Chapter Three: "Peas Cannot Swim in Mash Potatoes."

Gaara sat there mixing his mash potatoes and peas together. He nodded his head up and down, the red locks of hair swaying in a bobbing motion. The red head seemed to be agreeing to whatever the man sitting next to him was saying. The brown haired, beady black-eyed man held a firm expression. Making his lips thin and nonexistent and brought serious creases down his mouth to his chin when he frowned.

The red head's eyes started to look watery; he twirled his fork through his fingers. Leaving his peas to be stranded, trying to survive in the sea of thick, clumpy mash potatoes.

A dirty blonde haired woman sitting on the other side of the room rushed over to Gaara's side to give the boy comfort. Whatever they were telling him it was not pleasant. Gaara hunched over and fully cried into his hands, dropping his fork to stab into the soggy pea and mash potato swamp. The woman now draped her long arms over Gaara as if protecting him from the worst.

Sasuke sat there watching the emotions fill the room. From down the hallway he could see it all-a rule to give privacy when visiting- he shifted in his seat. What had happened?

When the two visitors walked out it was a moment of silence. A common thing shared when a pet fish died and then would disappear because the flushing of the toilet.

Sasuke seemed afraid to enter back into the room with a crying patient. He never knew what to do with a crying person. He truly hated hospitals, he decided.

When Sasuke passed the two visitors on their way out they looked worst than depressed, as if they knew the nastiest result to Gaara's problem. They hung their heads low and strutted out to meet with the doctor at the counter.

"Gaara?" Sasuke stepped into the white room his sneakers out of place against the polished marble tile. Gaara avoided eye contact with the raven. He reached over towards the bedside table to grab the frilly floral tissue box only to have knocked it down.

"Gaara, what happened?" Sasuke hesitantly slurred out as he leaned down to grab the box of Kleenex and handed it to the red head.

Gaara quickly grabbed the box and yanked out an overabundance amount of equal sized soft tissues to blow his now snotty nose on.

"Tell me a story." Was the response from the red head. "I like stories. Tell me one. Tell me a love Story"

Sasuke sat on the nearest chair and leaned into it. He wasn't sure exactly why Gaara wanted a story, but he started one anyways. The raven thought if it would calm him down then he would tell the red head a story.

He breathed; "Once upon a time . . ." Sasuke gave a pause he didn't know exactly how to start.

"Wait. Close the door first." the boy said meekly from his bed, his nose now a hard red from blowing recklessly into the tissues that were now scattered on the floor. Sasuke got up lazy from the chair and closed he door then came and sat back down.

He tried once more. "Once upon a time . . . " He paused again and looked around the room for ideas. He spotted the door. "Once upon a time, there was a doorknob."

"A what?!" Gaara said from his tissue stacked on his bed.

"Hey you wanted a story so ya gonna get one!!" Sasuke shouted from his seat. "I never said I was a natural!"

Gaara shrugged and chuckled lowly. His eyes were lined with a light red from crying, but he still smiled. Sasuke coughed. "Anyways! Once upon a time . . . there was a Door Knob, who was a Lock Smith." He put his hand on his chin in thought more about his story.

"And he was deeply in love with a Door Hinge . . . but . . . how could he express his love?" How could he express his love? Sasuke had to wonder. "Uhh. . . He tried many attempts, first . . . he tried small talk-but that was hell-second, he sent her flowers, but it wasn't until the Door Stop turned jealous against the Door Knob."

Sasuke looked over at Gaara who had seemed to have gotten comfortable, now slouching in his bed and giving a sly smirk. Sasuke continued. "The psychotic Door Stop had a devious plot against the Door Knob. He jammed the door shut which hurt the Door Hinge."

Sasuke couldn't help, but now stare at the door. "But luckily the Door Knob was a lock smith and freed the Door Hinge. The Door Hinge forever loved the Door Knob and they lived happily ever after and had little Door Knob babies." He looked back at Gaara with a 'hat-the-hell' look.

Gaara rolled his eyes and shook his head. "What kind of story was that?"

Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and crossed his arm. "I don't know I couldn't think of anything else."

Gaara shifted in his bed, he had forced all the crumpled tissues to the floor now surrounding his bed like a pile of flowers set for a tombstone. The red head pushed the tray table away from him. The mash potatoes and peas slopping over the sides of the try from the shove he gave. He rustled the sheets, pulled the many layers of blankets away and stepped out of the small twin hospital bed. Compared to Sasuke the boy was exceptionally tall and very slender. Gaara walked over to his IV stand and dragged it with him to a door implanted into the pale wall across the room. He clutched its silver steel handle and turned it clockwise for right of entry. When he opened the door he turned towards Sasuke.

"Aren't you coming?"

Sasuke was confused; he didn't know what the boy meant. "Where?" he asked.

"Well, I'd like to take a shower." The red head directly said. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and swayed his head back indecisively.

"Can't you do that yourself?" Gaara shook his head and pointed at the IV stand he clung onto with his other hand. Of course the IV stand couldn't get wet someone had to hold it. And of course that someone was Sasuke. The raven sighed at this. He knew it was going to be a sight he would remember. Seeing a nude Gaara in the shower while holding the boy's IV for him. Sasuke felt himself twitch slightly from below. He wished it were his stomach. The raven shoved himself off the chair then followed Gaara into the small bathroom.

It was like any other bathroom, toilet, shower, sink, and laundry basket although it did have its hospital adjustments. Such as it being clean and giving off a shine, having no curtain to the shower, or that pink pee measuring bowl to the side of the toilet. The side bar held pink fluffy towels with the hospital's initials on the lining. Gaara grabbed on and started to wrap it around the left wrist covering as much of the IV he could. He then took a plastic bag from under the sink cabinet and wrapped it around his IV arm as well. Gaara then started the shower, turning the knob clockwise and setting it on hot.

The red head rolled the IV over to Sasuke and handed him the IV stand without saying a word. Gaara started to untie the knots of his hospital cloth and remove the smock.

Gaara slowly removed the cloth it inching away from his shoulders to his torso, his smooth pale skin becoming exposed. Sasuke looked away, but then was curious enough to look back. The red head's backside in view. It was now all the way down to exposing his nice, plump, succulent ass.

The red head got into the shower keeping his arm away from the waters touch. He used his free arm to grasp a bright yellow washcloth hanging on the shower faucet. Sasuke just stood watching Gaara rub the wet cloth over his body. He tried hard not to look down any further than his waist where started the faint crimson 'happy trail'.

The red head seemed to be glowing; his small rare curves glistening, his muscled chest, flat stomach and perked nipples. Sasuke felt himself stare at him with . . . craving? He didn't know or wanted to. All he knew was the sensation he was getting when the suds of the soap rinsed down the pale creamy-like body.

Don't worry it's not the end yet! HEE HEE next will hopefully be coming soon. So very sorry for this one taking such a longtime. I honestly didn't know it I wanted to post it or not.