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The car speed through the thick forest making the trees were only big blurs of green. The tires screeched as they made a u-turn. In the distance the white roof of a big house came to view. Within second they came to a sudden halt. "Lythian. What are we doing here?" Lucifer asked getting out of the car.

"We have to get it ready."

"Have things gotten that bad?" Miguel asked walking up to the stone steps.

The house seemed to have been abandoned for years. The three witches know the many live and deaths that the house had been witness to throughout the years. More wars than one could bear. "There is not way things could have gotten this bad." Lucifer said standing beside Miguel.

"Believe me they have." and I think they will get a lot worse.

"But... this is her House." Miguel stated looking at the front exterior of the house.

"I know." was all Lythian said as he made his way to the front door.


Jacob heard shots all around him. His eyes were shut tightly and his body shook with fear. "Don't be afraid. Just hold on." a gentle voice said as warm arms encircled him.

'Mom?' Jacob's voice was small.

"I'm sorry." The warmth started to leave him.

'Don't leave please don't leave.' everything started to turn cold.


'I don't want to be alone. Don't leave.'


Streams of black mist came out of nowhere coil around his arms, legs, and body. The grip only tightens as he fought to free himself from its grasp. "JACOB! Jacob, snap out of it! It's me, Edward!"

It took some time for Edward's worried face to come into view as Jacob awoke from the nightmare. Taking a couple minutes to get back to reality Jacob falls back onto the bed he had been placed in. Meanwhile Edward took the cloth from the nightstand and began to wipe the sweat from Jacob's forehead and neck. The silence was broken with the ring of Edward's cell phone caller ID showed Alice "What is it Alice?"

"Edward! I just had a vision of Emmett fighting with some guy in a cave. We think it might be the guy Lythian saw at the hospital."

"Where are you?" right than Lucifer and Miguel orbed in immediately going to Jacob's side.

"We're heading there right know."

"Alright, I'll inform Lucifer."

Lucifer and Miguel were looking over Jacob making sure he was fine. "That was Alice says she saw Emmett fighting a guy in a cave. She thinks he might be the guy you saw at the hospital." Edward informed them as they finished looking over Jacob.

"We know Miguel had the same vision. Lythian is looking at it right now. Jacob what happened we heard you scream."

"You did?" Jacob as of yet didn't know of the bond the three created over the night.

"Yeah, Lythian told us that we created the Sibling Bond last night. So when there is something wrong we'll know. That's how Danial keeps an eye over us." Lucifer explained. "So what happened did you hear a scream like we did?"

Jacob looked at Lucifer in shock, "How did you know that?"

"What scream?" Edward demanded.

Lucifer didn't answer as a frown appeared on his face. He heads out the room making as little noise as possible. For a few seconds everything is quiet until. "SHIT!" CRASH!!

"Lucifer." Miguel calls out.

Within seconds Lucifer appears at the doorway. "Get them out of here and hurry back!" he commands.

The next thing the two vampires and Jacob know Miguel orbed them in front of Edward's house. "God." Jacob clinches his stomach.

"Jacob!" Edward quickly took a hold of him.

"I'm alright just a little nauseous."

"Edward, get him inside." Esme ordered.


It didn't take long to find the cave where Emmett was; Miguel had been very detail about the location. Lythian's arrival gave Ramon a chance to escape, but not before Lythian was able to get a look at him. With a snap of his fingers Ramon summoned, "Creepers." Lythian angrily whispered.

"How the fuck do you kill these things!" Emmett yelled fist colliding with a black beast turning it to dust. In seconds it revived.

Standing back to back both were surrounded by the beasts. "Shadow Creepers can only be killed with magic. Weapons and fists wouldn't do a thing."

"When you say magic you mean..."

"Harnessed power in an object."

"What about the Athem?" Emmett said thinking about the enchanted knife.

"Won't work the Athem is blessed with blood not magic." Lythian dusts a creeper

"What's the difference? Both are magical, right?" Emmett asks grabbing a creeper by its skeleton neck sending it flying to the far side of the cave.

"Yeah, but the blood is magic and power are special abilities."

They separated as Creepers launched at them. Making their way in Alice, Jasper and Rosalie launched to the sides as a Shadow Creeper was coming its way to them. "You three get over here!" Lythian demanded.

The three rushed to the other side of the cave. "What the hell are those things?" demanded Rosalie.

"Oh my god is that Danial?" Alice's question brought everyone's attention to the encased Danial.

