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This darkness would eclipse our will
A cold wind blows across these hills
A swinging gaze from the hangman's tree
A crows nest view of what's left to see
The light that's formed of shade will turn to silence to this way
Still beneath the craters waiting for this time to grow

So hold on , hold tight, open daylight

We will overcome

Flags of Dawn- Thrice

8 Years Old- New Path

Deep in the forest he was digging as he knelt. His gloves had been completely ruined long ago and had been abandoned by his side as he worked. His hands hurt badly and his nails bled, yet he continued digging. 'Do not let that Doctor take this from you… but if maybe you could bury it somewhere, anywhere if it becomes too dangerous… The longer it is not able to be within that madman's grasp, the better.'

Kaida's words still rung through his mind. Sometimes he felt tormented by that day, yet at other times Sonic was thankful. If it had not been for his tragedy, he would have remained completely oblivious to suffering, loss, and what the survivors of the villages surrounding were dealing with. He felt like he could connect to them through their suffering, and sometimes, he was even able to say words that helped uplift their spirits to such a point that they regained some of the light in their eyes. He didn't know how he did it, or what he was even saying, yet Sonic had come to know that even the smallest of actions could mean far more than he'd ever understand.

He paused in his digging and surveyed the area around him and nodded. Shifting through his quills he brought out the blue chaos emerald and gazed at it, memorizing its contours. Sonic took a breath and spoke softly, "Naomi… I hope you will be safe here. It took me quite a while to find you again, but I did and I'm glad I can at least try to hide you from that Doctor. So… I guess… sleep well, and I hope you won't be too lonely, ok…?" Nodding to himself, Sonic then shifted through his quills again and took out a piece of cloth and carefully wrapped the Chaos Emerald within it. Once satisfied, he gently placed it in the center of the deep hole he'd dug and then began to slowly scoop the dirt back into the hole. He felt sort of horrible for burying such a beautiful item that happened to have a spirit in it, but he knew the consequences of leaving it where it had been. The Doctor had two Chaos Emeralds already, and while he knew the Emeralds called to each other, it'd be much harder to locate its exact location if it ware buried.

Sonic finished pushing the last clump of dirt over the Emerald, sighing heavily as weariness set in. "Well, I guess that's that." He stood up slowly and stretched himself out, his quills pointing in odd directions, as if also stretching with him. He rolled his shoulders and jumped a little bit, warming himself up and trying to get the blood flowing again. "Next time I do that, I'll have to bring a shovel or something." He glanced at his hands and frowned, clenching and unclenching them slowly. After a moment of contemplation he looked to his side and bent down to pick up his discarded gloves. Once placed on his hands once more, he looked around. He sniffed the air attentively and took a few steps around the small clearing he was in.

Once satisfied he nodded, "Ok then, time to get back home before mom and dad freak out too badly…"

He ran at mach speed, hoping to get home before dinner time when he looked up and saw smoke billowing up in the distance. His eyes widened and just as he was about to run full speed he ran into metal. Recovering, he looked up and realized there were multiple bee-like robots hovering above and focused on him, while a small tank with a drill 'nose' also glared at him. He dusted himself off and smiled uneasily, "Uh, hey guys… what's shakin'?"

This somehow managed to piss them off, and they retaliated by shooting at him. He dodged the bullets quickly, using his speed to his advantage and then propelled himself at the tank robot, shifting his quills and curling himself up into a ball. He then concentrated all of his energy into breaking through the robot, which was still rather hard for him, but he was getting used to making his spin dash become a homing attack. He sometimes missed, but with all the robots that had been appearing as of late, he'd been gaining a lot of experience with it.

Breaking through the metal Sonic uncurled himself and launched his body in the direction of the bee-bots and began using his homing attack on them. Once finished Sonic wiped his forehead, feeling shaky from nerves and energy loss due to his new attack. Glancing around himself and making sure the coast was clear, he continued to his hometown, 'I hope I'm not too late.'

