Chapter One: ". . .I'm Your Company From Now On."

He shook his head shifting the bangs away from his coal eyes as the bell rang four times signaling that school now ended. He carried heavy textbooks in the crook of one arm and his sac-pack hung over the shoulder of his opposite side hitting his hip every step he took. Walking along the front steps of the school heading for the slim black BMW that pulled itself equal against the sidewalk.

Before Sasuke was able to reach for the car, the driver withdrew from the car and walked around the freshly polished exterior to open one of the side doors for the young master to step in.

The ride was silent, nothing was said, or heard beside the engine ripping to get to its destination. It was Tuesday that meant that he was to start volunteering at the Kingdom Hospital. It was something his father forced him to do, if it was up to Sasuke he would probably stay at home doing homework or doing something with that hyper blonde friend of his. He was never the person to care for hospitals; they were always cold and gloomy. People staying up for hours saving lives or constantly giving medical treatment.

The building would be very large, just as a hospital should be, with marble polished interior and handprint-less glass doors.

No. That wasn't the case. When Sasuke stepped out of the car (the doorman/driver opening the door for me of course) to take a sight of the place he would be spending a whole two months at; this hospital was different from what he expected, sure the hospital was big, but it was wrecked; cracks in the concrete walls, sewage dripping from pipes, and rats scurrying to get their family bits of rotten food that lay around.

what kind of Hospital is this?he looked up to find the hanging letters of Kingdom Hospital over his head, this was not at all a hospital, this was a dilapidated building that's been around for centuries.

The place had a stench of old milk and raw meat, what made the raven-haired boy wonder was how could a ihospital/i be so badly conditioned? When they walked through the creaked doors of the ruin building, they found the answer inside. The exterior of the build may have looked ancient, but he realized that the money all was devoted to the inside. The raven's eyes widen in question at this. It was beautiful inside, just a hospital should be, and with it's shining floors and clean stainless countertops, and organized files stacked upon others in the alphabetical order.

Surprisingly the place was really quiet busy, the waiting room filled with sorrowful people, nurses tended to their superiors' orders, and patients walked around dragging IVs machines that connected to them.

"Mr. Uchiha?" The girl was quiet odd looking, she had pink hair and forest green eyes, and she was wearing a nurse suit, with eight stars across her left pectoral and a nametag to the right, which said 'Sakura'. He gave a nod in response. "This way." She said with a hushed voice. The two went towards the registrar's desk, the girl handed him white clothing neatly folded in a bag.

"You need to change into these once you've done that come back here and I'll give you your files." Her slender finger showing the way to the bathroom, when he got to the bathroom and shoved himself into a stall he suited himself in the pure white clothes now looking down at himself within the mirror, he realized it made him look paler than he usually did with all white; the only non-white on the suit was the single gold star on his chest and the additional blue nametag on the opposite side. Sasuke walked back out of the bathroom exchanging his clothes for one vanilla file.

"Mr.Uchiha, my name is Sakura, I'm the head nurse for the teen division." The pink haired girl introduced. "Each volunteer gets one patient, the more you come in everyday you receive a star." She pointed at her chest showing him the eight gold stars lined up. "This shows that you participated and finish your time. Every new person gets the first star just for volunteering and being in the 24-hour restriction."

Sasuke looked down at his one lamely gold star. "In that file is your first patient and most of the things you need to know about them. It's good to read up on them first, just so you have a background story on them. Do you have any questions?"

The raven boy shook his head no, after that he was left alone with the file still in his hand then once acknowledged again he opened it. He didn't read any of it except for the room number. 823A.

He walked through the hallways just as limp as ever, wishing his father wouldn't have signed him up for such a thing, knowing from now on he would have to visit this crappy place and tend to a weak patient. He just wanted to get this over with. Even though he was on 24-hour restriction, which meant that he would have to spend 24 hours with this person before he could return to school or to home. His brother said it would change him from his previous state, his father said it would help the family's image, his mother says it'll help make more friends, his friends say it will help him loosen up. Though he says it wont help at all.

He stopped once he got to the door, the letters shown darkly on it, 823A.

He wondered many times if this really was a hospital?

Sasuke grabbed a hold of the cold metal doorknob, twisted it and pushed in at the same time.

"My name is Sasuke, I'm your company from now on."

He said finally looking at his patient.