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"Mom! Stop it… No no, MOM I said don't look!...Oh look mom now he looked, jeeze Louise." I smiled over at my mom who was checking out a hot guy from my biology class I had pointed out to her. I do not know why I always point out the guys to her she looks at them and makes it so obvious.

"Oooou he is very cute Bella." My mother smiled a big smile to me, her child like eyes dancing with life.

I popped another spoonful of my 'Choco cherry love" blizzard from Dairy Queen into my mouth, letting it melt, trapped between the roof of my mouth and my tongue.

It was a hot day out side in phoenix. I wore a white and black diagonally stripped tunic tank dress with key hole at the back of my neck. On my feet I wore my Eyelet Ballet Flats. When I put the outfit on this morning I was thinking more of going shopping in this hot air. But I must admit my legs looked pretty long and sexy. My mother let me dress her up today. Mostly because I forced her to and told her she would look good. Which she did! She was wearing a green embroidered caftan dress that made it to her mid thigh. She wore a pair of white pumps.

Today mom and I were celebrating. We were celebrating everything. We were celebrating being free single women, we were celebrating our lives, and we were celebrating each other. We had each other and that t was all we would ever need. We didn't need a man to fill in our family. We were a full family; my mom and I.

We went out and spend a years worth of extra money we could afford to put away. We have been waiting for this day for a year. It was the best day we have ever had since I could remember. We were always so busy. If mom was not at work I was. If I was at home she was in bed exhausted from work.

We had booked this special day off from work a year in advanced. My boss looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for exactly one year from now, day off.

I had our hands full of bags. The car was already filled with bags. We shopped all morning driving from one mall to another, walking one store to another. Tonight we were going to go rent an expensive hotel and book the best suite it had. We were going to soak in a nice big Jacuzzi; we were going to lounge around in 2000 thread count sheets. We were going to sleep on brand-new huge pillows.

"So baby is today worth the savings of a year?" my mom asked while pulling out of the driveway of the movie rental store.

"Yeah it was mom. It is my most favourite day of my life Ma" I smiled over at my best friend.

"I really do think that you were sent to me from god, you are my angel from heaven" my mother smiled back over at me.

At that moment my life was changed forever. A swerving red truck was speeding down the wrong side of the road running from the police. It came smashing into my mom's end of the car. Everything from that moment was in slow motion. My head snapped to the side as my body was jerked with it; my mother's body moving in sync with my movements. My air-bag popped out in front of my face. I looked over at my mom to see her had not popped out. She looked over at me and smiled.

"Oh thank go-"my mother was saying as the truck hit another car sending it up into the air. The car came toppling down to the left side of the car, rite above my mothers head. Her air bag still did not respond. The windows made a loud cracking noise seconds before they blew up sending glass flying everywhere. The car kept moving forward at full speed hitting one of the police cars. Another police car tried to swerve the flying car, successfully missing the flying car but it hit the front of our car causing the police car to fly turning over my head hitting my mother's side of the car, yet again. Through all the crunching and shattering noises I herd it, I heard my mothers neck snap.

At that moment my life ended. Everything went sickly quiet. I ripped my seat belt off trying to grab my mother in my arms. I was screaming on top of my lungs but I could not hear anything but the loud thumping coming from my heart as it was being ripped into fifty million pieces. "Mom…please come on mom wake up momma… come on you have to wake up… you can't leave me now" I was begging loudly over the frantic noise of my noise of my heart beats that filled in my ears. I know had my mother, my life, pulled into my arms. I was screaming out the broken windows for an ambulance as I tugged on the handle of the door, I pushed the door open with a big shove. I stepped out of the car with tears streaming down my face as I wrapped my arms around her chest from under her arms. I pulled with all my might to get her out as I kept her neck as strait as possible.