Bushes, trees, puddles, he ran and jumped through and over them all to get back to his home, and hoped with all that was in him that everyone got out alright. Yet, as he reached the outskirts of his village he stopped suddenly, sliding a little in the dirt to face his worst nightmare.

A strong fire blazed through the village, yielding it's dead in the streets. He walked in a daze towards his house through the flames, his throat restricting painfully, 'This can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be-!' He came upon a shadowed figure laying in the middle of the street, a pool of something shining surrounding them. His eyes burned from the fiery smoke and bubbling emotion deep within himself, "No… You can't…"

The shape moved and struggled to look up, but by then the truth was clear. Izayoi looked up to Sonic with pained, fearful eyes. Her voice called to him weakly, "Sonic… You're alright…" Tears welled in her eyes, she couldn't help but be grateful her son was well, "Sonic, please… Please run, quickly! Run to where your Uncle Chuck is, you remember, right?"

Sonic knelt down in front of her and nodded as tears fell down his muzzle without his notice, "Y-yeah. I remember."

Izayoi nodded as best she could, "Then please, go there. You should be safe for a while, and please don't ever forget what that evil Doctor has done, please… Don't forget those who were unable to continue, Sonic… Grow up strong, and help others to survive and to live happy lives, please…" She bowed her head as a few more tears escaped her, "I'm so proud of you, Sonic. I'm so glad… that you're my son…"

Sonic lent forward, holding his breath, hoping, praying she would say more. He stayed, waiting for many minutes until the flames became too much for him and he knew, he knew she was gone. "I… I won't let you have died in vain mom… I won't."

He stood shakily and looked around, noticing the robots that had started the blaze. He clenched his teeth and took a deep breath before charging forward, roaring in emotional turmoil, "I won't let you get away with this!! NEVER!!"

He attacked bot after bot, continuing in a rampage until he'd destroyed every one of them. By the time he was finished, his body ached, he was scratched up and hurt, but he continued running through the twilight of the night, the fires dieing out behind him, fading into the black until they were simply a red glow in the distance.

He continued to run, and only stopped when he'd reached his destination.

After three months, his body finally fully recovered from the strain physically and emotionally that night had put him through. It hadn't helped, and one could suppose it wasn't too much of a surprise that he had caught mono after his ordeal, but he pulled through it all, and was glad to finally be given the ok to run around outside and continue his personal training at full capacity.

Sonic smiled a little while gazing at the sky while taking a break from his homing attack training. It had at first been really hard to deal with the loss of his family, friends, and village, but slowly he had come to accept it. 'I'm not the only one who's suffered through this sort of pain.' He continuously told himself this, even though it didn't always help make him feel better, he at least didn't feel so completely alone in the world.

It also helped that his Uncle Chuck was rather upbeat. Sure, he was a techno freak that sometimes babbled a tad too long about mechanics, and of his newest up-and-coming invention, the 'ring generator,' but Sonic couldn't help but be thankful for it all, even when he was bored out of his mind. Of course, he'd also been glad when his Uncle had allowed him to make a few runs while he was healing, since he really just could not handle staying indoors all that much any longer. He supposed that wasn't particularly a good habit to be forming, but what harm could it do? Did it make him uncivilized or something?


Sonic's head jerked in the direction of the voice, "Yes Uncle?"

Chuck came around a corner of the house/workshop they shared and stopped once he was in full view, "I have someone for you to meet."

The young hedgehog raised an eyebrow and stood up slowly, stretching before meeting his uncle halfway, "Who is it?"

Uncle Chuck moved forward and a tall human woman followed him shortly after. Sonic blinked in surprise at seeing a human in person for the first time. The older hedgehog stopped about 5 feet away from the younger, the human staying a foot or two behind, not wanting to be overly intrusive. Sonic quickly glanced her over, taking note of her khaki tucked in shirt, khaki shorts, tanned boots, and brimmed khaki hat. Her blonde hair was tied back and her brown eyes shined with a kindness he wasn't particularly expecting. He looked to his Uncle, becoming more confused, "Uh?"