"Keep focused these things won't die unless we get some harnessed power."

Harness power? Looking at the crystal Emmett remembered the sensation that had spread throughout his whole body. Powerful. Invincible. Compact. In half a second Emmett is in front of the crystal placing hands on it, but nothing happened. The growl of a creeper went unheard as Emmett tries to get the power they need. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Lythian yelled as he dusted the creeper by throwing it against a far wall.

"I have an idea just keep me cover."

With no other idea in mind Lythian stood his ground keeping the approaching creepers far form Emmett. All right Emmett you can do this. Focus. Focus. Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. Turning to the others Emmett could see that Lythian was having trouble with three creepers. On the other side of the cave at least four creepers had encircled Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie. Come on. Come on. Give me the damn power. The sensation started to tingle his marble skin hands started to glow. Emmett took no notice his attention was focus on everyone else. Before long the rush of power running through his body took over. One hard punch to a creeper and it blow to ashes in giant flames. "Emmett you're releasing too much at a time! Calm down and take control of it with your strength! Just focus!" Lythian shouted.

All creepers stopped and turned to Emmett as the fire died around the Creeper he blew up. Eyes closed calming his head Emmett could sense the rush dying, but he could still feel the power coursing through him. Eyes open and locked with the approaching Creepers. It didn't take long for all seven creepers to be killed. As the last one dies Emmett can feel the power leave him. Everyone is quiet just to make sure it's only them in the cave. Jasper heads towards the crystal encased Danial. Jasper touches the crystal. "It feels alive"

"It is."

All heads turn to the top of the cave where Ramon hangs upside down.


The day is nice going to a friend's house to play. Little Jacob jumps out the car running to the huge, in his eyes, house. A girl and boy run up to him the three fall down to the ground laughing happy to see each other. "Jacob you here! Me and Lucifer has to show you something."

As they make their way to the back of the house a woman stops you can't see her face some how it doesn't register in your mind so you forget it.

The image changes to a scared Jacob, Lucifer, and Miguel being lead into the forest by Danial. "Come on guys! Hurry!"

"Danni what's going on?" a terrified Jacob asks.

"I don't know but mom said to take you all to the safe place inside the forest she showed us. Now come on we have to hurry the bad man will come looking for us."

"Bad man?" Miguel question.

Again the image changes Jacob and a little Lucifer are in the bushes hiding looking at the house that is spitting out ball of fire and lightens. Billy is thrown out of a window, acob runs to his father scare to death and wanting to go home. His is scooped up by a black figure then everything goes dark.

Jacob awoke gasping for air to fill his lungs. Cold arms wrapped around him cooling his hot, sweaty body "Its okay it was only a nightmare." Edward's velvet voiced whispered.

Edward felt Jacob clinch on to his shirt with shaking fists. What is happening to you? What was that just now? It didn't take long for Jacob to fell back asleep still holding on to Edward's shirt. For a while Edward sit beside him watching his chest rise and fall with each breath he takes. It isn't for another hour that Edward leaves the room to look for Lucifer and Miguel, but not before asking Esme to watch over Jacob in his absent.


Everyone was on high alert as Ramon landed between them and Danial. "How the hell are you here? You can't be here."

"Hhmm. You shouldn't be so shock, Lythian. Everyone knew this day would come."

With the Cullen's here Lythian had to be careful with every word he said. "Why did you take Danial?" He questioned.

"She doesn't know does she?"

Lythian should have known Ramon would know about the baby Danial carried inside her. If he can escape from Danial's punishment then him knowing should not be a surprise. "No. She doesn't. That right now isn't the issue why is Danial here?"

"For her own good. With the way she was going she could have kill…"

"Killed who." Alice said. Something was going on that was obvious they did want her and the rest to know.

"Later." Lythian whispered. "What do you know about the Ancient's plan?"

Ramon got a deep breath and a distances look over came his face. He seemed to be remembering something. "Some but not all." He looked up at them

With nothing more said Lythian headed out of the cave. "Where are you going?" Alice shouted going after him.

"Lythian. Lythian! Lythain, where are you going he knows something about those bastards that want to take Jacob's baby?" Alice shouted.

"We'll talk about this when we get to the house."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Rosalie exclaimed. "We final have a chance at some real answers and you want to leave."

"Don't you think Edward and Jacob should be here?" he responded looking back at her.


