Ryoma and Sakuno (pot)

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"Oi sakuno hurry up I am going to be late." Cried my grandma from outside.

I came running out with my skool bag and uniform on and got in the car and we went off, heading to school.

Today was a normal day; I wake up, made breakfast and my lunch, get dressed, and go to school.

My grandma is the tennis coach for seigaku one of the top tennis clubs in japan.

The tennis regulars are Tezuka-senpai, Oishi-senpai, Fuji-senpai, Kikumaru-senpai, Kaidou-senpai, Momo-senpai,Tama-senpai, and Ryoma-kun.

My grandma stays after school for tennis practice so I wait for her.

I am also on a tennis club, but on the girls team, not boys....I'm not very good. You would think I would be good since my grandma is a TENNIS coach, but no.

Once we were at the front of the school my grandma dropped me off and I ran to class. Right when I got to my seat the bell rang. Phew, perfect timing. I'm SAFE!

At school I have a best friend like every one else, her name is Tomo, at least thats what I call her.

To me she is a very energetic girl who is not afraid to show her feelings, unlike me, she is a big fan of Ryoma-kun's, she even started a fanclub for him.

Well, class started and ended, then lunch came.

This morning since my grandma rushed out the door she forgot her lunch and I just realized that I had her lunch too, so I was planning on going to the tennis courts to give my grandma her bento(lunch)

When I was saying that to myself Tomo-chan overheard.

"Ohh, Can I come, I don't want you to be lonely and if we go there then their might be a chance that we could see Ryoma-sama!"

When we got to the tennis courts, Tomo just left me, to go find Ryoma-kun on the court somewhere.

I wanted to stay too, but she said not to and to go and give my grandma her bento. How stengy.

So I agreed and went to my grandma's office. I don't want her to starve.

When I walked in my grandma was talking to Tezuka-senpai and Ryoma-kun.

When Ryoma turned around to see who it was my heart started beating really fast.

So I turned around and went back out the door.

"Why is my heart beating so fast?" I asked myself out loud.

When I calmed down I knocked on the door.

"Come in Sakuno." Came a voice from inside. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Once I came in I apologized for not knocking and just barging in.

"Don't worry about it, just don't do it again." My Obaa-chan (grandma) said.

Tezuka-senpai stared at me and wispered something in my grandma's ear. It was obviously about me and he left saying something about Momo-senpai skipping lunch break practice and left my grandma, Ryoma-kun, and I all alone.

Then Ryoma-kun said that he was going to take a nap somewhere and left,my grandma asked about the bento.

"Oh this is yours Obaa-chan." I clarified.

I handed the Bento over to her and turned around, heading for the door.

Suddenly my grandma screamed out my name.

"Sakuno, can you go and do an errand for me?" She asked.

She explained that the tennis club was invited to a party, a formal party, as in you have to wear suits and stuff.

"Everyone has a suit except for Ryoma." She explained. I blushed when I heared his name, my grandma acted as if she didn't notice and kept on explaining.

"Go to Ryoma's house tommarow morning, go out and find him a suit, tie, button up shirt, and a pair of shoes for him. Then go search for nice dress and a matching pair of high heels for yourself. that way you are killing two birds with one stone."

"Why for me also?" I asked her, confused.

"You have to come along because nobody was going to watch you." She stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Why can't you take Ryoma-kun?" I questioned.

"A very important person is coming over and Tezuka said for you to go instead of him wich is who I originally planned to go take Ryoma. Besides, you need a dress too."


The next morning I woke up at 6 and took a shower, but couldn't find ANYTHING to wear and when I finnally found someting it was alrighty 7.

I ran downstairs and choked down some cereal which is not my normal breakfast, but I didn't have time to complain.

I went upstairs to my grandma's room and got her out of bed and I dashed to the train station, proud to say I didn't trip.

I made it onto the train just in time.

When I got out I realized that I had no idea where Ryoma-kun lives. Darn me and my stupidness.

I took out my phone to call my grandma.

She gave me directions and it took me about an hour to find Ryoma-kun's house. I should let you know that my senc of direction is not that good.

When I did, I rang the doorbell and a monk answered it.

"I-is Ryoma Echizen here?" I asked, stuttering.

"Huh? Oh come in little missy he's still sleeping." The monk answered.

I thanked him, entering the house slowly.

"Hold on for a moment while my niece gets him. Sorry, but he's still sleeping. By the way I'm that stupid boy's dad, Nanjirou Echizen." His statement made my eyes widen. This monk was Ryoma-kun's DAD? No way! After the shock sat in, I answered him.

"Oh nice to meet you Echizen-san, my name is Ryuzaki Sakuno."

"Ryuzaki? Wait don't tell me you are related to that old hag Sumire (The grandma)?" he asked, eyes just as wide.

"Umm yes she's my Obaa-chan." I answered.

"Oh I feel sorry for you." He said, patting my shoulder lightly in a sympathetic manner.

"No, it's not that bad." I asured him.

Just then Ryoma-kun comes down the stairs in his P-PAJAMAS!! I could feel myself turn red.

He looked surprised that I was at his house, I wonder why?

"Yo, Son, your girlfriend is here and you come down in your PAJAMAS? Go change!"

When he came back down he was in a white polo shirt with a red strip across the shoulders and jeans. He was wearing his hat to top it all off.

"Ryuzaki what are you doing here?" he questioned, clearly confused.

Just then I knew that my grandma forgot to tell Ryoma-kun about what she had planned today. Of course!

So, I had to explain, while trying to supress my blush, once I finished Ryoma-kun glared at his dad.