Chuck laughed, "This is my colleague, Miss Alana Slate. She's researching our way of life, since we've been living separately from humans for a rather long time. The humans have come to term us as 'Mobians,' though I'm not all too sure as of why…"

Alana shrugged, "Many creatures have many different terms. I suppose that's just the lay-man's term for your people, since you don't exactly fit in the category of 'animal' nor that of 'human.' You are both, but neither, right? That's not offensive, is it?"

Chuck shook his head, "No, it's alright. It can't be helped if you and your colleagues are unable to figure us out. It's inevitable that some toes will be stepped on."

"But why is she here, Uncle?"

Chuck jumped and looked to Sonic, "I apologize. While she will be researching our way of life, she is also hoping to introduce us to the way humans live and their history. It is their wish to begin blending our cultures so that we may live together in harmony and to help one another."

Sonic nodded slowly, "Is it because of that Doctor that this is happening?"

Alana nodded, "Sadly, yes… Doctor Ivo Robotnick has created multiple robots that our military can't really keep up with, and sometimes they can't even dent them. With each encounter our weapons are becoming more and more ineffective… Yet, it has come to our attention that some mobians are able to attack these machines without the need for weaponry."

Sonic nodded slowly, "Like me?"

Chuck tensed, "Like you? Whatever do you mean, boy?"

Alana looked on in slight fascination, it seemed the young hedgehog had confessed something his Uncle was unaware of.

Meanwhile, Sonic blushed lightly and fidgeted, shifting his gaze to the ground. "Uhm, well… The only reason I was so hurt when I got here was because I took out a bunch of those 'bots…"

The older hedgehog's mind became panicked, "You attacked them? And survived? But what happened to your hands!?"

Sonic looked at his Uncle, "Oh, I'd just been digging… that's all."

Chuck paused and quirked his head, "…Digging?"

Sonic started shifting his weight from one foot to the next, "Well, I was fulfilling a promise sort of... That's all."

"…Well, that would explain your hands, but still… How many did you destroy?"

Sonic looked up and rubbed the side of his head thoughtfully, coming to a standstill, "Uhm… maybe… 69? I don't really know, it's not like I was counting, and my memory's kinda fuzzy…" He looked his Uncle in the eye and blinked.

Chuck stood there completely floored. His brain raced through even more scenarios before looking at his nephew's shoes, "Sonic?"

"Uhm… yeah?"

"I'm making you new shoes."

"This has to be the most awesome thing ever." Sonic was stoked, he could help but run around Chuck's workshop in his new shoes.

Chuck and Alana smiled from their respective places in the hanger they were currently in, where an old bi-plane sat slowly being restored to its former glory, "Now Sonic, remember that these shoes will repair themselves and grow with you as you get older, understand?"

Sonic stopped and looked to his Uncle, "Understand? Of course I do! This is AWESOME! How in the world did you manage this sort of awesome invention?! You could totally make mega bucks selling these!!"

Chuck rolled his eyes, "Yes, and then quickly become broke later, since no one will ever need new shoes again. Once that happened, who would all the shoe company's turn to in disapproval for ruining their business? Me. No my boy, these are made only and specifically for you."

Sonic tilted his head to the side, "Why's that?"

Alana shifted, "Because of your speed."

Sonic looked between Alana and his Uncle. "That's right my boy, while regular shoes may be fine for a while, there will come a point where they will wear out, or perhaps even the rubber may melt while you're trying to stop from full speed. This prevents you from constantly wearing out your shoes, and needing to continuously buy new ones. It's also healthier for the environment."

The young hedgehog sweat dropped slightly at his uncle's final words, but none-the-less understood what he was saying, "I see."

"Oh! And there's one final ability that they have."


"They help you cling to vertical surfaces, so say if you have to run downhill to get away from a group of robots. You don't have to worry about falling several feet to a watery or woodsy grave, all you have to do is run forward, and your center of gravity will always stay and connect to the closest surface area. Thus, running along cliff sides, buildings, and other such things will be as simple as… well, running!"

