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Awkward Moments

Chapter Three: An Innocent Victim of Peculiar Circumstances

"Fatheeeeer! Ike hurt meeeee!"

"I did not!"

Greil turned at the fearful cry of his four-year-old daughter and the defensive yell of his ten-year-old son. The siblings quickly ran towards him, both eager for him to dispense what they thought would be justice...

"Alright, what happened here?" he asked, his powerful voice striking a slight sense of fear into the hearts of the children.

"Father, I was climbing that tree outside, 'cause Ike promised to catch me if I fell down," Mist began, her cerulean eyes now red with tears. "And then I fell and got hurt-- see! I got my arm and knee all cut!"

Eagerly, she displayed her war wounds-- faint scratches that had already almost finished bleeding.

"And then I looked for Ike, and he was talking to Soren," she continued, "and he said he never promised to catch me! It's all his fault!"

"That's a lie!" Ike snapped, his navy eyes burning fiercely. "Father, I was talking to Soren outside, trying to get him to tell me what he was reading, when I heard Mist crying really loudly. I looked over and saw her by the tree, so I ran to her and asked what was wrong, and she started blaming me for not keeping my promise! I never promised her anything-- I thought she was still inside the whole time!"




"You want me to show you how mean I can be?!"

"That's enough, both of you!" Greil snapped, quickly silencing his children. "If I hear you two argue anymore, I'll ground both of you for the rest of the year."

"...sorry, Father."

"Sorry, Father..."

Briefly, the mercenary pondered over the undoubtedly misrepresented information his daughter and son had presented to him, deciding which set of facts seemed most reasonable...

"...Ike, kneel down."

Confused, the young boy fell to one knee...

"Mist, you may hit your brother one time, and one time only."

"What?! Father, I--"

"Quiet, boy, or I'll be the one hitting you," Greil interrupted, his dark eyes narrowed slightly. "I am more inclined to believe what you sister has said, as you have not exactly stood by her side whenever she needed you. Therefore, you will take it like a man and say nothing."

Mist quickly turned to face her brother, clenching her small fists as she looked into her brother's eyes...

-Go ahead and hit me,- Ike thought, nearly scoffing aloud at his sister. -You can't do anything to me--

His musings were quickly interrupted by a surprisingly strong blow to his throat.


Ike collapsed, clawing at his throat as frantic wheezes escaped his lips; Mist stared at her brother in horror as Greil couldn't help but begin to laugh.

"Father, I-- I killed him! I didn't mean to--"

"Calm down, Mist," the mercenary chuckled, kneeling by his son's side. "Ike's not dying. Though you did hit him pretty hard..."

"I-I'm sorry, Ike...!"

Ike made no reply as he desperately tried to breathe, starting to thrash his legs in panic...

"Stop that," Greil ordered. "You're wasting your energy. Calm down and breathe, Ike."

The young boy quickly obeyed; eventually, his breathing returned to normal, and his hurried breaths became slow and steady once more.

"Your father laughed?"

"Well, yeah. He had an... interesting idea of what defined funny."

Samus couldn't help but shake her head as she and Ike walked down the halls, headed to the dining room for breakfast.

"...what about your sister? It sounds like she was traumatized..."

"Oh, not at all," Ike replied. "Next week, she was back to blaming me for things I didn't do, trying to get me into trouble."

The bounty hunter chuckled lightly.

Thank you for confirming my fears, Ike."

"Hm? What did I do, now?"

"Well, I was afraid that there were more like you..."

The mercenary smiled.

"Would you be even more terrified if I told you I was the normal one in my family?"

"Oh, God..."

Laughter echoed down the halls.

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