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The school bell rang, signaling the start of lunch break, all the students ran towards the lunch line, in hopes of getting the good food before everyone else does. All the students were gone except for the ones smart enough to bring their own lunch.

"Sakuno-chan, why do you have two lunches today?" Tomoyo asked, her eyebrows wiggling up and down in a suggestive manner, "Is one for Ryoma-sama?"

The other girl flushed red, shaking her head; "N-no, I forgot to give Obaa-chan her lunch this morning and took it with me by mistake." The Ryuzaki stuttered.

"Eh, that's no fun," She grumbled, crossing her arms, then her expression brightened, "Hey! You need to go to your grandma's office to give her her lunch and to do that, you need to go through the tennis courts where the Regulars have lunch practices this week!" Before her best friend could say a word, the hyper active girl grabbed Sakuno and ran out of the room.


"Mou, Tomo-chan just left me after she saw Fuji-senpai, some friend she is." Sakuno muttered as she made her way towards her grandma's by herself seeing as her bestfriend ditched her.


"So, Sakuno, what do you have for l-" Her question was stopped by a gasp when she saw one of the Seigaku regulars up ahead, releasing a high pitched scream, she ran over to him. "I'll meet up with you latter Sakuno-chan, I want wish Ryoma-sama and everyone else a good luck at practice real quick and I'll be with you in a heartbeat."

The whole time, Sakuno couldn't, or didn't, have a chance to say a peep.

End Flashback…

"Fine, I will eat lunch with my grandma, who needs friends?" She sighed, "Tomo-chan should know that I want to go say good luck to them too, but I don't want Obaa-chan to starve."

Sakuno was so absorbed in her thoughts, she didn't realize the door with the name 'Ryuzaki Sumire' was in front of her, she hit her head.

"That hurt." She whispered, before getting up and opening the door.

The moment she opened the door, three pairs of eyes turned to her, stopping their earlier interactions. The young girl turned red, "S-sorry!"

I didn'y think Ryoma-kun would be in Obaa-chan's office. Ah! I'm such a ditz, why didn't I knock before entering. I must look like such a fool. She thought, breathing heavily outside her grandma's office, she ran out after screaming sorry. "Why is my heart beating so fast?" She asked herself.

After calming her nerves, She stood up straight, fixed her braids, and knocked on the door, receiving a 'come in' from what sounded like the tennis coach, she entered.

"I'm s-sorry for barging in earlier, I should have knocked." She apologized.

Sumire nodded, "It's fine, just don't do it again. Why are you here Sakuno?" She asked her granddaughter.

"Y-you forgot your lunch earlier." Sakuno replied, holding up the older woman's lunch.

Tezuka, the Seigaku captain, stared at the younger girl, eyes analyzing, freaking the said girl in the process. Before she could ask anything, the quiet captain whispered something into his coach's ears. I think he is saying something about me. Sakuno thought.

She watched as her grandma's expression turn from a confused look to a happy, mischievous one. I'm scared. The young Ryuzaki yelped.

Tezuka nodded his head, straightened up, and bid his goodbye saying something about Momoshiro skipping practice. Ryoma decided to follow his senpai out the room. "Ponta then nap." He muttered.

Sakuno blushed when the prince of tennis brushed past her. "W-wait!" She yelled, cat-like orbs focused on her in question, ignoring the heat rising to her face, Sakuno whispered a good luck.

He nodded and left. "Mada mada dane, wobbly hips."

The said girl blushed at his nickname, "I d-do N-NOT have wobbly hips!"

The Seigaku Tennis coach chuckled at her regular and grandchild's interactions. Tezuka's plan is brilliant, even though he came up with it so he himself didn't have to do it. She thought, smiling wickedly.

"Sakuno, can I have my lunch?" Sumire asked, masking her earlier expression and grabbing one of the bentos in her granddaughter's hand.

The young girl snatched it back lightly. "Obaa-chan, this lunch is yours." She clarified, handing over the correct lunch box. "It has foods that your doctor recommended you to eat to stay healthy." She explained.

After giving the food, Sakuno turned around and begun to leave the room, but was stopped.

"Sakuno, I need you to do me a favor."

The said girl turned slowly towards the older woman. I have a bad feeling about this. She thought, remembering her Granma's face earlier.


