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Blue and Red Chaos- Ties of Fate- Ties of Time

7 Years Old

A village in the center of a great forest thrived. Hidden away from outer dangers and yet, it was a middle ground for many travelers on the great island the village rested upon. Each house was built with clay, mud, rock, and wood. Carefully crafted, yet each home was unique depending on what animal lived there. Many had walked through, some had come seeking refuge there, and all were welcomed in this time of great need- for a human tyrant was causing trouble for many on the island, and those other islands surrounding.

Whispers of a Doctor who was rather round (the few who had lived to tell the tale of seeing him had called him "Eggman" simply due to the shape of his body, and to maybe bring some amusement to the otherwise devastating tales) and sent robots of great destruction against the animals and their villages where merciless destruction and death were wrought.

It was worrisome with how close the attacks were getting, but those living in the small village continued to hope that they might be able to be prepared, to be able to get away safely. Many plans had been made and a resistance was forming- open to all who wished to become a part of it and were thus sent to the headquarters to be trained, but otherwise the village held out, hoping for the best.

For one family, the resistance was constant on their minds, and was deeply woven into all that they taught their young.

It is this family, that our story begins.

A young grayish blue hedgehog ran speedily through the brush, training his feet and his legs in the sport his father and uncle were so prolific in. Around the village he was praised for his speed, and many said he could probably run as fast as a cheetah, perhaps even faster! It was amazing to them, and the young one had already caught up to and surpassed the speeds his father could run.

"Sonic! Sonic, come back!"

The young one's ear pricked as he came to a crashing halt, his sudden stop sending him skidding and rolling until he ran into a tree dizzily. "I'm coming, mom!"

Sonic ran swiftly back to his home, where his mother and father stood in the middle of the path smiling proudly. His mother stepped forward as he came close and slowed down. She bent down and hugged him, and he purred and nuzzled into her deep violet colored fur, "I'm home."

His mother stood smiling, her jade eyes shining happily, "Welcome back. I'm glad you're safe."

Sonic loved his mother. She was the most amazing shade of purple he had ever seen, and knew that her coloring was incredibly unique and rare. Her quills were also somewhat unusual and very long, reaching down to mid-thigh and framing her face delicately. Her fur was a peach-white, a complete contrast to the dark vibrancy of her quills, and they made her appear to be something from a fantasy. Sometimes he wondered if she had been a princess or queen, and she just was too modest to speak of it. Yet, he never asked because he knew that his mother always became sad when they asked about her past, and he hated to see her sad.

His mother wore a simple black zip-up vest with a collar, a pair of black pants, a pair of sandals, her wedding ring, and a necklace with a vibrant blue pendant that had a phoenix embedded in gold behind the blue stone.

His father on the other hand had bright blue quills and his fur was a medium tan color, making him seem to be like that of a farmer who had worked all day in the fields. His father was open and easy-going, and it was with him that his love for speed had come from. As for his father's past, he knew absolutely nothing, for both he and his Uncle would never speak of it. While Sonic loved his father, he also found that sometimes, he didn't know him at all, and it made things really hard on them sometimes.

"Your sister would like to see you, Sonic."

Sonic's ears perked up, "She's back from Uncle Chuck's!?"

His father nodded, smiling brightly, "Yup!! She's in her room so you better get up there! She wanted to talk to you about something."

Sonic smiled brightly and ran into the house using as much speed as possible in such a confined area, "Solano!"

His sister turned just in time to catch him jumping into her arms. She hugged him close and laughed lightly, "Oh Sonic, did you really miss me that much? I was only gone for a week…"

The young hedgehog nodded enthusiastically, "A week is sooo long! It was starting to get really boring!"

Solana smiled, "Awe…" she ruffled his quills, annoying him, "It's ok. I'm gonna be back for a while now Sonic, so don't worry about me going away for a while, ok?"

Sonic nodded, "Right!"

She laughed a little and turned, "I'm going to finish unpacking, and then we're going to train."

Sonic blinked, "Train?"

Solano nodded, "Yup! I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself, in case you ever run into one of those robots. It'll take a while, and it'll hurt a lot at first, but if you get past all that, your quills will harden and it won't hurt anymore. And then you'll be able to protect mom, dad, myself, and the whole village!" She turned back to him, "Won't that be great?"