Edward's silver Volvo, Alice's Porsche, and Lythian's silver Lamborghini arrive at the Montenegro manor together. One look at Edward's face and Lythain could see that he wanted answers and was going to get them one way of another. "Lythian!"

"Where are Lucifer and Miguel?" Lythian asked completely ignoring Edward as he sensed something was wrong. He could feel it in the air.

As if one cue an explosion is heard from inside the house. Smoke fills the house making it difficult for Lythian to see "Lucifer! Miguel!" Lythian cried coming into the smoke filled house.

"We're okay!" Lucifer announced getting up, with the help of Emmett, from the blown up staircase. A small trail of blood on the side of his face was the only main serious wound on him.

"Uh, speak for yourself. Think I pulled something." Miguel appearing in the doorway with Jasper helping him walk to the living room.

"What was it?" Lythian asked examining them both once they were sited down.


"Do you guys think you might need to go to the hospital?"


"We're good."

Edward could wait any more and finally asked, "We need to talk. "

"I don't think this is the time--"

"No. Now." Edward demanded interrupting Lythian. "I need to know what happened in Jacob's childhood that he doesn't know and can't remember." a determined Edward asked

That question strucked something inside Lythian that it made the atmosphere in the room drop. It wasn't until Lucifer's question that made the turning point from bad to worse. "What are you talking about?"

"For that past two hours Jacob has been resurfacing memories from his childhood. The last one was of all of you minus Lythian getting away from some danger. Last thing before the memories stopped was he blacking out. Now I want to know what happen and I want the truth."

The two young witches only stared with blank and confuse faces at Edward. "You two have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"

"None what so ever." replied Miguel.

Before Lucifer had a chance to question the situation further Lythian interrupted, "Okay this is what we're going to do. Lucifer, Miguel, you two find out the reason behind the attack. Edward, you and me will find what's wrong with Jacob."

"What are we suppose to do in the mean time?" asked Alice.

"You four need to start learning more about the magical world. Lucifer will get you started." Lythian nodded to Lucifer who started to lead them all to the attic. "Lucifer. Listen." He advised.

Lythian and Edward headed out the door. Once outside, "You know something don't you?" Edward question.

"Get in." Lythian avoided the question for a moment.

They didn't talk until they were in the main road going 80 to almost 100 miles per hour. One thing was for sure they weren't going to see Jacob. "Mad?" Lythian asked.

"Hhm, mad? Mad doesn't come close to it. Pissed off is more like it." His hands tighten in to fists.

"Edward…(Sighs)...There are somethings that you have to be careful when asking." they turn on a dirt road "There is a reason why this is happening, but understand that this doesn't just involve Jacob. Lucifer and Miguel are also involved in this.

"What happen to them that day?"

"You are going to wait for the one that can answer you that."

It only stress Edward even more to hear that. "Will this get any worse?"

"To be honest with you Edward, yes." the car came to a sudden stop in the middle of a clearing.


Back at the house, while Miguel was educating the Cullen children about magic Lucifer was looking more into the fight with the warlock. Lets see here. Malaccans a clan of warlocks who serve as spies for the demon with the highest bounty to offer. They stock their target to learning their weaknesses and their fighting skills. They're only ability is changing into anything. These warlocks can be killed with a strong potion mixed with their blood or a strong spell. We didn't kill it! Rushing out of the room Lucifer headed down stairs. What doesn't belong here? He didn't have to look as he was thrown across the hall crashing into a table. "Lucifer!"

"Agarra la navaja! (1)" Lucifer demanded.

"Look out!"

With the speed of a vampire Alice was able to get Lucifer out of the way before an arrow made contact with Lucifer's chest. Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were keeping the warlock busy. "What is that?"

"The same warlock we thought we kill. We need his blood it's the only way to kill it. Miguel!!"

"Got it. What now?"

"Emmett. Get me a sample. Miguel get the remaining potions from the kitchen."

In the matter of a minuet the warlock was impel with the knife making black blood spilled out. Thrown the knife back Lucifer and Miguel dropped the blood into the potion. With a warring for the others to back away the potions were thrown and another big explosion erupted inside the house this time bigger and louder. In the last seconds on his existents the warlock yelled, "El sera de El !"

"Everyone alright." Lucifer called out.


"How the hell was he still alive?" Miguel asked

"The potion needed his blood to fully kill him. Other wise he would regenerate back to life." Lythain answered breathless.

"He said something before exploding. What was it?" Alice asked having heard the warlock.

