I stared up into his beautiful, smothering, brown eyes as he held onto my waist.

"Hmm..." I couldn't resist the urge to nibble on my bottom lip.

"...S...Sorry," Jake blushed, standing me up rite. "You just caught me by surprise." He smiled genuinely, making my heart stutter.

"Sorry." I echoed. It was my turn to blush. We stood there, staring at each other, until one of us decided to talk.

"I brought over some movies and popcorn." Jake broke the silence. "I've never been to a girly sleepover so you're going to have to inform me about the expectations."

"That's fine, here." I stuck my hand out to recieve the bag. He picked the bag up with his left hand and took my hand in his other, leading the way to the living room. My living room... The one he's never been in before... weird boy.

I fell asleep fifteen minutes into the movie. When I woke up there was a completely different movie playing. I looked over at Jake who was watching Rush Hour with complete interest. Yep, I muttered in my head. He's never been over to a girls sleep over. His head turned to watch me as I lifted my head from his shoulder, straightening myself up. His smile was brilliant.

He brushed a piece of my hair out of my face. "What was Miss Swan so pleasantly dreaming about?"

I blushed, "I was talking?" I looked away, too embarrassed to face him. "Do you really need to know?"

"Kind of," Jake smiled, knowing very well what I was dreaming about. His soft voice now teased me. "Yes I do. Who knows what could be taking up your thoughts? It could be anything from school, a boy... or even worse."

I looked at him questioningly. "Like what?"

"Vampires." He answered simply.

I smiled, noting silently how he tensed up. "Vampires? Why would I be dreaming about vampires?"

"You're kind of crazy...never know..." he teased. "You might get the silly idea that I would be there to save you from one."

"You wouldn't?" I accused with a furrowed brow.

"Have you seen their teeth?" he replied sarcastically. "They are scary creatures."

I rolled my eyes and sat up. "You will beat up a bully and drug him for me but you wouldn't save me from a vampire?"

Jacob nodded with a smile. "You got it, Bells. I draw the line with vampires. Those razor sharp teeth are taboo."

"Good to know someone has my back," I mocked his haughty tone, moving away from him. "I'll make a mental note about mingling with mystical vampires!"

Jacob smiled at me and said, "I'll keep you safe, no vampire guarentee, though. How's that sound?"

"Good... let's hope that my bad luck doesn't bring vampires back from their burnt ashes. Then I'd be really screwed." I mused.

Seeing as this is a sleepover, where do I get my nails painted?" I smirked at Jake as I took out my pile of nail polish, leaving my mother's nail polish in the drawer.

"I want to paint them blue!" Jake said childishly, pointing at my mom's bottle. I stared at it, blinking madly to keep the tears in.

"How 'bout this one?" My voice cracked mid sentence. "It's the same color. It's just a different brand." I sugar coated my voice.

"Okay, we'll use that one." Jake said grabbing it from my hands. He walked over to my bed.

Jakes large, awkward finger could barely hold the cap of the nail polish. My nails looked like a total disaster in the end. Thank heavens for nail polish remover. There was no nail polish on my skin. At 11:30 I crawled into bed. Jake slept with his head at my feed, like a dog would.

The next morning I got out of bed at 6AM and went to shower. I brought back a pair of black nylon, footless Capri tights with a white babydoll, long sleeved dress. I curled my hair, just slightly to make it flow in ringlets. I wore my mother's small pearled bracelet and went downstairs to make a quick breakfast. I put them on the same plate and wrapped them with saran wrap. He woke up at 7:30 when I rushed him out of my house. I needed to get a move on to school.

School was a whole other story. It had to be the most confusing school in this country. The classes were spread out into separate buildings, making every student run out into the rain to get to class.

I had P.E. first. Followed by English, Biology, Chemistry and the dreaded Algebra. My day was uneventful unless you could could the puppy I found. Mike Newton! During lunch he insisted that I sit with his girlfriend, Jessica Stanley. The best she could do was give me nasty glares that made her look constipated. The next time I saw her glare I would go up to her and ask her if she was. Mike seemed like a popular guy, being a Jock, the rest of the football team sat next to him. With the Jock's followed their girlfriends.

I felt that creepy sensation crawl down my spine. You know, the one where you know someone's looking at you.

"Are you... constipated?" I asked bluntly when I caught up to her. "The nurse could whip up something to make you feel better..." I smirked at her as I dumped my leftover food in the garbage. A girl I recognized as Ted Stackleberg's girlfriend got up with me and followed me out the cafeteria.

"You practically won over half the football teams hearts by doing that." She grinned. "Everyone hates her, including Mike. Jessica totally threatened him into staying with her. She said she would kill herself!" She gossiped. It was most probably true. "She's always complaining that he won't touch her. She once again, threatened him that she would leave him. I've never seen him look so happy!"

I had to laugh at that. Mike and Jess deserved each other. "That's crazy." I smiled over at her while I opened my locker. "How do you kn-" Someone cut me off by bumping into me. It felt like I was thrown against the cement wall. The force of the blow made me lose my balance. Two cold arms wrapped around my waist. I opened my eyes, that had previously been squeezed tightly shut, to look at my rescuer. A man, standing at 6'3" flipped his overly long honey blond hair. He was muscular, but lean.

His skin was extremely pale, raising questions about his muscles and time out in the sun. He also had purple shadows under his golden eyes, not eyeshadow, bags. He was beautiful...

"Forgive me." Mr. Beautiful whispered with a drop dead gorgeous smile on his face.

"It's okay..." I mumbled, incoherently. I sounded stupider out loud than I did in my mind.

"You okay, babe?" A short girl, shorter than me, asked Mr. Beautiful as she wrapped her arms around his. She pulled him away from me. His unusually cold hands left me feeling lonley and abandoned.

It's meeting the man of my dreams,
Than meeting his beautiful wife.
Isn't life a little ironic... wouldn't you think.
A little too ironic, yes, I really think so.

hey guys, im awful an awful awful unreliable person i know i know, but im trying to fix it so i look forward to writeing. well here is kinda the same chapter that was originally up but a diff ending i have to see what i want to do i dont no! lol thanx to Marshi for helping me out with spelling and grammara nd everything she does!