Sonic looked at his sister in awe for a moment before smiling, "Yeah! That would be awesome!!"

Solano nodded, "Meet me out back in 10 minutes, ok?"

"Sure!" And with that, the little hedgehog ran off excited and eager to learn.

It was dusk when the two hedgehog siblings stopped training. Sonic sat down, tired and little more than worn out, "My head hurts…"

Solano smiled slightly, taking out some cream from the medicine pack she'd kept for when they finished. She sat down behind him and pulled him into her lap, proceeding to apply cream to the more damaged parts of his quills, fur, and skin, "I'm sorry I roughed you up so bad, Sonic. It was necessary though, or else you wouldn't be able to learn the spin dash all that well…"

Sonic nodded, "I know."

"I'm really proud of you."

Sonic blinked and looked back at his older sister, "Really?"

She nodded, her dark magenta quills blending with the sky and the sun's rays, "You adapted really well. It took me two and a half days to get to where you are now…"

Sonic's eyes widened, "Really!? You're not just saying that… Are you?"

Solano blinked, "Of course not! My quills have always been way softer than yours, so it was way more painful and difficult for me. You're also younger and smaller, so your body will learn to adapt faster than mine."

He nodded, coming to understand what she meant, "I see." He smiled and nuzzled into her light tan fur, hugging her tightly, "I'm glad you're teaching me!"

Solano laughed and hugged him back, "So am I! Now let's go inside for dinner before mom freaks out, ok?"

Sonic nodded, running inside behind his sister.

Six months slowly passed, and the two siblings trained their spindash and running as much as they possibly could. During that time Sonic had noticed his family becoming increasingly worried with each new traveler. Words of "…the only survivor" and "all were wiped out…" reached his ears, yet his parents assured him all was well. And though Sonic may have been young, he knew that his peaceful days were numbered, and he took them all with arms wide open, and thankful at the end of the day that those he loved were still alive.


Today was a good day. The weather was good, and his parents had allowed him a larger area to run in, extending the space he needed which in turn helped him run even faster and gain more stamina.

It was during this day that his first steps into who he would one day become began.

Sonic felt the breeze, the wind, the sting of when new speeds were reached. Yet, he loved all of it, every second he ran he loved with all of his young heart. He felt himself gaining speed, running faster and faster than he had ever ran before. His heart sped in excitement, "Something incredible is about to happen!" the wind whispered. It was then that it happened.

The barrier of sound broke around him, a resounding boom echoed throughout the area and a screech was soon heard, soon followed by an eerie stillness.

Sonic's world had turned completely white. Confused and his mind muddled, he slowed himself down and walked curiously in the white. "What's going on?"

"Welcome young one."

Sonic jumped and turned around, startled to find a female hedgehog behind him. She seemed to have maybe been 19, yet she could have been younger, yet older. Her quills framed her face much like his mother's did, laying down unusually in a very meticulously cared for fashion. Gold bands wrapped around the quills framing her face, a few more wrapping around her arms. She wore a creamy white gown that seemed to be very old fashioned, as if she were from an older time that was long since forgotten. Her quills were a deep blue color, and her fur a perfect peach. Her eyes were a vibrant blue-green, and she smiled at him kindly.

"Wh-who are you? And where did you come from?!"

The female hedgehog laughed lightly, "I have been here for quite some time. I am always here, existing and yet no longer existing."

This statement promptly caused the young hedgehog's brain to meltdown, "…Huh?"

The girl laughed, "I'm sorry. I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Naomi, the Chaos Emerald that brings out one's potential."

"Chaos Emerald..?"

Naomi nodded, "There are 7 Emeralds of Chaos. Each has a specific purpose, and each has their own being. We are different and inferior to the Master, and yet equal."

Sonic stared at her blankly before she realized her really couldn't figure out what she was trying to say, "Ah, it seems I'm talking nonsense to you. I apologize, it's been quite a long time since I have last spoken to another."

Sonic smiled uneasily, "It's ok… You must be really lonely…"

Naomi smiled sadly, "Yes… it has been very, very lonely here…"

Sonic looked around a little, "So why am I here…?"

"You have been blessed by the Chaos, and your pure heart called out to me and so, in turn, I responded and brought out your potential, your 'Gift from God' so-to-speak, and brought out the true depth of your speed."

The young hedgehog thought about that for a moment, "So you're the reason why I broke whatever that was?"