"He will be his." Lythian translated.

Through the door a worried Carlisle comes in, "What happened here?" he asked seeing almost all of the furniture destroyed and all of the smoke.

"Nothing just fighting the bad guys." Emmett answered


With the reassurance that they were all fine Carlisle To check in on Esme and Jacob. Carlisle still had no idea on how he was going to tell Esme that the child Danial carried was his. If I tell her the news would be too much for her to handle. She has always wanted to bear me a child. What will her reaction be? The steering wheels crack in warning of the pressure he was putting on in. Lythian's words came back to him. "The child she carries wont ruined your marriage Danial wouldn't allow it." Those words could mean anything. Torn between his marriage and being a father to his child was putting a lot of stress and worry on Carlisle. I'll hold on to the news until Danial is found. Just thinking of that set another worried in him. I shouldn't worry Danail is fine.


"Where am I?" There was nothing around Jacob but fog.

Not a living thing except him could be seen. Yet this place seem familiar to him it must have been familiar to him because he walk until coming he stood on top of a small hill with no view to look at but a sky that had a full moon and stars. 'What is this place?' Looking at the sky 'This place is strange but its peaceful.' The worried of his child's life was gone. He encircled his stomach feeling the well hard rounded bump in it. "Don't turn around." someone whispered in his ear

It froze him in place but he felt no fear. "What am I doing here?" he asked feeling someone sitting behind him

"Resting." the voice of a man answered.

"But I don't feel tire."

"Yeah you do. You just don't know it."

"Okay." They sat in silence for a few minutes until Jacob asked, "What happen to me?"

"I'm not sure if I'm the one to tell you that." 'But then again it was partly my fault.'

"I have a right to know."


"What the hell is this?" demanded Edward as his eyes landed on the crystallize Danial.

"Ramon." Nothing "Ramon!" again nothing. "Ramon show yourself your son of a bitch! I don't have the patients for this shit!" Lythian shouted looking around the cave for any signed of Ramon.

In a swirl of wind Ramon appeared. Unlike before he had a sense of dominance, confidence, and danger around him. It was as if he was a different person. Ramon raises an eyebrow at the sight of Edward. "This is Edward." Lythian said presenting Edward to Ramon.

"Ah, you are the father of the child."

"How-" shocked Edward turned to Lythian.

"I don't know but Ramon know what the Ancients are planning."

"Some not all of it."

"Just tell me what you know." demanded Edward.

"Being a vampire doesn't matter in this line of fighting you do know that, right? How do you plan to keep your lover safe when you know nothing of our world? The Montenegro's won't always be there to help you and the lives of the ones you love will depend on you."

"Don't you think I know that!" by now Edward had Ramon by the collar of his shirt. "I may not know much about demons and magic, but when it comes to my family I will fight with everything I have to protect them. Even if it means me dieing. No one and I mean NO ONE is going to take my chance at a family of my own. Now tell me what you know. What are those bastards planning?" Edward didn't want to admit Ramon was right but he was desperate for some answers. Even though there had been minimum danger in the last two months each attack had been a reminder of the danger Jacob and the baby ran. With ever world Ramon had said only fueled his anger at just how useless he might be.

"Edward enough." Lythian separated the two away from each other.

Lythian looked upon Edwards face and saw the doubt in his eye. "Look at me you are more then capable of keeping Jacob safe. Don't ever doubt yourself because that's when you are going to loose the fight. Jacob needs you to be there for him. You know how all this has gottem him. He is only sixteen and terrify of what can happen to you and the baby. His brothers nor Danial are the one's he depends on and you know I'm right."

"Edward." Ramon called. "I once lost everything that ever meant anything to me. I like you was once a father but fate was cruel to me and took my sons and wife from me. No matter how much power or how invincible you are may be its the decision and actions you take that are going to keep the one's you love safe. Power and magic are only there to back them up, so be careful on the decisions you make." Edward only nods to him in understanding. "I don't know much, but maybe what I tell you may give you some answers to the questions you may have."

"We'll take anything you have."

"On the day the Ancients escape there was someone waiting for them where the Great Battle took place. They say it was The Seer. The Seer warned the Ancient of the birth of a child that could, when grown up, be strong enough to kill them. The child would be born with the blood of a werewolf and vampire and magic of a witch. They had planned to stop the child's birth but when they learned it was Danail's magic they instead plan to use the magic it would receive to escape the prison they were put in."

