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It felt so good to be sitting behind that wheel again.
On her way to the machine city, she was sure that they wouldn't be coming back. Though sure wasn't really the word… she was more preparing herself to never go back. Expecting the worst was something she had become accustomed to doing automatically when in a situation such as theirs.
But there they were, back inside the same hovercraft that they had crashed in the middle of the Machine City. That same hovercraft where Bane had attacked them, where Neo had lost his sight, and where Trinity had come so close to dying once more.

She had been too distressed while she was kneeling beside him on that machine, when he was fighting between life and death, to notice that the scarring around his eyes had disappeared. They were still a shade of purple, with some red, fresh skin along the edges, but he could see, and they would heal with time.
Her face was peaceful – her eyelids slightly drooping and a blissful smile spread across her face. She turned to look at Neo, who was sleeping soundly beside her. She ran her fingers lightly over the side of his face, barely touching him. She could hardly believe that the war was over, and yet they were both still there.
She focused back on her surroundings, making sure not to get lost in the seemingly endless pipes. She had gone into a panic attack when she saw the first squid machine once she left the machine city, but calmed down soon enough when she noticed that it took no notice of her.

Peace had finally been reached.

She was passing an entire group of them at the moment. Their tentacles didn't move, they simply floated along, looking almost as if they were in a trance. They seemed so harmless, and yet she had been running from them for so long.
A shuffle from beside her caught her attention, and she saw Neo sit up, rubbing his sensitive eyes with his hands. " 'Morning." She said, smiling at him. "You've been asleep for a while. How are you feeling?"
It took Neo a couple of blinks for his eyes to adjust, shaking his head to clear the grogginess. He took a deep breath as he leaned back into his seat, and smiled back at Trinity. "Much better than I was the first time I woke up."
She chuckled and reached her hand over to rub his leg. He took it in his own and brought it to his lips, planting a kiss on her knuckle. "You know Trin…" He started, after a few seconds of silence. "I'm really glad you are here. But how did it happen?" Trinity's smile faded and her eyebrows furrowed. She wasn't all too sure herself how she had survived. After a few minutes of contemplation, she shrugged, and small smile made its way back onto her face.
"I guess I just wasn't ready to leave yet." It was the best response she could think of. Neo starred at her for a couple of minutes, expecting her to say something else. But when he realised that that was all she knew, he smiled and said: "Works for me."
Yeah, works for me too… She thought to herself. "What happened Neo, with Smith? It was… quite the show from where I was standing." To put it lightly, she added mentally.

Neo sighed, and rubbed his forehead with his fingers. "There were loads of them Trin. Thousands. He took over the entire place- everyone was copies of himself. I couldn't tell which one was the original." He shook his head, still bewildered at how it had happened so fast. He hadn't had the mind to care about it when he first saw it – he had just lost Trinity, and all he knew was that he had to fight Smith, and win, or he would lose everything else too.

"I only fought one of them… it was the oracle, I'm sure of it. He had copied himself onto me – it felt like dying, all over again. But somehow… I came back." He hunched his shoulders, not having much else to say. "The machine…" Trinity said, realisation hitting her. "It sent rays of light through you. That must have brought you back." Neo nodded, then loosened his back and let a relaxed smile come back over his features. Trinity noticed his chance of stance, and followed suit.
They were alive, and the war was done. They didn't have to discuss this right now.
Right now, all they wanted to do was enjoy the peace that was surrounding them – and enjoy it together.

Neo fell asleep again, and Trinity continued to manoeuvred the hovercraft in the direction of Zion. It came to her that it would probably be a good idea to send a report through the radio, and let them know that they were alive, and to be arriving soon.
They had left the machine city just over a day ago – Neo had slept for the most part of the trip, only waking up that one time before falling asleep again. Between being attacked by Bane, losing her, and then fighting his opposite, he needed all the rest he could get before entering the gates of Zion, where they both knew lay countless amounts of people who were waiting to thank him.

She picked up the headset that was beside her in a small cabinet, and adjusted it onto her head before pressing the necessary buttons to send a message.
"Zion Control, this is Trinity on the Logos. Both Neo and I are alive and on our way back to the city. Should be reaching its gates in approximately one hour, over."
10 minutes had passed before the response came in, which she had expected. The message that she and Neo had survived the trip to the Machine City was a miracle in itself, let alone actually stepping foot in it, and leaving it alive. But when she did receive a response, the voice that spoke to her was calm and clear, as it always was.

"Logos, this is Zion Control, the gates are open. I repeat, the gates are open, you may enter any time, over."

Wow… the gates were already open.
It was going to take a while for her to adjust to this newfound peace.