Naomi paused and laughed joyfully, "You broke the sound barrier. You always had the ability to do so, but you've been held back for so long. So I gave you your speed which you already had, it's just that it manifested much, much faster than it would have at the rate you've been going."

Sonic pondered a moment before nodding.

"I have also healed a physical ailment you've had since you were born, and as a sign of it, your appearance has changed."

Sonic jumped and looked at himself, "Huh!?"

"Your quill pigment never developed properly, so I gave you some of my own to fix it."

Sonic turned and shifted, checking himself out and his new, bright blue coloring. It was like the perfect mesh of tone, between the sky and the sea, it shone a deep azure, yet not so deep that he would be considered dark. It was just right- a true blue. "This.. This is what I was supposed to look like all this time?"

Naomi nodded, "Breaking the sound barrier helped the change occur."

Sonic nodded and looked to the spirit of potential, "I don't know what to say."

"Thank you is enough."

He nodded, "Thank you, Naomi."

Naomi smiled, "You had best be leaving now."

A door appeared and opened, leading back to a part of the forest he recognized. Sonic walked towards it but paused and looked back, smiling, "May we meet again, Naomi." And with that, the young hedgehog returned to reality.

"Goodbye, Sonic the Hedgehog."


When he stepped out from the white, Sonic had not been expecting to hear his sister frantically calling for him.

"Sonic!? Where did you go!?"

He quickly snapped to attention and ran towards his sister's voice at high speed, screeching to a somewhat ungraceful stop when he reached her, "Solano!"

She jumped and turned to him, jolting in surprise, "Sonic?"

He shuffled and nodded, "Yup. What, can't you recognize me..?"

Solano paused before breaking herself out of her stupor, "No, I can, I'm just surprised… What happened to your quills?"

Sonic smiled, "Naomi fixed my coloring!"

"Naomi…?" She tilted her head to the side before shaking her head and grabbing Sonic's hand, "We need to get back to the village, quickly."

Sonic suddenly realized that his sister was very ruffled, and that she had a few cuts and bruises, "How did you get hurt?"

Solano pulled him along hurriedly, "Those machines were spotted near the village. I took care of them, but more are coming… I can feel it."

Sonic's breathing got a little faster, "The machines? The one's that have been hurting people and-"

"Yes. Those."

Sonic shuddered, "We can take 'em though… right?"

Solano smiled, "Of course."

Sonic smiled a little, "I'm glad."

A tremor rippled through the earth beneath them, tripping them up and making them stumble in confusion, "What was that!?"

Solano pushed him down to the ground near a tree, "Stay there, and don't move unless you feel your life is in danger."

"But Solano-!"

"Sonic. Please, stay here."

He looked at his sister with tears building up in his eyes. He'd never seen her look so determined and yet afraid before, "Ok."

Solano nodded and ran off. Within moments he heard gunshots nearby and the shifting of mechanics. He covered his ears and shuddered. The tearing of metal, the sound of bullets hitting the ground and the foliage, and the sound of soft 'thumps' when the bullets hit something he wasn't so sure of, but he knew it wasn't any good for his sister. He stayed there, as the fighting continued for what seemed forever before he couldn't stand it anymore. "I won't be a coward, I need to help Solano!"

The young hedgehog shifted and crawled from his hiding place, slowly making his way to where the battle was hidden in the bushes. He continued slinking close to the ground, when suddenly he found himself out in the open and staring at the end of a gun barrel inches from his face, "SONIC!"

He gasped, when just as quickly he was in danger, he found himself gliding through the air and dropping to the ground not more than 20 feet where he had just been, bullets ricocheting off the forest floor from the proximity of the gun.

He shook in the arms of the stranger who'd saved him. His sister sighing in relief, continuing her assault on the machine despite her newly acquired injuries.

He felt warm, sticky liquid seeping into his fur and quills from his side. Gasping, he turned to the stranger, "You're hurt!"

The animal, which he suddenly realized was probably an Echidna from what he'd heard of their appearance, was horribly injured. Scratches, bruises, and horrible bleeding holes marred her brownish red spines and white fur. She pushed him down and while crouching over him in protection, she started to dig a hole with a speed he didn't even know was possible with one's forearms. She dug for no more than a few seconds, and with that he found himself thrown into a 3 foot deep hole. It was from this angle he noticed a white crescent moon on her chest, "I will protect you. I have fought with all that I can, and if protecting you with my last breath is all that I am capable of, it will still be honorable, and with your life, I will not have died in vein."