"The Seigaku regulars have been formally invited to one of the biggest events in the town, all of the best tennis teams will be there and I want to make a good impression to our future rivals. The dress code for this event is formal and everyone already has a suit except for Echizen," Sakuno blushed at the name of her crush, Sumire smirked, " He needs a suit for this event and I need you to help him. He needs the whole outfit; the dress shirt, tie, shoes, etc. So what do you say?"

Sakuno starred at the woman in front of her. "W-What! I-I have never bought g-guy's clothes before. H-how am I suppose to know what s-size R-Ryoma-kun is?" She stuttered.

"You will go shopping with him together; sort of like a date." She explained making the young Ryuzaki turn bright red. A D-D-Date???? She thought.

"I take your silence as a yes. Okay, Sakuno, meet Echizen tomorrow at his house. Do not tell anyone else about this because the party is strictly invitation only." The coach ordered.

The said girl nodded slowly, still not believing it.

"Also, find yourself an outfit too. You do not have any formal wear either." Sumire added before pushing her out of the office.


The alarm clock went off at six o'clock. Sakuno turned it off, already wide awake, she skipped to the bathroom for her morning routine.

When finished, she walked into her closet in search of a cute outfit.

Thirty minutes later, she still could not find the perfect outfit. "Ahhh! Why don't I have anything to wear?" She yelled, exasperated, throwing, yet another, blouse on the floor. Then, something red caught her eye, hmm… I don't remember putting a red shirt there. She thought, reaching for the said object.

Taking it out, it was a low cute, V-neck sweater; she grinned.

Five minutes later, Sakuno stood in front of the mirror wearing a jean skirt, the red vest with a yellow tank top underneath. She smiled, grabbed her house keys, cell phone, and wallet, and headed downstairs.

"I'm leaving Obaa-chan!"


"Where does Ryoma-kun live?" Sakuno asked out loud, after getting on the train. Ah, I'm so stupid, I forgot to ask Obaa-chan where he lives! She thought, sweat dropping.

It took an hour for Sakuno to find the Echizen household after calling her grandma numerous times. "I wonder where I got my sense of direction from." She questioned, ringing the door bell.

A man opened the door, a questioning look on his face. "A-ano, Is R-ryoma-kun here?" She stuttered. He nodded and opened the door, grinning. "OI! Ryoma!! Your girlfriend is here!!" He yelled, then turned around. "And who are you, little lady? How long have you and my stupid son been dating?" He asked, moving aside and signaling for her to enter the house.

"I-I'm Ryuzaki Sakuno a-and I'm not d-d-dating your s-son." She bowed, her face turning so red, it put her shirt to shame.

"Ryuzaki eh? Are you by any chance related to the old hag, Sumire?" The man asked. Sakuno nodded slowly; "I'm her granddaughter." She answered, her face turning back to their original shade.

Before the man could reply, Ryoma trudged down the stairs. "Oyajii, I don't have a girlfriend, it's a Saturday morning, and if you make anymore noise, I am going to tell mom about you know what." He said, groggily.

Sakuno stood there, face back to the deep red it was earlier. R-Ryoma-kun wears cute p-pajama's. She thought, ignoring the fact that her crush just called the man she was talking to earlier dad.

"Oi, you stupid son, can't you see Sakuno-chan is right here, Go up and change already. How embarrassing." The older Echizen muttered.

Ryoma's cat-like eyes widened a fraction. Since when was she here? He asked himself before realizing that what his dumb father said was true. The young Echizen ran up the stairs, coming back down ten minutes later, dressed in a white polo shirt with red accents, jeans, and his trademark hat.

"Ryuzaki, what are you doing here?" He asked, sitting on the couch across from the said girl, clearly confused.

"D-Didn't Obaa-chan tell you?" She asked, seeing his lost face she sighed, Obaa-chan must have forgotten to tell Ryoma-kun. She explained the situation and why she was at his house, the whole time trying to suppress her blush from the way her crush was staring at her.

The tennis prince sighed, How troublesome. He thought, heading over to the door to put on his shoes; ignoring his useless father.

Sakuno followed.


The two got off the train, Sakuno walking behind Ryoma.

"Oi," Sakuno looked up with a questioning look.

"Stop walking behind me, it's the 21st century, and walk with your head up." Ryoma commanded, pulling the girl next to him so that they were the same level.

Sakuno blushed. The boy rolled his eyes, Che, I guess I have to do it myself. He thought, straightening the girls posture. "Your hair is too long." He muttered. Sakuno's blush darkened, if it was possible.

