Author's Note: Ok, so I totally watched "Now You See It…" on the Disney Channel a few days ago and was totally disappointed with the ending. C'mon people, tell me you saw the hinted Alyson/Danny too! I'm gonna just reassure myself that they couldn't have an romantic shipping since Johnny was 24-ish and Aly was only 16 at the time. And if that wasn't the reason, then the writers just suck. Alyson/Danny is ssooo cute!

Anyways, I'm ranting. I'm just writing this because I wanted to make an Alyson/Danny fic. That's pretty much it. So this will be a … pretty much a narration of the movie, with an Alyson/Danny ship.

Now, to the story!

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Alyson woke up that morning, in a good mood. A great mood even. Her dream of being a producer was one step closer. She was hired to be a segment producer for a new reality TV show, Best Kid Magician.

She loved magic. Though she didn't believe in it, Alyson loved it. It was more of the figuring out of the tricks that she loved best. Not to toot her own horn, but Alyson liked to think of herself as a Master Puzzle Solver. Math and science were two of her favorite classes- some people thought that they were hard, but the questions in those classes all had answers. And how to get those answers was what Alyson knew best. Unfortunately, her smarts and readiness to answer questions was what set her apart from her peers.

Not that Alyson didn't try to fit in…more like she just wasn't good at it. She pretended to be into lip gloss, high fashion, all that jazz, but she just couldn't keep up the character that long. Alyson wanted to be a producer, not an actor. That's what Alyson told herself when she was ostracized. Not that it helped much.

Stepping out of the shower and onto her pink fuzzy bath rug, Alyson put a glob of toothpaste on her toothbrush and started brushing. Up down. Left right. She spat into the sink and started on her blonde hair. Torn between straightening it or letting it naturally curl, the time made the decision for her.

"Oh crap," she muttered. "I only have half an hour before I start walking. And what should I wear?"

Alyson was very much a perfectionist. Though she picked out an outfit the night before, when she tried it on, it didn't make her appear "producer-ish." Rummaging through her closet, Alyson finally decided on a pair of kakis and navy blue tank top layered under a teal sweater. Adding funky (funky good) accessories was next as a blue flower was pinned to her sweater. Bangles were forced past her hand and onto her wrist and a watch was strapped to her other wrist. After carefully applying her mascara and eye liner, swiping lip gloss on her lips, and giving an approving nod to her reflection in her mirror, Alyson was off to the studio to get her assignment.


"Everybody take a seat please!" announced Mrs. McAlister. She was the head producer of the television show, and Alyson's boss.

Alyson made sure to pick a seat in the front row, where she could be seen. Eagerly, Alyson beamed at Mrs. McAlister, with a notebook on her lap, pen ready to take notes.

"This is the first show in television history made completely by kid producers," continued Mrs. McAlister. "And I'm sad to say that not all of you will remain with us. Only the kids that will discover the three top magicians will stay with us through the grand finale. Think you are all up for it?"

Shooting out of her seat, Alyson spoke up, "Oh, definitely!"

"Good," said Mrs. McAlister, giving Alyson an awkward smile.

Glancing around the room, Alyson realized that it was a rhetorical question. She didn't mean to draw attention to herself, well, ok, she did, but only because she wanted to impress the higher ups, not because she knew that she would be the only one standing. Giggles were heard from around the room and Alyson felt stupid. Smiling dumbly, Alyson sat back down. "Way to start, Al," she scolded herself.

"Thank you," chuckled Mrs. McAlister, obviously thinking that Alyson's action was a bit…over zealous.

Looking over her shoulder, Alyson saw a cute boy behind her, smirking. She felt red. This was school all over again for her. Not even an hour in, and she was an outcast. Now who said summer was a break from school?

"Ok, before we proceed, what is the single most important rule in making television?" asked Mrs. McAlister.

Alyson knew this was not a rhetorical question. She also knew the answer. Her hand shot up. "Oh!"

That jerk that she thought was cute was apparently a smart ass too. "Make sure they spell your name right in the credits."

Slightly peeved that he didn't raise his hand, Alyson was even more annoyed that Mrs. McAlister laughed at his joke. "That's true," she smiled. Pointing to Alyson, she asked, "Yes, and you are?"

Alyson beamed. "Alyson Miller. I think the most important rule of good television is to always keep your camera rolling. "

"Excellent. I couldn't have said it better," praised Mrs. McAlister.

"Actually, you did," admitted Alyson. "I remembered it from a quote you gave in an interview with TV Weekly. October of 2002."

"Wah, well, I'm glad at least one of you came here prepared," replied a somewhat shocked Mrs. McAlister. Alyson smile proudly. "Now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to someone I'm sure you are all familiar with, he is both a world renown magician and the host of our new show, please welcome, the amazing Mr. Max."

Alyson clapped politely as Max came on stage. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. 100 of teen magicians between the ages of 10-16 became eligible for the show by figuring out the hidden message in this poster. It appeared on billboards, magazines, in newspaper and on the internet. Hidden somewhere on this ad is a secret message. Just out of curiosity, did any of you happen to find it?"