Sonic's eyes teared a little, "You're dying?"

The Echidna nodded tiredly, covering most of the hole with her body, to make it seem to the machine that she was dead, and no longer a threat, "I have been fighting for a long time, young one. I haven't eaten anything for a few days now, and my injuries are far too severe to be able to heal in time. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a thing as this."

Sonic felt tears rush down his face, the sound of an explosion nearby making him choke a little as dust filtered into the hole. "Isn't there anything I could do to help you?"

The older Echidna thought tiredly a moment, "Would you listen to a story? One that I have not yet passed down?"

The young hedgehog nodded, "Ok."

She smiled tiredly, "I'm glad…" She took a light shuddering breath, "A long time ago, there were many tribes of animals. In a time where famine and disease started to plague them, they banded together and asked for the Master Emerald to help them in their time of need. They were told 7 are needed to create peace, for there are 7 plagues that cause chaos. So each tribe chose their strongest and most pure among them, and from those they were divided until only 7 remained. Potential, Wisdom, Fate, Strength, Hope, Courage, and Love. All were represented by each of the chosen ones. It was with them that the Master Emerald bestowed power. Yet, such power came with a price, and thus, each of the chosen were destroyed, becoming one with the Master and becoming the Chaos, and thus the 7 were born. It has been said that, "The severs are the 7 chaos. The heart is what motivates the chaos." The people then created a holding place for the Master and the 7 Chaos, to make sure that they would be guarded and used not for one's selfish desires. Yet, over time, the race chosen- the Echidna- fell prey to the power of the Master and the 7 Chaos. Nothing else remains of our past to that point. Our greed and hunger for power… It is… something we never may be forgiven for… and I can only wish that we might be given another chance to live, to co-exist with others. Have not our almost complete extinction been enough…?"

She was crying silently, as he cried as well, the sounds of battle having stopped suddenly during her tale. Smoke billowed into the air as a fire burned nearby. Yet, all Sonic could think of was what he had been told, "I'm sorry…"

She smiled a little, her eyes slowly growing dimmer, "You need not apologize… I ask… one last favor, little one…"

Sonic nodded, "Anything."

The Echidna pulled out a red stone from her spines, weakly holding it out for him to take, "Please, guard that for as long as you can. Do not let that Doctor take this from you. I don't wish for you to loose your life for it, but if maybe you could bury it somewhere, anywhere if it becomes too dangerous… The longer it is not able to be within that madman's grasp, the better."

Sonic nodded and held it close to his chest, "I promise."

She nodded slightly, "Young one… never stop running for those who no longer can."

Her eyes closed, and he realized she was going to die shortly, "Please, tell me your name!"

She opened her eyes partially, "Kaida the Echidna."

"Sonic the Hedgehog."

Kaida smiled, "Live up to your name, Sonic, and continue running into the deep azure of the heavens."

And with that, her eyes closed and she breathed her last, a soft sad smile gracing her lips.

It took him a long while of crying before he finally hid the red chaos emerald in his quills and slowly got up, carefully shifting Kaida's body into a more restful position before getting out of the hole and looking around. He stood up slowly, his body feeling achy from being in such a confined space for so long, blood matted and itchy on his body. He ignored his discomfort in favor of looking for his sister, who he hadn't seen since he had been shoved into that hole.

He then suddenly spotted her, sprawled on the ground on her stomach, blood surrounding her as the flames from the destroyed machine raged near her. His eyes widened in fear, "Solano!!" He ran to her and turned her over so she rested partially on him, "Solano!?"

Her violet eyes fluttered open, without their usual vibrant spark, "Sonic…"

Tears built up in his eyes again, "Are you… Are you ok Solano?"

She smiled weakly, "I don't feel anything anymore… I think I'll be alright. Let's go home, ok?"

He breathed shakily and nodded, "Ok."

She died the moment her eyes closed.


(Kaida supposedly means "Little Dragon". I got it from a baby name site. A definition of Solano I found was "A southeasterly or easterly wind on the southeast coast of Spain in summer; usually an extension of the sirocco; it is hot and humid and sometimes brings rain; when dry, it is dusty")

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