This are my own charactors that will be on the upcoming chapters.

Name: Danial "Danni"Montenegro

Age: 18 (physically)

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black with redish-gold streaks mid-shoulder length

Eyes: Brown

Hight: 5ft 6in.

Description: The oldest of the family and only girl.Hispanic look.Temper when push to far.Curse when angered or impatient. A fury opponent when provoked. Protective but not to much of her family. Loves to read books. Can seem uncaring but isn't. Sarcastic and times.

Powers and abilities: Expert with a sword or gun. freeze objects, telekinesis and Astral projection. Self healing and orbing.

Name: Lucifer Montenegro

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hair color: Sholder length black.

Eyes: Black

Hight: 6ft 2in

Description: The middle of the family and firt male born.Brown-light skin and well muscled body. Calm and collect. Can make his sister laught at any thing. Hates to fill weak.

Wishes to become more good with his use of powers.

enemies. Sarcastic at times

Powers and abilities: Orbing and being able to orb iteams. Blessed with the ability to copy any power for a short period of time whenever and where every he sees the power ( cannot copy powers of the family).Expert on Martial arts

Name: Miguel Montenegro

Age: 15


Hair Color: Black with redish strick on the front tips short hair length


Hight: 5ft 9in.

Description: The youngest of the family and second male of the family. Brownish skin and slind body. Fun and child-like. Loves to play games,impatient sometimes. Gets in trouble for playing pranks on people. Still in training with his powers can mess up alot.

Powers and Abilities: Orbing, make force fields, and levitation. Expart matial arts. (untapped potential).

Parents died at the hands of the Ancients when Danni was twelve. She will protect her family and anyone the Ancients have an eye of intrest in. So no one will lose a life at the mercy their mercy.

The Ancients are a group of magical beings that will stop at nothing to protect the greater good event the cost of the life of an innocent child.