title; allurement
author; kallemariPOP
rating; T. everything Gintama-related ever will probably wind up getting this as the default in the future, at this point.
wordcount; 479
disclaimer; characters belong to Hideaki Sorachi, not me.
notes; I was super-happy to find that there were actually Gintoki/Otae fanfics on this site -- finally, my favorite pairing doesn't seem as weird to someone!! Anyway, this is a kind of spur-of-the-moment idea, so apologies if anyone's OOC here. HONK IF YOU SUPPORT CANADA -- I mean, uh. Feel free to review!


She would sometimes sneak away with his discarded shounen manga when he was done with it; it's like some jilted ex-girlfriend taking her former beau's sweater as a keepsake on some cheesy drama, she thought wryly, but it couldn't hurt to at least peek at it. She hadn't expected to become as enthralled as he was with it, flipping through the pages with rapt, wide-eyed admiration at the main character's latest fatal attack or the next silly gag that the faithful sidekick would spit out.

When her brother would approach her, presumably to ask her to accompany him grocery shopping, he eyes her suspiciously as she fumbles with her hands under the kotatsu. "Sis, are you sure you don't want to come along? I could use your help in choosing ingredients for tonight's dinner..." He glances over at the book in her hands, wondering if it's what he thinks it is, but it turns out to be a worn-down tome filled with old war poems their father had left them.

"I'm sure," she replies curtly, giving him a smile and a quick wave as he slinks out of the dojo, leaving her in peace.

When she's sure he's left, she slips the poetry book underneath the kotatsu and pulls volume 13 of Bleach back out.


"So, how're you enjoying it?"

Otae's heart skips a beat when she hears the words come from Gintoki's mouth, and she stammers, "Enjoy what? I-I have no idea what you're talking about."

Gintoki smirks. "Don't play stupid, Otae, I know you've been taking my old Shounen Jumps when I throw them out. Kagura said she saw you when she was taking Sadaharu out for a piss." He picks up the copy of Zombie Powder she'd been inspecting and laughs. "It's actually kind of funny, I didn't think someone like you'd be interested in this sort of thing..."

"Well, I guess they're -- wait a minute, what do you mean someone like me?" Otae threatens, her eyes flashing with malice.

"N-no, no, I didn't mean that in a negative way, not at all!" Gintoki quickly backpedals; like any sensible man, he knows well enough to let sleeping dogs (or in this case, sleeping ax-crazy women) lie. Thankfully, her anger subsides as fast as it appears, and her expression softens again as she holds the tankoubon close to her side. "Like I was saying... I kind of like the fact that you're interested."

Otae lets a smile slip as she replies, "Really?"

"Yeah! Now I can talk all I want about all the series I read without people threatening to cut my head off for spoiling plot points for them," he answers, plucking the book from her hands and flipping open to a random page. "See, like you know what happens to this Gamma bastard here?..."

Sigh. Otae contemplates the best way to crack Gintoki's skull as she peers over his shoulder, listening to him ramble on.

( end )