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The comet was destroyed. The power of good and evil combined to destroy the rock saved the world and more importantly Little Tokyo. Polly let her heart out over Speedy, which to some was a bit of shock...maybe to her too...but on that night, it just seemed right...luckly Speedy survived along with Bad Bird, who now renamed himself to Good Bird.

This was over a month ago...time does change...sometimes...

Francine and Polly were preparing the restaurant, while Speedy and Guido were doing last minute cleaning. They had been famous since that incident, everyday people would flock in to get a taste of the famous pizzas not to mention the cats themselves.

"You two had better be on your toes" said Francine, towards Speedy and Guido, who both sighed. They had almost finished, only ten minutes till they opened.

"Hey, Guido, could I have a quick word?" asked Speedy.

"Zoom and whoosh both meaning a quick word" smiled Guido.

"Oh yeah, I get it..." Speedy walked off then turned to Guido realizing he had been had. "Wait a minute".

Guido sniggered, he had his moment. "Sure Speedy, what is it?"

"It's know I like Polly, right?"

"Yeah...? I like Polly too" said Guido, almost frowning.

"No, no that's not what I meant. I mean...I really REALLY like her" Guido paused, probably knowing what Speedy was gonna say. "I...I love her Guido..." Guido blinked. "What...uh...what do you think?" asked Speedy, slightly blushing.

"I...don't think you should be telling me this-"

"Your right, Guido, I should tell her! I'll tell Polly myself, I'll do it, I'll pluck up the courage and-"

"Tell me what?" Speedy was stopped in his tracks, as soon as he heard that beautiful voice, he slowly turned to see a beautiful shecat in front of him, wearing pink clothing and a nice bright red helmet, her pink fur seemed to be glowing in least in Speedy's eyes. Speedy blushed. "H-hi Polly" stammered Speedy.

"What was it you wanted to tell me, Speedy" asked Polly.

"Uh...erm...well, it was just..."


"I...I...uh...Polly...I looo...oh Jeez..."

"Come on, Speedy, it's just me, you can tell me anything...what is it?"

"I looo...I lov-"

"Time to open the doors, Speedo!" Guido bumps into Speedy, which pushes him towards the doors. Speedy smacks into the door which somehow in this cartoon world, releases the door lock and the crowd come flooding in.

"Why did you do that?" demanded Polly

"Let's just say, if it was ME goofing off, I'd get the frying pan in my face" said Guido, with slight anger in his voice.

Polly turned to Speedy, helping him up. "Up you get kiddo", Speedy was dazed but managed to get with grips. "Thanks...Polly" he blushed, as did Polly, but she didn't know why...did she know what Speedy was going to say? "Polly...a-are you free tonight?" said Speedy, almost losing his words. "Y-yeah, I guess..." said Polly.

"Polly, I've got something on my mind...again, and I'd really want to discuss it with you...and only you"

Polly went red over her nose. "Sure, Speedy, if you want..."

"Cool...I'll speak to you-"

"Hey numb nuts, delivery, come on, man!" ordered Guido.

"What is your problem?" asked Speedy.

"Me? I've got no problem, I just wanna get to work!"

"Your you want to work. You've been acting weird" said Speedy, snatching the pizza and jumping into the ovens to be blasted.

"You have got a problem, you just keep-"

Before Polly could finish. "What's that, Francine? Three crusty fish pizza's? I'm on it!" shouted Guido

"Wait a minute, I didn't say-" but Guido had already ran out the parlour before Francine could correct him. He didn't even take a delivery.

"He's not doing a delivery!" said Francine, angrily.

"What is he up to?" asked Polly, then the though accured to her that it could be Lucille, that could be the only reason. She sighed but then was all forgotten by what Speedy wanted to say to her. Could it be? Could it be what she wanted to hear for the last month, it had been an odd month, both just carrying on as normal even though Speedy said he'd spend the last eight lives together with her. Polly was confused, yet the night when she though she lost Speedy, she told him how she felt but it just faded...why? She didn't know but maybe, just maybe this was some sort of comeback for their relationship.