"This all doesn't make any sense a year ago a band of demons under the orders of the Ancients were told to get the Book of Witches from the previous owner, Lorenzo, Danial's grandfather. But two months ago Danial learned that the Ancients had been free for only two months. The timing and placing doesn't add up which is what had her so confused."

"No the timing was right it's the placing where everyone was that has got everyone confused."

"I'm not follwing explain." Edward said trying to understand them.

"Yeah, Ramon explain." The three men turned to the direction of the voice to find Lucifer with everyone, with the exception of Esme and Carlisle, behind them. "I don't care how you're here just explain all this."

"Very well. In Mexico on the small town of Laguna Del Mante (2) Danial, then Lilia, dies defeating a darkness that turns everyone it comes contact with evil, no way to reveres its effects. In the deep forests of La Push and Forks Danial, then Darla dies defeating the Ancients, which is when the Seer tells them about the visions. In the Montenegro household eight years old Danial unleashed her power, which gives her memories of her privies lives back. All these events happen on the same day but in three different places."

"But how is that even possible?" Alice asks. "How can Danial be in three different places at the same time, yet three different people? Its...its..."

"Impossible?" Ramon offers the word. Alice nods in agreement.

"I thought this was the first time the Ancients had gotten out in the last 400 years." Rosalie added.

"It was in Fork that the Ancients had first escape. These events happened on the same day after time rewind itself. Lila dies time rewinds itself and she is reborn as Darla. Darla dies and time rewinds agian and she is reborn as Danial. On the second time something different happens that won't allow a third rewind of time."

"How does this all tie in with Jacob?"


"Well you see when Darla defeated the Ancients for the truly first time she opened a portal that separated her soul and her body. Not only that but five Ancients were also toss in the portal. This was what happens that prevented a third rewind of time. You see when Darla was reborn as Danial she didn't have a soul to keep her alive."

"What kept her alive if she didn't have a soul?"

"I'm getting to that." the man chuckles "The power got it name from creating a living person with hollow life. The emotions Danial expressed where well faked making her seem alive. Once the same day when all these events happen came the world that Danial's soul was collided with this world. An evil came into this world and the body that housed Danail's soul died. You see the body was my sister's and I was the one that had to put the soul in Danial's body. There was this big battle and your father and you were caught in the middle of it. Your father was injured very badly, but you were the worse. You were on the brink of death and little Danial terrified did the only thing an eight year old did."

"What did she do?"

"She shouted for everything to stop. With that one shout this light shot to the sky making the two worlds separate from each other. And in order for Danial to...bring you back from death she gave you some of her blood."

Jacob's hand immediately shot to his stomach. "Don't worry the child you carry is 100 percent yours and Edward's." The man assured Jacob. "Danial's power provided a life scours that doesn't mean it insured the baby's survival. You can also say that you're a Montenegro by blood too."

"I was dead?"

"Yes, but not for long. The bond you and your brothers created had an effect to your memories on what happen that day, which had been blocked. Now the two months that the Ancients got out was of their own doing. How I don't know."


"How is it that the Ancient where about to make that opening?" Lythian wondered.

"It seems that when the they were first free they had organized a group of followers, who had orders to complete certain tasks. In the Book of Witch--"

"Oh, of course. The spell to release some of the Hollow that had been buried in the sacred grounds of Nile." Lucifer finished.

"Right. S-- "

"When was the order given?" Edward asked.

"In the week before the battle between the Ancients and Darla. In that week everything was planned for when the Ancients were release again." Edward only nods. "Now in this time when the Ancients got out the Seer had been vanquish by Danial when Lorenzo died. The plans were changed since some of the Ancients had been transported to another world." Ramon.

"I think I can guess what happen next." Alice said.

"What do you think happen?" Ramon challenge.

"Well, with half the Ancients gone and the Seer dead the Ancient had to turn to the only other source of information and that would be the Volturi." Alice told her theory.

"Impressive. They gathered all they needed everything about you and your family."


"Now this is were it all comes down to you. Your baby is the key that will free them and keep them free. Your child will be use as a host for the Hollow they want to unearth for Nile."

Jacob tighten his hold on his stomach. Tears were on the brink of falling down. He didn't what this to happen. He wasn't strong to go through all this. "It just a baby. A harmless life."

"They don't see it that way."


