Miranda, Mick and Josef crept along the outside of Alec's home. Mick led, closely followed by Miranda, who was followed reluctantly by a very pissed looking Josef. "If he fillets you, I hope I live long enough to laugh" Josef whispered in Miranda's ear. She brought her elbow back into his chest. He would have cried out had he not been a very proud vampire. Miranda sent a cocky look over her shoulder. "I hope you didn't really want this vampire" Josef whispered to Mick, "Cause, I'm going to kill her"

"Shut up, both of you" Mick muttered, picking the lock. "You two can work this out later." He popped the door and let the in past him. He shut the door behind him and they all sniffed the air.

"Vampire upstairs" Mick whispered.

"Aubrey's with him" Josef whispered back, "Assuming she is the only human here"

Mick crept upstairs with the other two on his heels. They came to opening into what looked like a living room. They stopped as they heard voices.

"What are you whimpering about now" a cold male voice said. It was Alec.

"You plan on murdering my sister after your through with me, aren't you" a female voice snapped. It was Aubrey.

"Yes," Alec sighed. "But I won't make it as painful as I planned. Mick seems to have stolen her away from Josef. Pity…I would have had fun ripping her limb from limb and delivering them to his door one by one." A pause. "Perhaps, I still will. Perhaps it make my brother happy to see her suffer." He chuckled.

"You're sick" Movement was heard and then a thud. Mick inched closer and saw Alec had Aubrey pinned to the wall by her throat.

"Be careful what you say, my dear" Alec warned. "Because I don't need you much longer." Suddenly, Alec turned and smiled. "Do join us, Mick…Miranda…Josef?" His grin grew. "I wouldn't have guessed you would have come."

The three vampires slowly came up the stairs. Josef covered his fear well. Alec tossed Aubrey to the ground. Miranda launched towards him, but Mick and Josef caught her. "Is this really the trade? Are you finally going to turn yourself over to me, Josef?"

Josef sneered. "Not a chance"

Alec frowned. "Pity" He pulled Aubrey up and held her head, as though he would snap it.

Miranda tugged against the others. "NO!" Alec looked at her, a light smile lit up his face.

"You don't want the girl dead?" Miranda shook her head, tears falling. Alec looked at Aubrey who was also crying tears. He threw her as hard as he could at Miranda, who caught her and slammed backwards into the wall behind her. Mick knelt beside them both. Miranda hugged the now unconscious Aubrey. Mick, glared at Alec, and rejoined Josef. "Are you really prepared to fight me?"

"If I have to" Josef and Mick said together.

Alec smiled. "Then let's" All three jumped at once. Mick went flying landing on his back, feet from where Josef and Alec were hissing and spitting at each other. Mick rejoined the spat. The three attacked and exchanged blows. Miranda sat her sister against the wall and broke a chair leg and jumped at Alec from behind. He sent her slamming into the wall. He hissed, "Don't mess with me vampiress" Miranda growled, scratching at him. Mick and Josef pulled him away from her and in the struggle Miranda drove her stake into Alec's heart. He tensed. The three other vampires were breathing heavily, as they bleed from many cuts, though all were already beginning to heal.

Josef pulled at short sword from his jacket. He offered it to Mick. "Want the honors?"

"He's your brother" Mick muttered, pulling Miranda to him. "You carve him up." Josef pulled the sword back and with one blow took Alec's head clean off. Miranda nearly laughed. "And you said you weren't a warrior." Josef smiled, wiping blood from his face. Miranda pulled out a lighter and tossed it at the curtains, which went up in flames. Josef, being closest, scooped up Aubrey and the four of them escaped.

As they watched the flames consume the house, Aubrey woke in Josef's arms. She looked around and muttered, "That's why vampires shouldn't smoke" Miranda laughed and hugged her tightly. Mick smiled, but Josef didn't look quite as amused.

"So I helped, will you leave me alone now?" Josef asked, setting Aubrey on her feet.

"You're the one who wanted me to call you if I needed help" Miranda said, turning to him.

"As did Mick" Josef said, "And you never called him."

"Well, you won't have to worry about that anymore" Mick said, wrapping an arm around Miranda's waist. "Now will you?"

Aubrey smiled at her sister with a knowing smile. Miranda grabbed her and messed with her hair. "You are so not allowed to look at me like that. You have horrible taste in men." Aubrey pulled away and fell into Josef, who caught her. She smiled, shyly at him. "See what I mean?" Aubrey glared at her sister. "Oh yes, you are so deadly…let's go home"


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