Vampire Needs

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I stared at this beautiful creature for what seemed like eternity. I wasn't thinking about how Jasper could feel my lust, how Alice would see me acting on that feeling later, or about the fact that my Bella had just experienced the most traumatic and painful experience of her life.

I wasn't thinking period.

If I had any blood in me, it was defiantly going south.

I don't know what it is with me and me thinking about her, but two words always seem to come up.

Holy Shit.

It kept repeating when my eyes soaked her in, lingering on different parts.

They trailed up her long, beautiful legs, up her toned stomach, stopped on her perfect round slightly larger breasts, and finally her face. She had always been beautiful, but this…this was unbearable.

I feeble considered if this was what it had been like for her to look at me. But compared to her, I was nothing to compare with. Her face, it held such beauty that it hurt to look at her. Her hair now even shiner, with more volume that framed her extraordinary face.

I think my mouth must have hit the floor because she looked at me like she was confused.

"What is everyone staring at?"

"You! Bella your- your wow!" Alice voice was even higher because of her shock.

She got up, and walked gracefully to a mirror to take in her reflection.

"Holy Shit!" Apparently I wasn't the only one who used that phrase in shock. "That's not really me is it?"

"How are you feeling?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know. My eyes are so much clearer, and I can smell so many things, and I just… My senses are going crazy. And it feels so weird not to blush or hear my heard beat. Also, my throat is burning. Does that mean I'm thirsty?"

"Yes, it does. Would you like to go hunting?" Carlisle answered again.

"Not right now. That would be a little too much." He nodded and left me alone with Bella.

"Bella… your even more beautiful." I murmured going over to her, I took her in my arms and held tightly. I loved that fact; I could be rough with her now. Do any thing I want….

"Bella, I want you." I whispered in her ear, she shivered and I grinned. My groin was getting happier by the second and she looked at me with those big brown (should be red, after the transformation the blood from the vampires body is used as food as well I believe.) eyes filled with lust.

I bent my head down and started to kiss her. I entered her mouth, not asking permission just shoving my ice-cold tongue in her cold mouth. It was a serious change, from warm to cold, but it didn't matter. I tried to push her to the bed. I wanted to be inside her, thrust into her with all my might. Her scream her orgasm as I come inside her. I wanted to be rough with her, wanted to fulfill all my fantasies and hers. I wanted to hear her moan-

She pushed me toward the wall, shoving her sex on my hard manhood. I groaned out, sneaky witch. I pushed back; the friction caused her to throw her head back.



"I want to be inside you." I bold said, in between my gasps. She had pushed me against the wall, and was sucking my neck. She kissed, then licked, and then blew on the wet area. My senses went on overload, and I can't imagine what she had been feeling. I didn't have to worry about killing her, or biting her, or her damning herself. I could do what ever the fuck I wanted.


"Yes?" Her hands went inside my pants, but stayed out of my boxers. She rubbed me through the material. "Oh fuck, Bella" I couldn't handle her, she was too much, to beautiful, too sexy, and too much of a damn tease. "Bella please." I begged.

"Not yet."

Damn it why not? And why did I cuss so much during this?

"Not yet, because I'm not finished with you yet. I just went through hell for you-" I gave her a look of complete guilt, she flashed me a grin while one finger slipped in my boxers. I groaned "-So I want to put you through hell. This one will be painful. But only because it will feels too good." My cock twitched in anticipation. She was trying to kill me, dear god what did she have planned.

She took her hands out and stepped back.

"Can your family hear us?"

"No, they had to go hunting. They hadn't in three days."

"Good, because I'm going to make you scream." Where was my Bella? What in the- She grabbed my shirt and pushed me onto the bed. Then she proceeded to rip it off me. She grinned; she must like this new strength.

"Oh yeah?" I croaked out, "How are you going to do that?" She was tracing her hands up and down my naked chest to my boxers. I quivered under her touch and my hips buckled up in response to her movements; she smirked. She took my pants off slowly, but my boxers still remained covering me.

"Oh, that will be easy." She kissed up my left leg, then my right. She reached my feet and started to rub them. My eyes closed as she worked her magic. Laying my right foot on the bed I heard a click and felt something around my ankle.

"Finally, a good use for this shackles. You did give my permission to take you prisoner remember?" She chained my left foot.

My erection grew and then my hands were tied up.

She smirked at me, "Lets see how you fair off when I'm a vampire."

Okay you guys tell me, do want a plot and yadda yadda, or just a bunch of vampy sex? Lol.

I have a couple of idea's that do not include Bella torturing Edward, so maybe I'll add those, or not. Depends on my mood.

So, Brian has not proposed…yet.

But I do have a little embarrassing story!

I was at home on my laptop typing at like nine o'clock. Ben and Brian were in the kitchen trying (keyword) to bake some cupcakes. I asked if they wanted me to do it, but no their big boys now and they can make their own damn cupcakes or that's what they told me.

So, I had just finished the last chappie of bases and was trying to think of a title for the sequel.


"Yeah?" He called from the kitchen.

"What would be a good name for a vampire horny sex story? Ya know the Bases sequel?" They both just stared at me.

Then after like three minutes I asked what, and Ben busted out laughing.

"You have the weirdest girlfriend."

"Hey! I am not weird!"

"You just asked for a horny vampire title for a fan fiction story."


"That is so weird!"

"Yeah, well Bri doesn't mind the practice of my dirty talking."

Brian turned red and Ben went silent. "What's that smell?"

"Oh no! The cupcakes!" They went running into the kitchen, with their little aprons on.

I just went back to my writing shaking my head.

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