Moera (the manager of the world, handling social matters of right and reason, and answerable to no deity) was having a rough day

Moera (the manager of the world, handling social matters of right and reason, and answerable to no deity) was having a rough day. For the first time in eternity she actually took an evening off…she had a date with a human…and chaos erupts. She had left Fate in charge for the night. She really should have known better than to trust her.

Fate had created a prophecy several weeks ago, and dispatched it using one of her lesser oracles, and, despite Moera's commands, had shifted the balance of good and evil.

Moera did not intend for that particular prophecy to begin it's fulfillment for many years.

Fate allowed two people to die before their time. That one mistake could cause evil to reign forever. Fate had always been impulsive; after all, her twin brother was Chance. She had acted without looking to the future to see what her actions could cause.

Moera paced back and forth watching the man who would shape the future of all…Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore had a migraine. He had just been to Godric's Hollow, which was in ruins. How Harry had survived not only the killing curse, but the house collapsing was a miracle.

Harry had always been unusually powerful. Most witches and wizards didn't start to show signs of magic until they were three, but Harry had been using his from the time he was three months old. He would often summon things he wanted, and cause glass to explode when he was upset. Still…babies were not often capable of the level of magic Harry had shown.

Now the only question was, 'Where will Harry live?' As his godfather was about to go to prison for the betrayal of his parents, there was only two options left. One: Harry could go to live with his mother's sister's family, muggles. Or Two: He could go to live with his nearest Potter relation, Aurora Prewitt Diggory. Harry's grandfather had a sister, and Aurora was her daughter.

Dumbledore had in fact called a meeting with the two people that he trusted above all others. Minerva McGonagall was his best friend, and the love of his life (not that he ever told her that). Severus Snape, out of fear for his best friend's life, had turned to the Light, making an Unbreakable Vow of loyalty to Dumbledore. These two people would help Dumbledore decide the fate of the boy-who-lived.

Knock Knock

"Come in Minerva."

"Hmph," the slender black-haired witch said, "It drives me mental when you do that."

"Ah, well…it is a talent…Lemon Drop?" the Headmaster said, his eyes twinkling.

"No, thank-you," she said primly. She conjured a wooden straight-backed chair, and sat down. "Will anyone else be here for this discussion?"

"Yes, Severus should be arriving momentarily." Just then the fire turned green, and out stepped a tall black-haired, hook-nosed man.

"Albus…Minerva," he said, nodding his head in greeting.

"Severus," Albus said, "Please be seated, we have a lot to discuss. We are here to discuss where Harry should be placed…with his mother's muggle sister, or with his father's cousin, Aurora Diggory. I am worried that, if he were to be raised in the magical world, all of the attention would go to his head. Because of this, I am leaning toward sending him to his muggle aunt. What do you think?"

Severus sneered and answered, "That sounds best to me. The last thing the world needs is another arrogant Potter."

"You can't be serious?" Minerva said, "Lily told me all about her sister. Harry will be neglected at best, but more likely abused by her."

"Now, now, Minerva, I really don't think that she would be capable of harming her own nephew," Albus said, with a twinkle in his eyes that clearly said, 'I know better than you.'

"Well…If your sure…," she said.

"It's decided. Harry shall live in the muggle world."

Moera stopped pacing and glared at the image of Dumbledore. That decision could only have bad results.

She turned to look into the pool of 'What Will Be' that was continuously changing. What she saw terrified her.

She had to do something. She called a meeting with Athena (goddess of wisdom and war), Nike (goddess of victory), Eros (god of love), and Anteros (god of reciprocated love).

Moera looked around the room gazing into the eyes of each person. "Friends, we are meeting here to discuss the future of Harry Potter. The mortals in charge of his life are going to send him to his mother's family. If you will all look into the pool, you will see why this is a terrible decision. We must convince them to send him to Aurora Diggory."

Athena was the first to speak. "Nike, you determine victory, do you think we should interfere?"

"We should. If we do not, Eros and Anteros will die. Should Riddle win, there will be no love left."

The men looked at each other, and said in unison, "We agree with Nike."

"So be it," Athena said. "I will give you the means to change their decision, Moera. I will send to you, from past and future, those who can change this decision. May your task have the desired results, My Friend."

