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On my first day back, the highlight of my day, was not seeing the surprise in all of my former classmates' eyes. It was not seeing the same girl I beat the shit out of get pulled away from me by the cops. It wasn't even getting dragged off to the Host Club by a hoard of girls or getting asked out by basically every guy in school, and turning all of them down.

The highlight of my day, was Kaoru Hitachiin. I met him at the Host Club.

"Welcome," I was greeted by six handsome men.

I noticed that Kyouya Ootori still attended this school. He walked up to me and offered his hand.

"Miss Maddison," he offered. I smiled at him.

"So you're still host clubbing?" I asked.

Kyouya nodded. "I am."

"You know," I mentioned thoughtfully. "That's kind of like, whore-ism isn't it?"

Kyouya frowned at me. I shrugged and started towards the door. I heard a quiet chuckling in the background. I turned around and saw one of the twins laughing. I stared at him for a moment, watching as he went from a chuckle to a laughter that was too contagious.

He took a deep breath and wiped his eyes. "That was funny," he wheezed. I chuckled and smiled at him, then left.

As I got out of the girls change room, the sun was already starting to set. The swim team had very graciously taken me in. It was that or they were all just dead scared of me. I had cleaned up the pool deck and as a result was the last one out. If found Kaoru Hitachiin sitting on the ground beside the door of the changeroom. He turned his head up to look at me and I smiled at him as he stood up.

"So do you always just sit outside here?" I asked him as we walked down the hallways together.

He flushed. "Only when I know a cute girl is going to come out."

I laughed. "Pervert."

Kaoru walked me home and as I talked to him, I found that we didn't have much in common, but I really really liked him. I invited him into my hotel suite. I watched him sitting on the couch, the sunset was making the room glow a warm tone of gold, I realized that maybe I could have something with Kaoru.

I set down a tray of tea and sat on a couch across from him.

"Hey Kaoru," I said.

He looked up at me. "Yeah?"

"Do you think you would ever go out on a date with me?"

Kaoru flushed. "But Kyouya-senpai."

"Means nothing to me. It's too complicated with him around. I don't like that, I just want...normal. No weird complications and parental agreements, I want it to be normal."

Kaoru smiled. "I'd love to go out with you."

I smiled and leaned over the table to give him a kiss. Just as our lips locked, I heard the door click open. Looking up, I saw Kyouya stand at the door looking horror struck.

"Slut!" He yelled before turn his back on me and storming down the hall.

I turned back to Kaoru, who was looking at me.

"So now what?" I asked him.

"You should go after him," Kaoru said. "Because I think that Kyouya-senpai really cares about you."

By the time I got to the lobby, Kyouya was long gone. I noticed in the trash can beside me that there was a bouquet of roses. I sighed and took the roses out of the trash then went up to my suite again. At the end of the day, I lay in my bed plucking flower petals from the roses and had concluded two things, one, Lady Luck hated me and two, the highlight of my day was actually when Kyouya had caught me making out with Kaoru.