"Let's go get food, then I'll go to wherever you want." He said, she nodded and the two went to have some breakfast.


Chocolate orbs dashed around the store, This place looks promising. I'm glad Echizen-san told us about this store, I would have never known where to buy guy clothes. Sakuno thought, walking in, followed by Ryoma who had his hands in his pocket.

"Ryoma-kun, do you have a specific color you want?" She asked, turning towards the said boy, her head tilted. Cute. He thought, but did a double take. Since when was wobbly hips cute? He asked.

Sakuno shrugged, "I guess not." She wondered over to the shirt section and browsed through the aisles, coming to a halt when she spotted the perfect shirt.

She smiled and held it up, it was a baby blue button up shirt with vertical white lines that gives an illusion of a longer torso. The shirt also came with a navy blue tie.

"W-what do you think?" She asked, shyly holding up the shirt in front of Ryoma, trying to imagine him wearing it.

The Echizen noticed her failed attempt and snatched the shirt from her hands, turning around and walking to the back of the store. "W-wait, Ryoma-kun if you didn't like it, you could have told me." She said, her voice quieting as he walked farther away, then she realized he was heading to the dressing rooms.

A smile crept up her face as she followed him.

A few minutes later, the tennis prince came out of the dressing room, the shirt on, but the tie in his hands.

"Eh? Ryoma-kun what about the tie?" She asked, confused. He just glared at the said article of clothing.

Realization dawned, "You don't know how to tie a tie, do you Ryoma-kun." She stated rather than ask. The Echizen didn't answer, his pride forbidding him to.

The young girl smiled, grabbing the tie, she tied it for him; both blushing deeply.

"Kid, you have a nice girlfriend, mine would have just told me to search up how to do it." An employee said, walking up to them. The said kids blushed harder.

"Che, who are you?" Ryoma asked, trying his best to not let the heat from his face to affect him.

The employee smiled, holding up a tux. "A Nanjirou Echizen ordered a tux for his son earlier and said that his son will come pick it up, along with his girlfriend." The man explained.

That stupid dad, he Planned all this. Ryoma thought.


The two stayed in the store for a good hour and a half before finally finding the perfect pair of shoes, along with everything else.

Ryoma-kun looks good. Sakuno thought, blushing madly at her boldness.

The Tennis Prince paid for his stuff and the couple walked out.

"Phew, I'm glad that's done with, ne Ryoma-kun?' Sakuno asked, facing the said boy, he nodded, then stared at her.

"I-Is there something on my face?" Sakuno asked, her cheeks heating up from the attention.

"Don't you have to find a dress?" He asked, she blushed, How could I forget? She thought, mentally hitting herself.

"Y-yes, is it okay if we go now?" She asked.

"On one condition," Ryoma said, smirking.


"We play tennis after." He said, not answering her question. Sakuno stood there, "Ehh?"

Ryoma smirked, "Mada mada dane, I said we go play tennis after." He repeated.

"B-but I don't have the right clothes on." Sakuno stated.

Cat-like orbs analyzed the girls choice of clothing. Ryuzaki looks good in these clothes. He thought, face tinting pink.

"Ryoma-kun?" Sakuno asked, snapping the said boy back to reality.

"We'll go home and get them." He said.

"W-wait." The tennis prince turn towards the girl, "What?"

"Can I get a smoothie first. I'm kind of thirsty." She whispered, nervous he might say no.


She smiled and grabbed her partners free hand, pulling him into a newly opened smoothie place.

Right when they opened the door, Momoshiro was seen, ordering a banana smoothie, both kids saw him, Ryoma automatically turned around not wanting to be seen. He pulled Sakuno with him, "We can go to another smoothie place." He muttered, but it was too late, the Seigaku regular saw them.

With Momoshiro…

I was ordering a nice, yummy banana smoothie, but in the corner of my eyes, I saw something long and brown. Turning towards the said object, I saw that they were braids. "Sakuno-chan?" I asked, not sure.

The worker gave me my smoothie, I paid and followed after the girl, wanting to know if it really was the coach's granddaughter.

Seeing her face, I smiled, it is Sakuno!

Right when I was about to scream her name, someone else caught my attention. Ehhh!!! ECHIZEN??? What can that brat be doing with Sakuno-chan? And HOLDING HAND?

I took out my trusty cell phone and dialed Kikumaru-senpai's number.

