

Rating: This chapter is rated T but subsequent ones will be rated M to MA chapters on my website.

Summary: This is the second part of This is Life. If you haven't already read it, this will still make sense... for the most part... but I recommend you read the first part.

Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing these characters for my own pleasure.

Author's Note: I don't know why, but I decided I would like to write a companion piece for the original story. I so enjoyed writing it and it's still my favourite, closely followed by A Dangerous Aficionado. Although the concepts of both This is Life and this story are never going to happen in the series, I really hope you enjoy.

"I don't like these modern day names," Booth said, sitting on the edge of Temperance's bedside. Reclined against the pillows that he'd stacked behind her back, her skin had a moist sheen and her mahogany hair clung damply to her forehead and her neck. Her blue eyes were downcast at the pink-wrapped bundle in her arms. "With celebrities naming their kids Apple and such. Or Coco. I was amused at that." He ran his fingertips over the stubbly grown on his chin, pausing to glance at his wife.

She'd looked up now.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she told him, lifting her hand to peel aside the cotton blanket that cocooned their baby daughter. "Who would name their child Apple?" Booth grinned.

"My point exactly," he said, nodding. "We'll choose a nice, normal name. Traditional." The baby in her arms shifted, uncurling her tiny fist and stretching her fingers. Her soft skin, touched by the outside world only fifty minutes ago, was pale and flawless. She had a tiny 

upturned nose that looked like a button and Booth's mouth. "We should have discussed this earlier," he told her, tapping his fingers against his knee. "If only we weren't so busy arguing about when you'd finish work." An accusing glance went her way and Brennan rolled her eyes, still preoccupied with the new life in the crook of her arm.

"It's rather miraculous isn't it?" she commented at last, running her fingertip over the baby's nose, which wrinkled obligingly. "Conception and birth. One instance between us, so many nights ago, brought about the existence of the baby in my arms. Of my daughter." She sighed, holding the baby closer. "So many children are born... every second a new life arrives and yet, I've never seen it like this before." Unimpressed with her mother's profound thoughts, the baby made a whimpering sound, screwing her little features into a knot of dissatisfaction.

"Temperance," Booth said, "I know it goes against your beliefs, but what do you think of Grace?" Brennan frowned. "It means 'gift from God'." Her features softened as she tried to appease their daughter, pulling back the corner of her gown and running her nipple across the baby's lip.

"Religiously, I might not believe that. But she's certainly a gift... wherever she came from." Booth reached out and took her hand. "Grace it is."


This is just a little prologue to the next part of the story. I want to delve into how Brennan and Booth would adjust to having another person in their life. Tell me what you think.