About half an hour later, and she could see the gates of Zion. She smiled as she turned to the once again sleeping Neo, this time running her hand up and down his arm, shaking him out of his sleep. He groaned at her touch, flopping his head back and forth. "Come on sleepy head, we're here." His eyes opened at that. He sat up and smoothed out his ratty shirt, running his hands through his hair. "How long have I been sleeping?" He asked, amazed at how quickly they had reached the city gates.
"Only about 24 hours." Trinity replied coolly, though at his look of surprise she couldn't help but laugh. She leaned over and kissed him quickly, before taking back the wheel. "You're going to need it, believe me." She assured him.
"What about you?" He asked, noticing the bags that had formed under her tired eyes.
"I'll have time to sleep when we get into Zion. You, however, have a fan club to attend to." She laughed when she saw his head drop into his hands, rolling his eyes behind closed lids.
He knew who the leader of that fan club was, and he wasn't ready for that kind of attention.

But ready or not, they were soon going through the gates, and Trinity landed the Logos in one of the vacant hovercraft spots. "There are some who have been notified of your arrival, and will be meeting with you shortly. Welcome home." The voice of Zion Control said, before Trinity removed the head set and shut down the ship. She stood up and stretched her limbs, looking outside the window to see if a crowd had been formed.
She was happy to see that only Morpheus, Link, Zee, Lock, Naiobi, and some members of the council were waiting for them.
For now.
"Trin…" Neo grunted, "I'm going to need a little help."
She smiled at him before getting underneath one of his arms, supporting some of his weight. She gave him a few seconds to catch his breath when he stood up, after which he looked over at her suspiciously. "What?" She asked him, a laugh forming. "You… you're going to tease me for this later, aren't you?" He asked, a large smile appearing on his face. "You bet your ass I will." She said, laughing.

Once they got out of the ship, Neo could walk on his own. They approached the small group of people that were awaiting them, hand in hand. Morpheus' smile was that of complete and utter pleasure, reaching his eyes, where tears were threatening. Naiobi had a cool smirk on her face, while Lock had a hard, but genuine one on his. Zee was smiling gently, while Link, at her side, couldn't seem to believe what he was seeing.
Trinity walked right into his arms to receive a fierce bear hug, while Neo and Morpheus did the same. "Thanks for the luck." Trinity said, smiling widely at Link. "Yeah, anytime!" He replied, breathless. Zee chuckled and put her hand on his chest, nodding to Trinity.

"It is good to see you!" Morpheus exclaimed, holding Neo by the shoulders, looking back and forth between him and Trinity. "And it is really great to be seeing anyone right now, let me tell you." Neo replied, chuckling.
"Peace has been achieved." One of the council members said, the first one to speak since their arrival. "And it is thanks to the both of you that it is so." The old woman smiled wisely at Trinity and Neo, nodding to them in appreciation. Councillor Dillard, who was standing next to her, approached the two of them. "The rest of the city knows of your survival, but you should both rest before confronting them. Go, your rooms are as you left them, and the city will only be notified of your arrival tomorrow morning." They looked at him, the appreciation of having a night alone and without any disturbances clear on their faces. "Rest, we will see you shortly." He smiled knowingly at the two of them, before he and the other two council members bowed, and walked down the long stretch towards the temple.

Both Neo and Trinity turned to their friends, their groggy eyes and hunched backs showing their exhaustion. Though Neo had already slept for nearly a day, he could still use another long nap.
Morpheus smiled and nodded at them, "In the morning, I expect a full report on your activities." He said, pretending to be formal.
"And looking forward to hearing how you managed to keep my baby in such good shape…" Naiobi added, her face showing her approval. Lock simply nodded, knowing that his time to ask questions was to be postponed for another day, and walked away with Morpheus and Naiobi. Finally, the pair turned to Link, who had calmed down since he had first seen them. "See you soon, but hopefully not too soon." He said, winking. "Come on Zee, these two've got things to do." He said, wrapping his arms around her shoulder and steering her away.
Neo and Trinity smiled fondly after their friend before making their way to their own room, arms wrapped around each other. "You know Trin, I forgot to tell you something…" Neo said as they approached the large red door that would lead them to their bed.
Trinity looked up at him, her eyebrows furrowed again. He smiled down at her, and whipped a stray hair from her face. He led her into their room, and closed the door behind him before speaking. "It was you who saved me, not the machine. I could hear you, you were all I heard." He told her, wrapping his arms loosely around her waist. Tears were building in her eyes now, and a loving smile was on her lips. "If it wasn't for you… I wouldn't be here. I know that. I have absolutely no doubt about it… I love you, Trinity." Before he could say anything else, she pressed her lips against his, taking the back of his head with her hands and pressing him against her. He leaned her up against the wall, trying to get as close to her as he could.

It appeared that sleep could wait, at least for just a little while longer…


Author's note: Hope you all enjoyed it, this chapter took me forever- it's incredibly hard to end a story. Thanks for all of the encouragement!