Sonic nodded, a little worried on whether or not his shoes could be that advanced, but then again, he'd seen some of the technology his Uncle had come up with and he had to agree, if the older 'hog had even the slightest of evil intentions, he could wreak as much havoc as the Doctor- if not more.

The hanger was suddenly filled with a loud siren as a red light began blinking throughout the room, "Oh dear, we've got trouble…"

Chuck ran towards his computer area where multiple communication networks were linked. Sonic and Alana followed him and looked at the map, "It seems the village Michiko has been staying in these past few months has been attacked by that blasted madman!" He turned and looked Sonic over, contemplating before nodding. He handed the younger hedgehog a ring, "Go quickly and try to help the village as best you can! You're the only one who's fast enough to get there in any sort of time to assist the people, so go!"

Sonic nodded before dashing out from the workshop, the way to the village imprinted in his mind. He ran, quickly following a river (but of course staying a good 7 feet away from it- water just was not his friend) until he noticed someone laying by the shoreline, drenched. He stopped himself, skidding a good 20 feet before returning to the, he soon realized, kitsune's side. "Are you alright!?"

The kitsune was breathing heavily, and Sonic quickly noticed he knew this fox, and that she was very badly hurt, "Michiko! Wha-What are you doing all the way out here!?" He knelt beside her, trying to figure out what to do to help her.

Michiko opened her eyes and looked up at him and smirked, "Ah, so it's you, Sonic the Hedgehog… How 'bout you help me outta this river, eh?"

Sonic nodded and pulled her out slowly, "What happened to the village?"

"It was eradicated."


Michiko shook her head, mentally forgiving him, "Destroyed. It's been… leveled. We're the only survivors…"

Sonic blinked, "We?"

Michiko slowly and painfully stood before turning around to reveal a two-tail fox cub in her arms, "Yes, 'we'."

Sonic jumped back, surprised. He then stepped forward and inspected the young kit with interest, "He's rather… small."

"I would surmise that most creatures are small for a while after they're born."

Sonic blinked, and blushed, "O-oh yeah, I guess so… But wait! That village really is…"

Michiko nodded, "Gone."

Sonic's gaze lowered along with his ears, "That's… horrible…"

Michiko's ears perked up at a noise in the distance. Her eyes narrowed as she held her kit closer to herself. Her tails flicked in agitation as she turned her gaze to the young hedgehog before her. She glanced him over before nodding and steeling herself, "Sonic."

He looked up to her, blinked, "Huh?"

"Take my son with you to your Uncle and protect him until you know it's safe to give him over to another family to watch over him."

Sonic panicked, "What are you talking about!? You're coming back with me!"

"No, I'm not. I need you to take Miles and run. More robots are coming, and while I have the strength to take them out, here and now, I won't make it either way to your Uncle's. It's too far, and I've already lost too much blood. Please take him and watch out for him for me, alright?"

"But-! I can help! I've taken out a bunch of bots already!"

Michiko sighed and shoved her kit into his arms, "His name is Miles Prower. That's what the Chaos Emerald deemed fit for him, so never forget that and never let him forget either, because it's important." She then removed the platinum bands that were around her wrists and ankles and placed them in Sonic's care, "Make sure he wears these at all times. They are… power inhibitors. They will allow him to lead a mostly normal life in comparison to the others around him… and they will also tell him the stories of our people, our past. Now go Sonic, and don't look back. Understand me? Run forward towards the horizon and never look back."

Sonic bit his lip, "But Michiko, I don't… I don't want you to die… I already lost my family… Why…"

"RUN boy! NOW!"

Sonic jumped and ran, finally heeding the kitsune's command, tears pricked at his eyes but he wouldn't let them fall. He had to run, to bring Miles to his Uncle and to ensure that the young kit could grow up strong. It was too heavy a burden for someone his age, but he'd already beat so many odds, and he wouldn't let this beat him.

No, he would run continuously forward toward the azure sky, slicing through the wind.


Because he was Sonic the Hedgehog, and one day, he'd become a hero.

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