Quinn and Logan were sitting behind some bushes on campus

Quinn's POV

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Quinn and Logan were sitting behind some bushes on campus. One of their regular meeting places. After two months of sneaking around they were getting pretty good at finding hideouts.

She was leaning against Logan who had both of his arms around her. He pulled her head back and kissed her.

Whenever Logan kissed her she melted. She couldn't help it.

After a couple of minutes they broke apart and smiled at each other.

"You know I still haven't forgiven you for putting me and the girls out of the coffee business" Quinn told him playfully.

"Look I know I can be a jerk when money's involved but I'll make it up to you!" Logan answered pleading with her. He then turned around and picked a daisy out of the grass.

"I got you another flower!" He said sweetly handing it to her.

Quinn grinned."Okay well that's a start"

Quinn looked down at her watch. "I have to get to class. I'll see you later" she said standing up.

Logan stood up as well and gave her a goodbye hug.

They then walked off in opposite directions and headed for class.


- later that evening-

The gang were sitting the lounge area talking about the upcoming prom. Quinn made sure not to sit next to Logan so no one would be suspicious.

"Omg I can't wait to pick out my dress. The three of us should totally go shopping together!" Lola said excitedly.

"Yeah I can't wait its going to be amazing isn't it James?" Zoey asked him.

"Yeah and I can't wait to see you in your dress" James answered laughing.

Zoey rolled her eyes.

Quinn hoped the next subject wouldn't be dates.

"And I'll be brining my Vince. Zoey and James together. Michael will be with Lisa." Lola said adding everyone up.

Of course it had to be

"I guess Logan and Quinn are the only ones without dates for the prom then. Maybe they could go together!" Zoey said unable to control her laughter and the rest of them joined in.

"Zoey stop my sides are hurting" Michael said nearly crying with laughter.

Quinn glared at Zoey. Was the idea of her and Logan that unbelievable?!

"Hey that hurts" Logan said pretending to be offended and he winked at Quinn.

"Don't worry I'll get a date" Quinn said defensively.

"Quinn! Quinn! Quinn! I need to talk to you!" A voice suddenly called. It was Mark. He came rushing in.

He grabbed Quinn's hand pulling her out of her seat.

"Maybe she won't be dateless for long" Quinn heard Zoey whispering to Lola.

What did he want?

"I broke up with Brooke!" Mark explained himself.

"So what?!" Quinn answered casually looked at Logan to see what he was doing. His eyes were narrowing.

"Well I was thinking that we could get back together and that we could go to the prom! Wouldn't that be great?" Mark continued in his usual dull manner and held Quinn's hand even tighter.

Thousands of thoughts were going through Quinn's head. She yanked her hand out of Mark's

Logan suddenly jumped out of his seat unable to control his anger.

"Quinn you can't get back together with Mark! He's a loser who doesn't deserve you!" Logan said exasperatedly throwing his arms in the air.

"Are you following any of this?" Lola asked looking around. Confused.

"No not really" Michael replied looking even more puzzled than Lola.

Quinn smiled to herself. Even though she pretty much knew her and Logan were about to be found out. It was cute to see Logan being jealous.

"Logan is alright! I wasn't .." Quinn began but Mark wouldn't' let her finish.

"Quinn don't listen to him. I've changed. I really want to be with you!" Mark protested.

"I …" Quinn tried to start again.

Never in a million years did Quinn think she would have to guys practically fighting over her.

"No Mark shut up! I'm in with love you Quinn! There I said it!" Logan confessed.

"What?!" Zoey, James, Michael and Lola shouted in disbelief.

"But Logan how could you be in love with…" Mark asked just as confused as the others.

"Quinn I'm just after confessing my love here. Do you mind saying something?" Logan said sighing.

Quinn was lost for words. So she did the only thing she could do.

She grabbed Logan and kissed him in front of everyone.

Quinn pulled apart after a minute. "So that answers your question then Logan" she said smirking at the others. "Oh and yours too Mark" she finished.

Logan had a huge grin on his face.