After two rings, Kikumaru-senpai answered.

"Moshi Moshi?" The hyper active regular asked.

"Senpai, guess what?" I asked.

"What happened?" He asked, curious.

"Echizen is on a DATE with our little Sakuno-chan." I screamed.

I heard Kikumaru gasped and ask where I was.

"I'm outside the new smoothie shop." I replied and without another word, the line went dead. He will be here soon, now to call Fuki-senpai, Tama, and that viper too.

Back to Ryoma and Sakuno…

Sakuno Opened the door for Ryoma, who had his hands full with shopping bags and a smoothie.

"Thanks." He whispered, making his way into the dress store. I can't believe I'm here, if Mom-senpai saw us, I would kill myself. He thought.

Sakuno smiled at the many beautiful dresses in this shop and wasted no time in picking the ones she liked best; leaving Ryoma to stand awkwardly among the many teenage girls who were eyeing him like candy.

Che, girls are so troublesome. he thought, following Sakuno, but was stopped by a blonde chick.

"Oh my, what is a handsome man like you doing here?" She asked, in bad Japanese, only to be ignored by Ryoma.

"Get away from me, I am here with someone else," He replied with smooth English.


Sakuno gently took a purple dress off it's hanger and turned around to ask for Ryoma's opinion, only to find no one.

She looked around and found her crush, talking to a very pretty blonde. Her mood turned green. Who is she? She thought, angrily.

Her body moved on it's own accord, walking over to the two, she grabbed Ryoma's arm. "Excuse me, he's mine." She said, taking the tennis prince away.

Her outburst surprised Ryoma, it even surprised herself. "I-I'm sorry, I-I don't know what came over m-" She was cute off by the boy. "Mada mada dane, Ryuzaki. Thanks. She was annoying. I can only deal with girls worth my time." He said, the comment making her blush.

"Y-your welcome."

"Is that the dress you picked?" He asked, she nodded, "Go try it on." He commanded.


"Oi, Ryuzaki, come out already." He said, tired of waiting.

The dressing room opened. The strapless, light purple dress hugged Sakuno's, usually hidden, curves, it had light embroideries at the top and hem, the dress flowed to the ground, making her look taller. She was blushing.

Ryoma pulled down his cap in attempts to hide his blush, Do all girls this age have such nice bodies? He thought, eyes widening at his thought, Dad's dirty magazines are going into the trash.

"I don't like purple." He finally said, barely a whisper. Sakuno nodded, secretly agreeing.

"I think Blue would look nice on you, young lady." An employee said, she walked out and brought in an identical dress in light blue. Sakuno nodded, after trying it on, and Ryoma-kun approving it, the dress was bought.

"T-Thank you for helping me, R-ryoma-kun." She said, looking at the ground.

"Aa. Let's go." He muttered, taking the dress, and walking out of the store.

Sakuno rushed after him, not seeing where she was going and being the klutz that she is, bump into someone.

"S-Sorry." She cried, the stranger stretched out his hand, she grabbed it thankfully and looked up.

"F-Fuji-senpai!!" She screamed, looking around her eyes widened, "Momo-chan-senpai!! Kikumaru-senpai!"

Ryoma just stood there, surprise being an understatement, as Fuji helped Sakuno off the floor.

"What a coincidence, Sakuno-chan, Ryoma-kun." He greeted, smiling. As he talked, Eiji and Momoshiro were making kissy faces in the background.

Sakuno turned red, Ryoma pulled his hat down, hiding his shock.

"Nya, O'chibi how can you get such a cute girl like Sakuno-chan?" Eiji asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Bestuni, I don't have to tell you." Ryoma replied.

"To think, Echizen can get such a wonderful girlfriend when he is such a brat." Momo sighed.

"A-Ano, senpai-tachi w-why don't we-" Sakuno began, trying her best to think of something to bring their senpais attention to something else.

"Go and play tennis?" Ryoma finished.

"Man, you even finish each other's sentences." Fuji smiled.

"Ahh, young love." Momo sighed.

Today was a nice day. Sakuno and Ryoma thought.

"Ne, Ryoma-kun. I had fun today," Sakuno blushed, "Thank you." She whispered, giving him a peck on the cheek and walking a little faster.

Ryoma blushed, slowly placing his hand where she kissed him.

"Mada mada dane, Sakuno." He said, grasping her hand and giving her a kiss on the cheek.


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