As the three professors stood up to leave, there was a blinding white flash of light. They were now standing in a large marble room that had columns in a circle around the edges. A large circular table sat in the very center of the room.

A tall slender woman stood behind one of the chairs at the table. Her blonde curls were piled on her head, and she looked both very old and very young. "Please be seated. My name is Moera. I am here because of Fate. She made a mistake, but you are about to make a worse one. Heed all that shall occur here or Darkness will win."

Minerva and Severus looked at Albus, determined to follow his lead.

"Moera, we will be honored to hear what you have to say," Dumbledore said.

The three professors sat at the table.

Five years previously…

Four boys were walking from transfiguration to the Great Hall and talking. Their names were Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

"Oy, James, lets play a prank on Snivellus," Sirius said, practically bouncing in excitement.

"No, Sirius," James said exasperated. "Lily only just agreed to go out with me, and you know how she feels about us pranking him. Besides, he hasn't done anything to warrant it."

Lily Evans had been walking, unnoticed, about five feet behind them. Her face lit up when she heard James' response. She hurried up to him, and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "I am so proud of you, James."

A moment later, there was a bright white flash of light, and three of the boys and Lily were gone.

Peter looked around in confusion, scratching his head. "Why am I always left behind," he moaned.

Fourteen and a half years after the professors were taken…

Six friends were sharing a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. As the train pulled out of the station to go to London, there was a brilliant flash of light and they disappeared.

Meanwhile, two cars down, a slender aristocratic blonde-haired boy was enjoying his final few hours of freedom before going home for the summer. He had managed to get a compartment to himself by complaining of a migraine. One flash of light later, and he was gone.

Back in the marble room…

Three boys and a girl appeared out of thin air.

Lily Evans looked at the table and screamed. She jumped into James Potter's arms in fright. "Severus is there…table…older…bloody hell."

At her words, the three boys looked at the other people in the room.

"Bloody hell is right," Sirius muttered under his breath.

Remus decided to find out what was going on. Sirius was in shock, and James was trying to calm Lily down. "Err…Professor Dumbledore, what is going on?"

"Ah, yes…this lady is Moera. Apparently Fate made a mistake, and we have been brought here to change what could be a terrible future," Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling.

"Ooookaaaay…," James said. He led the group to the table, and pulled out a chair for Lily before sitting down next to her.

Just as they had all been seated, seven people appeared.

The blonde boy looked at the other six people with him. "Potter! What the bloody hell did you do!?"

The boy with the messy black hair turned to face him, "Malfoy, what makes you think that I did this? I don't go looking for weird stuff to happen around or to me. I am just as confused as you are."

The blonde girl stepped between the two boys and said, "Calm down, boys. I think you are both letting the blue-nosed flutters get to you."

"The what!?" Malfoy said angrily.

"Don't ask," Harry said then, turning to Luna, said, "Thanks, Luna. I really shouldn't let them affect me."

She beamed up at him.

Harry looked at the table and said, "Well hell just froze over. Severus Snape is sitting at the same table as Sirius Black, and nobody has been murdered yet."

Moera laughed. "Please sit down everyone. We have much to discuss."

Remus asked what all of the Marauders were wondering, "Erm…why did none of you ask what you're doing here?"

Harry answered for all of them. "What's the point? I mean, weird events happen to me all the time; this is actually quite tame for my life. This is nothing compared to the year of the Cerberos and the baby dragon."

"Or the year of the diary of doom," Ginny said.

"Let's not forget the year of the Azkaban escapee," Hermione added.

Ron then joined in with, "Or the year of Moldyshort's return."

Harry finished by saying, "And lastly the year of sharing Riddle's mind." He shuddered.

Moera decided that it was time to get on with why they were there. "Why don't we start by introducing ourselves, and saying a fact about who we are. I am Moera; I manage the world, handling social matters of right and reason."

"I am Severus Snape: ex-Death Eater, current spy for the Light, and Potions professor at Hogwarts," Severus sneered.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, and I like Lemon Drops."

A bowl of Lemon Drops appeared in front of him. He popped one into his mouth and hummed a little in enjoyment.

"Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, I am also a cat animagus."