I could hear the ambulance in the distance making its way towards us. Everybody had kept there distance but they still surrounded us. The police who have not been hurt split up, half on the man who killed my mother and the other half trying to help me and my mother out. A big guy in a police uniform with brown curly hair that fell into his eyes came towards me saying something. But I could not hear anything he was saying I only seen his lips move through my blurry vision. I fully realised it at that moment when the brown haired cop pulled me up that my mother was dead and not coming back to me. My heart, what's left of it filled with hate and pain.

I looked over to the man who killed my mother as he fought against the cops trying to restrain him. Everything around me went blurry and only that man stayed clear in my vision. I quickly jerked away from the cop holding my arms. I grabbed his gun and ran towards the monster that drove the red truck. Everything was in perfect slow motion. No one got to me quick enough to stop me. I finally got in front of the killer and pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger with out another thought. All his blood splattered across my face and the people who were too late to save the monsters life. I smiled a smile of fulfillment of my revenge of the man who killed my mother. After that everything went black.

I could no longer see the blistering sun shining off of the thick blood that laid at my feet, I could no longer see the swarm of police trying to catch me before I hit the cement in my black out. Everything was gone, black. I wished at that moment I had died with my mother and we could be up in heaven together checking out the 'hot' guys trying to find each other a lover if just for the day. But it would never belike that again. We would never sit in the mall and id point out a guy who I thought was cute to have her totally Google at him till he looked back. I would never be able to laugh as loud as I could at one of my mom's jokes. We would never have another year to save up for another shopping trip, a girl's day. Even though it was always just her and I we wouldn't have a care free day together ever again because she was gone.

I awoke in a hospital room I am sure from the beeping noises at the side of my head. I could smell the nasty smell of death lingering in the air. I looked around and found a teenager about my age in nurses out fit. She had brown hair; half of her hair on the bottom was bleached blonde. It was thrown up into a 'messy' bun that I had mastered at doing with my own hair. She smiled her beautiful smile with her fake botoxed lips. She had brown eyes like my own that looked at me in sympathy. Her skin was clear and smooth to the eye; she had a beautiful tan that I could never soak up myself.

"Hi Bella I am your nurse Bekkah" she continued smiling at me. "It is so nice to see you awake, you had everyone at a scare" she explained as she wrote down my vitals onto her note pad.

"Hi…" I muttered knowing my mother would never wake up.

"Well there are some people who would like to speak with you waiting out side, is it all right if they came in?" she asked me and she stuck a straw in my apple juice for me.

"Yeah" I whispered taking a sip. Two men in black suits with ties walked into my room. One was carrying a suit case; he gently placed it on top of the table as he sat down.

"Hi Miss. Swan, my name is Mr. Jones and this is Mr. Heanahan, we are some lawyers, your mother, Renee had a will and we would like to discuss it with you." The man smiled apologetically at me as my eyes filled with fresh tears. I nodded at them not able to speak.

"Well it seems that your mother had filled for a very good will, she was in very good health and she has left you with three quarters of a million dollars." The man said to me. I did not know which man because I could not see out of my eyes at all.

I nodded again at them in shock and pain. "This letter she left for you also" the man who had not spoken yet placed on my lap.

"Th-thank you" I whispered through sobs that had escaped me.

"We wish to talk about your living quarters now, your guardian other than your mother would be Charlie Swan in Forks" the man that had called him self Mr. Jones told me. I nodded as I was freaking out inside. My mother had told me about Charlie, how he would come home drunk and beat on her till she could not walk for days strait. She told me how he had raped her for hours deep into the night. We always told me of the day that she finally escaped with me and the clothing that was on our backs. We had run away to phoenix were we stayed hidden from Charlie for 17 years.

I just nodded numbly at the men as I stared at the note my mother had left for me.

"Th-the man that killed my mother. Is he dead? Did I kill him?" I asked through the storm taking over my body.

"No miss he was restrained and he is in jail now 20 years with out bail."

"But I shot hi-"

"No you blacked out once you pulled your mother out of the car. The car blew up. You saved your life and your mother's body…" I started at them numbly. I didn't kill him.

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