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Maybe it was the fact that my father was a dumbass, or maybe because my mother had perished, or maybe it was because my father remarried a skanky whore (no she isn't really a whore, but I swear my father only married her cause she's 'good' in bed. I here them all the time. It's so disgusting, they're like animals...sorry you had to hear that). Anyways, the point was, my life sucked. Honestly, things could not have been worse. Actually, I got kicked out of boarding school too. I guess that made it worse.

So, the night I came home from boarding school six months early (much to my stepmother's disgust) and she started bitching at me, I had enough. I took a swing at her face (broke her nose), told her how I really felt about her, packed my stuff and left. It was pretty funny when a week later, a couple of guys showed up at my dad's house and kicked them out since they'd disowned me. The house after all, was something that I had paid for.

I moved to Japan. Yes, it was random...and far away...and they even spoke a different language, but I didn't care. I had friends in Japan. My friends Julian and Kristy lived there after they'd decided to elope together. It seemed to be THE place to be for child escapees.

I stared at the principal of the school. He look to be in his mid-forties, greying brown hair and a face of wrinkles. By the looks of it, he could have once been a very handsome man. He was very carefully scanning my track record. Mind you, I didn't have a very good one. I briefly wondered whether he would admit me. I didn't really want to have to attend the public school, or an all girls school. He frowned at my stack of papers.

"Fifteen schools since you've started elementary school? You're kidding," he said gazing at me in slight astonishment. I knew that I didn't seem like the type to cause trouble. I have quite the innocent face, pale, long blond hair and large blue eyes. It made me laugh when people found out how malicious I could be.

I nodded sheepishly biting my lip. "I'm trying to change," I told him. "Anyways, three of those school were because our family moved."

"But you got kicked out of the other twelve?"

I sighed. "Yeah, but honestly, had I not gotten kicked out, I wouldn't have stayed."

"Oh?" The principal asked curiously. "Feel free to elaborate."

"Okay well, I do remember I got in a fight with some bitch...er girl at one school. Apparently she was saying shit...stuff about me behind my back. I remember at one school, the teacher tried to hit on me and the principal didn't do anything so I spat at him. Most recently, the students and staff had taken to abusing me, so I fought back and got kicked out because they couldn't have me leading a rebel. Then there was the time when..."

"Enough!" He said seriously. I frowned at him. "You have quite the record. You know most schools wouldn't admit you but considering the fact that, getting to know you a little bit better, you're not that bad of a girl...at least, not with bad intentions, I'll let you in. But we'll be watching you very closely, don't make any trouble around here."

I smiled at the principal. "Well, I can't guarantee that, but I'll try my best. As long as the students here don't try and pull some shit, we'll all get along just fine right?"

"Language," he warned, and I smiled politely. "Of course, after all, you are my new principal right?" The principal sighed and waved me out of his office. I got up and left to take a look around.

The school was unlike any other boarding school I've ever been to. It was evident that this school was designed for rich kids. The staircases were carpeted, chandeliers in the hallways, even a clock tower. It was so exquisitely elaborated and completely useless. Of course, school was just a formality, it wasn't like these kids needed to go to school, they all had private tutors anyways.

I found myself walking around outside. It was pleasant, the grass was green, flowers were blooming and the sun make the water in the fountains sparkle. The water looked so cool and refreshing that I found myself longing to take a dip. I stopped myself as I got to the edge of the large fountain. No, I told myself, no causing trouble here. I laughed to myself and took a silent bet of how long that would last. I bet myself two weeks. Not knowing that I would surely lose that bet, I walked out the front gate, intended for cars, and stopped to take a good look at the large academy.

I smiled to myself and quietly said, "Welcome to Ouran, Naomi dear." Before turning down the sidewalk and walking to nowhere.

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