"Oops, I guess I forgot to mention that hehehe." Then he turned around slowly walked away.

Ryoma looked mad, but headed for the door and put on his shoes nonetheless, knowing that he needed to buy the items..

I followed and we were out the door.

When we were at the gates I heard Echizen-san say something like his son is finally growing up. That statement made me blush, causing my head to look like a tomato.


We took the train to the shopping center and I realized that Ryoma didn't eat breakfast yet, seeing that he just woke up and all.

So we stopped by a fastfood resterant and grabbed a bite to eat.

After, we went into a store and looked around until we found the right shirt it was a baby blue button up, long sleeve shirt.

Next, we went to look for a tie in the tie section.

Ryoma looked annoyed it made me want to giggle. A dark blue tie cought my eye.

I asked the employee to take it out so that Ryoma-kun can try it on.

When the person handed it over to Ryoma-kun, he stared at it, confusion written all over his face.

"R-Ryoma-kun you don't know how to tie a tie?" I asked, he looked at me, his pride not letting him answer.

Without an answer I tied it for him which was a little embarrasing.

Both me and Ryoma-kun blushed.

"Kid are you so lucky, your girlfriend is cute and has great taste." The store manager commented.

That made both of us blush even more, turning our faces bright red.

When I finished we went to the mirror and Ryoma-kun looked good...at least the top half of him hehehe.

We bought the shirt and tie and got a black suit and shiny black shoes.

In my opinion Ryoma-kun looked good just thinking that made me blush.

When we got out of the store Ryoma-kun started staring at me.

I didn't know what to do so I stared back.

"W-what are you staring at R-Ryoma-kun?" I asked.

"Don't you have to buy a dress or something?" he questioned back.

"Oh yeah i totally forgot?...........is it ok if we go and buy it now?"(

"...Aa but you have to promise one thing." He said.

"What is it?"

"We go to the tennis courts after we finish." He dealed.

"Sure!" I replied, glad that we get to spend more time together.

I got thirsty so we stoped by this smoothie place.

When I opened the door, at the counter ordering was Momo-senpai. Ryoma-kun seemed to notice too and he automatically turned around not wanting to be seen.

I knew that if we met Momo-senpai he wouldn't stop bothering Ryoma-kun and me about being on a D-date. So I guess I can go without water for a while longer.

Momoshiro's pov (point of view)

I was getting myself a banana smoothie. When I turned around I saw a girl with long brown hair in braids.


I couldn't be right? It looked like her so why not. I followed this Ryuzaki look alike and saw that it really was her.

I was about to call her but I saw a guy...WAIT ECHIZEN!!

I took out my trusty cell phone and dialed Kikumaru-senpai's number

Phone with Eiji

"Moishi Moishi?" (Eiji)

"Kikumaru-senpai it's Momo guess what?" (Momo)

"What happened Momo?" he asked.

"Our little Echizen is on a date with the coach's granddaughter!"

"Huh? NO WAY! Our little chibi on a DATE? and with Sakuno-chan too? I gotta see this where are you?"

"I'm at the smoothie place, the one where we go to a lot."

"Ok i'll be there in a sec!"

End of Call

tehehe now to call Fuji-senpai and Tama and that Viper too.

the next couple of phone calls were very similar

Back to Sakuno's point of veiw

After leaving the smoothie place we went to the Dress store next door.

In the store everyone was staring at Ryoma-kun.....maybe because he was a guy, but a girl went up to him and started flirting with him.

I have no right to say anything, but it kind of got me mad. She was twisting her hair and blinking... a lot.

I don't know what came over me, but I grabbed Ryoma-kun by the arm and pulled him over to show him a dress I thought was pretty cute.

He looked thankful that I grabbed him which made me blush. My actions made the girl walk away.

The dress I picked out was light purple and showed all my curves, it was strapless, and it went down to my knees. I went to try it on and showed Ryoma-kun.

When I came out I found Ryoma-kun staring at me all red which made me turn red also.

Right when I was about to ask how it looked Ryoma-kun pulled down his hat and said that he 'didn't like the color' really low that it was hard even for me to hear.

A lady came up to us and said that I would look good in blue. She went away and came back a few moments with a beautiful light blue dress.

It had a strap that wraps around my neck , it, also, showed my curves and went down to my knees just like the purple dress.

I tried it on and this time Ryoma-kun was dark red resulting me to blush fifty times darker, if it was even possible, the lady said that I looked really cute and pretty I also thought it was pretty and so we went to the cash register and bought the dress with matching shoes.

When we got out of the store I bumped into someone. The stranger gave me a hand I took it gratefully and looked up to say thanks.

" F-Fuji-senpai! M-Momo-senpai! K-Kikumaru-senpai!" I screamed out, surprised.

I was so surprised, very surprised.

Fuji-senpai got me off the floor.

"What a coincidence to see you, Ryuuzaki-chan and Ryoma-kun." He greeted.

While he was talking Kikumaru-senpai and Momo-senpai made kissy faces making me blush and Ryoma-kun to pull down his hat.

"Oi, o-chibi what are you doing here with such a cute girl huh?" Eiji asked, rising his eyebrow.

"Bestuni" (nothing) (Ryoma)

"Ahuh sure that's why you have a bunch of shopping bags in your hand." Momo-senpain said, sarcasticly.

"A-ano Senpai-tachi w-why don't we.." I began, thinking of a way to change the topic.

"Go and play a game of tennis?" Ryoma finished.

"Wow you guys even finish each others sentences." Fujii said with a smile on his face.

We all started walking to Ryoma-kun's house to drop off his stuff that was bought today.


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