Max was referring to a large poster behind him. It showed a magician in a top hat and suit pulling out a white rabbit from another hat. Cards were being pulled out of the hat as well with the words, "Search of the World's Greatest Kid Magician" scrolled on top. In the far upper right corner, a statue with a spider web in the background was holding a book. If you didn't look closely, it could have been overlooked.

Again, Alyson's hand shot up. "Big surprise," muttered the guy behind her, causing the room to snicker.

Choosing to ignore him, Alyson strolled up boldly on stage when she was called on. "Well, as we all know," Alyson started. "Magicians' secret to any good trick is misdirection. That means they want you to focus on something over here," she gestured to her left, "when they are doing some hocus pocus over there," she gestured to her right. "So, most people thought the message would be found in the magician and his trick because that's what first draws your eye, but truth is, it's the background things you need to focus on.

"The spider web in the background made me think that it would have to be found on a website. Looking closer, I noticed the statue holding the book, 'A Farewell to Arms.' Then BAM! It hit me!" Alyson clapped her hands for emphases. "Everyone knows that the Venus de Milo is a statue with no arms. And that made me think of the famous magician of the Magic Mansion. A magician named Antonio de Milo. I mean, how obvious could it be?" Throwing her hands up in the air, Alyson concluded, "I went online, typed in 'deMilo. net'and got linked directly to the entry form! Simple, right?"

Eye rolls around the room, giggles from the girls and a "Sure" from the jerk behind her made Alyson's smile falter. There she was, being a know it all again.

"Thank you Alyson," said Max, handing her a flower out of mid air. Accepting gratefully, Alyson thanked him and made her way back to her seat, aware that all eyes were on her.

She knew that she wasn't the best at making friends. Coming off as a know it all was not what she tried to do, it just…happened. It wasn't her fault that everyone had questions and she just happened to have the answers. Alyson wished that she had a kid her age that she could relate to. Hell, just anyone to relate to would have been nice. But Alyson was a tough girl, she knew that she could manage by herself. And so she did.


The next day passed as a blur. She briefly remembered being introduced to her kid camera man, Cedric, and her adult mentor, Paul. And that jerk that she happened to sit in front of was named Hunter. Thank God he wasn't on her team. Alyson gave a tiny whoop of joy. Noticing that she was still in the studio, she covered up by saying, "I'm just so excited to get started!" Which, in a way, was true. She had no idea what she was in for.

First stop was some ice cream shop to talk to this kid "Blake." More like "fake." After ordering Paul to tie him up tight in a straight jack, clearly attempting to reenact one of Houdini's famous escapes, Alyson had to watch the poor kid attempt to free himself, succeeding in only making him look like a fool and causing Alyson to feel stupid. After managing to get himself stuck in a garbage can, Alyson and her team gave up on Blake and moved on to magician number two.

Magician number two wasn't anyone impressive either. He had a trick with boxes with hidden compartments. Alyson thought that anyone could pull off this trick…and this kid could have too had he not gone and used his dog as his "assistant." Half way through the trick, the dog stuck its head out of the bottom and spoiled the trick. So Alyson's team moved on.

And on. And on. The magicians just kept getting worse. If that was even possible. There was the "is-this-your-card" girl, which Alyson swore she went through the deck twice still not finding her card and so she just made up her card and agreed to which ever one came up next. After that, was the "linking rings" girl. Then the "my-hat-is-magic" guy, who just managed to dump egg on Alyson's head after he forgot the main part of the trick. The rest just blurred together. One disappointment after the other. "Impressively pathetic" is how Alyson would have described them.

Alyson was distraught. Here they were, down to their last contestant. His name was Daniel Sinclair. And he was Alyson's last hope.

They reached the house at about noon. Long car rides did not help the mood of despair for Cedric and Alyson. Dragging themselves out of the car, they were greeted by two very excited parents.

"This is all Danny has been talking about for weeks. Come on in!" invited Mr. Sinclair.

All Alyson could manage was a half hearted, "Sure, awesome, perfect, yeah," and then forced her feet to follow them into the house. In a way, Alyson was glad that this was the last contestant. No more pained auditions to go through, no more being the assistant to a kid that had no clue what he was doing, no more getting hopes up and having them crushed. Then again, that meant no more producing. Her career would be over before it even started. What a depressing thought.

Alyson climbed the stairs to Danny's room. Knocking on his door, she entered and saw a boy blowing up a giant balloon. Tapping him on the shoulder, Alyson managed to get his attention, and caused him to lose the balloon. Bracing herself for the impact of a balloon possibly hitting her, Alyson opened her eyes and grinned sheepishly at the boy in front of her.

He was cute, she could admit that. His hair was brown and cut short, but had the look that he ran his hands through it constantly, like when he was deep in thought. Eyes the color of the ocean met her deep green ones and Alyson felt…something. This guy was something. Danny smiled shyly. "Welcome."

Alyson smiled back, but knew that this was not the time for small talk. He was either a complete waste of time and destroyer of her career, or he was a god send. She had to find out. "So…" she began. "You have any tricks to show us?"

Danny smirked and tugged on his balloon. "Only one way to find out."


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