Lily smiled brightly and said, "My name is Lily Evans."

Harry's eyes went wide.

Lily continued, "I am good at charms and potions, and I am Head Girl."

"James Potter, otherwise known as Prongs, Head Boy, and my Lily-flower agreed to go on our first date this weekend." James grinned goofily.

Sirius grinned and said, "Padfoot, otherwise known as Sirius Orion Black, and I am the first Black ever to be sorted into Gryffindor."

"I am Remus John Lupin, prefect, and…erm…I'm known as Moony."

Harry looked at Remus and said, "We all already know about your furry little problem and don't care…well…except for Malfoy."

Remus smiled at him.

Harry then said, "I'm Harry James Potter, son of Lily Evans and James Potter." There were gasps from the seventeen year olds. "I am UNFORTUNATELY known as the boy-who-lived, and all I want is to be just Harry." He looked depressed.

Lily struggled to keep from crying at how sad her son looked. She had no doubts that that was her and James' baby boy.

Ginny hugged Harry, who muttered 'thanks, Gin'.

"I'm Ginny Weasley, I have six older brothers, and Harry saved my life in my first year at Hogwarts." She smiled softly.

Hermione practically bounced as she introduced herself. "Hermione Granger, muggle-born, and I'm best friends with Harry and Ron…oh, and contrary to popular opinion," she glared at Ron, "I am, in fact, a GIRL."

Ron cowered under her glare. "Erm, I am Ron Weasley, Ginny's my little sister, and I will never trust any boys but Harry with her."

"Thanks, Ron," Harry said, "So, Ginny, willyougooutwithmewhenwegethome?"

"What?" Ginny asked, not understanding him.

Harry blushed, "I…erm…said, 'Ginny, will you go out with me when we get home?"

"Yes!!" the red-haired girl squealed, throwing her arms around his neck, and kissing him on the cheek.

Harry grinned goofily.

Severus scowled and asked, "What is with Potters and red-heads?"

"Eros placed a charm on the Potter males so that they will only ever love red-heads," Moera said.

"That'll do it," Snape muttered.

"Let us continue," Moera said.

Neville, blushed, saying, "I'm Neville Longbottom, son of Alice and Frank. I was raised by my Gran after my parents were tortured to insanity by Death Eaters."

"I am Luna Lovegood, and I aspire to meet aliens from another planet."

Everyone could hear crickets chirping, it was that quiet.

Draco rolled his eyes and said, "Draco Malfoy, Severus is my godfather, and I hate my dad."

More crickets.



"You said!"

"No you said!"

They were identical voices.

Laughter could be heard as the two voices continued to argue. An archway appeared on one of the walls, and man entered carrying two teenagers by the back of their robes. The man continued laughing as he dropped them on the floor near the table.

As he turned to leave, Moera said, "Thank you, Hermes." He just waved in response. As soon as he passed under the arch it disappeared.

The two boys picked themselves up dusting off their robes.

Cries of "Fred, George!!" came from half of the table.

"Hello, All..."

"So, what did we miss?"

Moera laughed, "Just introductions." Two more chairs appeared in between Neville and Luna.

The two sat down, and everyone reintroduced themselves. When they got to Fred, he turned toward Harry. "Oy, Harry, didja forget to mention something to us?"

Harry turned red, "No, you just never asked me if I knew who the Marauders were." Harry noticed the puzzled looks on the Marauders' faces and told them. "Gred and Forge here were the ones to give me the Marauders Map."

"Why didn't I give it to you?" James asked, puzzled.

"You didn't have it. It was marauded from Filch's file cabinet in the twin's first year."

"Ah, that would do it."

"Anyway…," Fred drawled, "I'm Fred Weasley, one half of the infamous prankster team of Weasley and Weasley. We have started a joke shop, and all thanks go to our anonymous investor."

"I'm George, and everything Fred said applies to me as well. Oh, and by the way Harry, thanks for investing in our joke shop.

Harry groaned, and buried his head in his hands. Hermione was crying out 'how could you', and Lily yelling 'Oh Merlin, he's just like his father, isn't he'. Minerva and Severus were both yelling 'NO!!' at the top of their lungs.

Moera stood and said, "It's time to get down to business."