Author's Note: Okay I wasn't going to post this, but I thought I might as well

Author's Note: Okay I wasn't going to post this, but I thought I might as well.  It's going to be a long story, so stick along for the ride.  Read and Review.

Oh, by the way Fred and George's Goblet of Fire has been taken off.  I'll repost it later.

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Three Men and A Baby

James rushed home from work.  He had a terrible feeling about the whole thing.  He wished he hadn't of had to stay after, but the meeting had been too important and he hadn't been able to leave it until late that night.  Then he had to stay after and finish a report for the head of the Aurors.  He had sent Lily an owl saying he would be late, but he still didn't like not having her close by at this time of night.  At this rate by the time he got home the evening news will be over.  Harry will be in bed for sure, James thought.  He should have apparated, but he had always preferred to walk, and since the office wasn't that far away he had walked everyday to and from work.

As he got closer to home a feeling of dread started to come over him.  Something had happened.  Something he should have been home for but hadn't been.  Something that was unchangeable and already a part of history.  A part of history that will never be forgotten.

James turned the corner of his street to find that his house was gone, just plain gone.  He ran the last few meters to where his house should have been standing.

He heard a familiar cry as he neared the house.  A cry that he had thought that he would never hear again.

James ran closer to the cry to find Lily, and Harry.  Harry was alive but had a great slash across his forehead that strangely resembled a lightening bolt.

But Lily was gone.  His Lily. 

James sank to his knees.  Silently sobbing, listening to the cries of his fifteen month old son.  James slowly recomposed himself and picked up the bundle of blankets that contained Harry and disapparated to the one place he knew he could find help.  Hogwarts.


James walked the short distance to Hogwarts as fast as possible.  Dumbledore needed to know about all this before it got out on the press.

James took the steps at a run and quickly knocked on the door three times.  He then waited impatiently for someone to answer.

Minerva McGonagall answered the door curtly.

'Oh, Mr. Potter it's you.  Where's Lily?  And this here must be Harry.'

'Yes.'  James said impatiently 'Will you watch Harry for a moment I've got to go talk to Dumbledore.'

'Why, yes of course.  I think Dumbledore's still in the Great Hall at the feast.  If you don't find him there go up to his office.  The password is Acid Pops.'

James grimaced slightly as he remembered chasing Sirius around the common room after eating an Acid Pop.  He then thanked McGonagall before handing Harry to her and heading off in the direction of the Great Hall.

When he entered the Great Hall all eyes were turned on him.  Sixth and Seventh years that had been first and second years called hello to him as he rushed up to where Professor Dumbledore was sitting.

'Albus can we talk for a moment.'  James asked.

Dumbledore looked startled but answered 'Yes of course.  Shall we go to my office.'

James nodded and waited as Dumbledore gave one of the professor's instructions.

'What's so important?'  Dumbledore asked when the reached his office.

'He attacked.' 

Dumbledore paled.  'But that means that Sirius must have told.'

'No, not Sirius.  Peter Pettigrew must have told.'

Dumbledore looked at him strangely as James told him the story of changing Secret Keepers.

'What happened tonight?'  Dumbledore asked noticing the pain in James's eyes.

'I don't know.'  James answered frustrated.  'I had to stay late at work to finish some stupid report and when I got home everything was a disaster.'

James then took a deep breath. 'He killed Lily.'  He said this in almost a whisper but it still reached the Headmaster's ears.

'What about Harry?'  Dumbledore asked kindly.

'He's fine.  I don't know how he survived, but he did.  All he has is a scar across his forehead in a shape of a lightening bolt. Minerva took him for the moment.'

There was silence for a moment before Dumbledore asked 'What now?'

James just shrugged his shoulders.  He had given up for the moment.

'I've got to gather the teacher's together.  I'll tell them what happened.  If you want you can stay here with Harry for the night.'

James shook his head.  'I'll go rent a room in Hogsmeade.  Or maybe all go stay with Sirius and Remus for a while.'

'Will they be awake?'  Dumbldore asked.

James gave a hollow sort of laugh.  'Of course.  Even during school I don't think there was ever a day that they got to sleep before midnight.'

Dumbledore nodded his head. 'Come along then.  I'll help you find Minerva so you can get Harry back.'

James nodded his head.


The two of them found McGonagall in the Teacher's lounge.  With Professor Sprout, playing with Harry.

'Minerva, will you round up the staff.  We need to have a meeting.'  Dumbledore said announcing the arrival.

Minerva nodded her head and picked up Harry.  Silently handing him back to his father.

'I've got to go now.'  James said before turning and leaving.

Dumbledore nodded but as James walked down the hallway he called 'If you need anything, you know where to find us.'

James nodded and continued down the Hallway and out of Hogwarts.

After returning to the designated Apparation point James Disapparated to the doorstop of Sirius and Remus's house.

'James' Remus cried, after James had walked into the house.

'Oh my gosh!  We were so worried.'  Sirius said, rushing over to his friend.

'Why, what happened?'  James asked confused.

'We had a visitor today.  A ministry official came by about an hour ago, and told us what happened.  He said that they had found Lily but couldn't find any signs of you or Harry.  He also said that Voldmort was gone.'  Remus explained.

Sirius had taken Harry and was playing with him as Remus and James sat on the coaches and talked about other important matters.

After Harry had finally fallen asleep Sirius returned his attention to other important matters.

'So, can I stay for a while?'  James was asking.

'Of course you can stay.'  Remus and Sirius answered together.

James let out a sigh of relief as Sirius studied his friend for a moment before saying.  'Come on James.  You better get to bed.  You look exhausted.'

'But...Harry!'  James weakly protested.

Remus glared sternly, looking a lot like McGonagal, 'We are perfectly capable of caring for a fifteen month old baby.  Especially Harry!'

'Okay fine!  Where am I going to stay?'

Sirius looked thoughtful for a moment before saying your old room.  We'll put Harry in the extra room.'

James gave then a thankful smile before going up the stairs.