DISCLAIMER: This is the obvious: characters are NOT mine. Dialogue in this chapter is NOT mine. Idea behind this chapter is NOT mine, but the Wachowski Brothers'. This is just the introductory chapter to the story that is my idea. Enjoy.

Not yet…She forced her eyes open, just in time to hear him calling her name.
"I'm over here…" She said as loud as she could.
Everything seemed to be blurred - as if she were under water. But when she saw him crawl beside her, she couldn't help but smile fondly up at him while he spoke about what he could see, as he confirmed so surely that they had both made it... She didn't care about cities made of light, not just then. She smiled weakly when he told her how he wished she could see it. She had made it - but only just barely.

She was just glad that she could see him one last time.

"You've already shown me so much…" She whispered, as the truth of the words hit her. She was really just saying it to herself, but when his face showed that he knew that something was wrong, her inner peace left. The images around her were clear, and it dawned on her what was going to happen soon.

She had to let go.

"I can't go with you Neo… I've gone as far as I can…" She could feel the pain beginning to build in her chest. She would miss this life… this world. She hadn't said goodbye. She wasn't ready to leave… but that wasn't a choice she could make anymore. She did this for him, and she wouldn't regret it. She could hardly feel his hands on her torso, where three long bars protruded from deep wounds. And yet his repeated 'no' hit her like a blade never could.
"It's alright… it's time…" She reassured him (and herself). "I've done all that I can do…" She breathed, knowing that she had to encourage him or he would never leave her side. "You have to do the rest yourself. You have to finish it, you have to save Zion…" She had to stop. She wished she could be there when the war ended. She wished she could run into his arms and know she wouldn't have to worry about anything sneaking up behind them. But even if she couldn't be there, she knew he would do it. She knew he would end it. "I can't… not without you." She heard him say. She felt her heart wrench- God she wished she could help him. She took a deep breath before continuing. "Yes you can. You will. I believe in you – I always have…" Her voice hitched at that – because it was true.
"Trinity… you can't die… you can't." He pleaded. She felt her heart slow, and knew that she could.
"Yes I can…" She managed to push out. "You brought me back once, but not this time…"

She had to say it, or else he probably would try.
He needed all of his strength to fight.
But she had to tell him one last thing before she left…

"Do you remember, on that roof after you caught me, the last thing I said to you?" She asked, wincing at the memory. "You said 'I'm sorry'" "I wish I hadn't… that was my last thought. I wished I could have had one more chance to say what really mattered…" She had to pause to take another breath. "To say how much I loved you. How grateful I was for every moment I was with you… but by the time I knew how to say what I wanted to, it was too late…" She could feel her own tears coming up, but she pushed them back. She needed to urge him on – this was the end of her life. Not of his.

"But you brought me back. You gave me my wish. One more chance to say what I really wanted to say…" She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the weight of what she had been carrying lift off of her shoulders. He knew she loved him. She started to feel herself slip away, but clung to life for just a couple more seconds…

"Kiss me… once more… kiss me." She knew it was selfish, she knew it would kill him to know that once his lips left hers, she'd be dead. But she needed it – before she left, she had to kiss him one last time.
She used all of her strength to lift her head just a little bit to reach his mouth, and once she felt his lips on hers, all was right. She saw the darkness close over her already closed eyes, and felt her hand let go beneath his.

I love you, Neo… Was her last thought before slipping into oblivion.