A/N: The lyrics that inspired this (and that are included in the story) are from the theme to The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.

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Gone in Flames Below

Well the King told all his soldiers…

"It's like Christopher Syn," he said, Lieutenant Garfield cocked an eyebrow in confusion as he watched the man pace back and forth before his desk. "You know, the Scarecrow?" Garfield shook his head and looked forlornly at the stack of paperwork on his desk, but the man continued. "A vigilante, a problem. Thinks he's doing something for good when in reality he's causing more problems."

"Could we," Garfield said, holding up a hand before the man could continue, "discuss this later, Chief?" he asked, forcing the final word out.

"Of course," the man said, smiling brightly. "Just, think about what I said." With that, he left, and Garfield groaned. It was bad enough Chief Cooper had retired; did they need this cocky kid as his replacement?

…hang him high or hang him low…

Barry leaned against the wall, Julio beside him, and waited for their new chief to begin his briefing. No one knew what the subject would be; they had all just received a notice that the meeting was mandatory; so the room was crowded with curious Police men and women.

"Vigilantes are not aids to the Police process," the chief began; it was all Barry could do not to groan. "They are problem citizens taking out their insecurities by wearing masks and claiming they are helping the city."

"But, the Flash has helped the city," Officer Bellows piped up, but he fell silent at the look the chief gave him.

"I want the Flash stopped," the chief said. "Soon."

…but never return until the day I learn…

After the announcement, Barry and Tina had decided that Tina should follow him in the Star Labs truck, no matter what. As much as Barry wanted to go it alone, he knew that with this new chief after the Flash, he had to play it safe.

So, as he raced through the streets that night in pursuit of another…costumed nutcase, he took solace in the knowledge that the Tina was not far behind.

He found his opponent holed up in an abandoned warehouse in Hell Town. Police cars were surrounding it, and Barry had to move fast to get past them. He sped past the new chief, knocking the man's hat from his head, and into the building.

The Costumed Nutcase ran to the roof, Barry followed.

The police shot, no holds barred.

…That he's gone in flames below…

"C'mon, Barry," Tina groaned, tapping a few keys on her computer. The machine Barry was laying on came to life once again and he passed under it while Tina watched his vitals pop up on her computer screen. She watched them slowing to normal, then slowing even more until they cam to a halt.

Tears stung at her eyes and she ran to his side, pulling a defibrillator cart with her. She tried again and again to bring him back, but he lay still and breathless on the table.

Or you'll hang with the great Scarecrow.