Edward realy wanted to murder the Ancients with his bare hands. It took much self control to keep his anger under control. Not even Jasper's power could calm him down. It didn't help with what Ramon revealed nexted. "One of the Ancients has taking a liking to Jacob." Murder could be smelled all ever the cave. "He wants Jacob to be his after the birth of the child. He has one seperate group to keep watch on Jacob until the day of his freedom comes. He is like Jacob I'm not sure how though. He takes his attraching of Jacob as a signed that Jacob is his mate. That is all I know. There may be more I don't know." Edward was going by the end of the sentence.

"How is it you come to know all this?" Lucifer question.

"Working under cover as a follower."

Lythan looked at his cousins. Lucifer glared at him as if saying 'Don't even think about it.' Both turned to Miguel waiting for him to choose a side. "We need the help Lucifer. W--" Miguel tried to say something else but Lucifer just orbed out.


"Don't think you're accepted. You are still a sorry excuse for existents. Oh, and no matter that it was impossible she could have found a way." Miguel started out the cave instead of orbing.


Jacob's eyes open to a barely visible room since there was a crescent moon tonight, which led little light to enter the room. "Hey." Edward said caressing his head. "You had me worry."

Jacob just gives a smile at Edwards's protectiveness. Getting but with Edward's help Jacob sits in the bed looking out the window into the forest. "Jacob what's wrong." Edward asked as tears began to fall down Jacob's face.

Jacob didn't answer as the tears silently fall down. This was the first time Edward had seen Jacob cry. "Its alright love. I know, I know everything." Jacob cried into Edwards shirt.

After a while the tears ceased. The two lovers didn't know what to do. There was so much that had to be learn, and to deal with it almost became unbareble. "I'm scare." came the soft whispered that was Jacob's tired voice.

"I know, I am too. I promise that no one is going to hurt you." there was doubt in Jacob's eyes and mind. "Don't think like that. I will do whatever it take to keep you safe. Your are my life and I love you with all my being. We will get through this becuse you have me and everyone else here with you."

"I love you."

"And I love you."

That night the two families worked out how things were going to run until the returned of Danial, who at this point was the only one that could find a weak piont on the Ancients. After much talk Danial was brought into the Montenegro mantor and into her room where it crystalized protecting her. The birth right cerimony was decided to be postponed until Danial awoken sinse she was the head of the family.

In the peirod of about three week thing were changing and fast. Jacob had some what become the one to call most of the shots in the household. He became aware of how much work it took to take care of a family. It was tiring yet he could see how this was going to help him with the baby. Edward couldn't be more proud of him and see just how much Jacob had grown. Yet ther were times at night, the silence in the house made him think of what Jacob was going through. Over a period of three months he had been force to grow and mature. He knew it wasn't fair and it ate at him everytime Jacob awoke at night when having truoble sleeping. "You okay?" Jacob's vocie brought Edward back to reality. "What's wrong?"

"What made you think something was wrong?" Edward asked

"You aren't in bed with me, and you have that look you get when you are in deep thought. That usually a bad sign." Edward chuckle at Jacob's answered. He knew it was true.

Sighing Edward got up heading for the bed Jacob was lying in. "I'm just thinking about the last few weeks." this made Jacob raise an eyebrow. "It's just seeing you muture and take charge when things go wrong just makes me think that it's not fair for you. Your sixteen. You should be doing...I don't know. I'm sorry." Edward hanged his head down.

"Don't you want the baby?"

"What? No, that's not what I meant. Of course I do. You two are my world I...just worried about you." Edward brought Jacob to his best holding him tight, protedting him from anything that could ever couse him any harm.

"I know you do and...I get angry sometimes too, but even if there are people after our child and even if this is not how I imagin things would be like I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

"You are amazing you know that." They both gave a small laugh.

"Come on, unlike you I have to get sleep remember we are going with Lucifer to the dark realm."

Edward frowned he didn't like the idea of Jacob going into a the realm with him, his family, Lucifer, Miguel and Lythian. He had nearly lost it when Lucifer told him without discussing it with him first. "Hey. It'll be okay. Lucifer said that it wasn't anything major just a look at the sacred grounds of the place."

Still Edward didn't like it. "Demons could attack--"

"I know, but we won't always have my brothers with us. We need to learn to defend ourselves from anything. Not just now but when the baby is born and the Ancients aren't a problem anymore."

"Just stay be me okay." Jacob rolled his eyes. "Okay." strained Edward.

"I will I promise." Jacob sealed it with a kiss.


(1) Get the knife!
(2) He will be his!


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