As you see from umm, the couple I'm writing about...I love yaoi! XD I'm not ashamed and I'm proud. Well well it seems most fangirls/fanboys put Sasori as the seme in most SasoDei pairings...I shall change that. :D I appreciate that you guys are faving my stories, but please be patient. I'm a slow writer lol. Well not really, but I'm a lazy type of person.

"Sasori, I love you. I love you and nobody else."

"Deidara-sempai…I love you, too! But, what will people think of us?"

"Who cares about them? All that matters is y-"

"SASORI! PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS!" the teacher barked at the snoozing redhead. Sasori woke up with a start and wiped the drool from his mouth. He took off the paper that stuck to his forehead. "Now, what is the answer to question five?"

"O-oh, umm…," Sasori stuttered nervously, flipping through the pages of his Algebra II textbook. Some students began to laugh.

"Never mind. You never pay attention in class anyways. Deidara, the answer please?" the teacher questioned, with a tint of impatience in her voice.

Maybe I would be paying attention if your class wasn't so damn boring, the redhead thought to himself, resting his chin on his hand.

"How should I know? You're the teach," Deidara said with a smirk. The whole class snickered as the teacher tapped her foot, shaking her head in dismay, wondering why she had such a class like this. Sasori stared dreamingly at Deidara, pink starting to fill his cheeks. He just had a fantasy about him a minute ago. He just wishes the blonde would actually say that to him.

Sasori was a sophomore while Deidara was a senior. He had a crush on the blonde jock for about a month now, but he never got the courage to confess to him, let alone have a decent conversation. The redhead wasn't ever going to tell how much he loved the blonde. He was a hundred percent sure Deidara was straight, and he would be too cool to date an average boy like him. Sasori knew he didn't have a chance and that he wasn't good enough. The only thing that seems important is that he met such a wonderful guy….

Ding. The bell rang and the class began to pour out of the classroom. "Remember to study for tomorrow's test!" the teacher yelled over the stampede of footsteps. Sasori gathered his books and got out of the hell-hole classroom, soon to be greeted by his best friend.

"Man, that was some boring class! I'm glad school's finally over. Eh, Sasori?" Itachi chuckled, giving the redhead a hard slap on the back. The redhead winced at the sudden impact.

"Oww…yeah. It was better when I was asleep," Sasori yawned, stretching his arms.

"Speaking about when you were asleep, you were muttering Deidara's name over and over. Did you happen to have a dream about him?" Itachi teased, with a mischievous look on his face. Sasori's face instantly went red.

"BAKA! I did not!" Sasori insisted, waving his hands about as if to brush away the situation.

"Yes you did. You're blushing," the Uchiha remarked, laughing a little.

"Whatever, I got-gotta go! Later, Uchiha-kun!" the redhead stammered, half-running, half-jogging to the exit of the school. He bumped into the back of a person and rebounded, falling down with the books spread all over the hallway. Sasori looked up and was about to apologize until he saw a whip of blonde hair swing about.

"Sasori-kun, try not to run in the hallways. You might get hurt," Deidara said expressionlessly. In an instant, Sasori's cheeks matched the color of his red hair and he looked down at his feet. He felt a cool hand on his forehead.

"Do you have a fever? Should I bring you to my house?" The redhead blushed even harder and looked up to meet Deidara's blue eyes.

"Well, um, I, uh," started the Akasuna. Why was it so hard for him to talk to Deidara?! Speak proper English man!

"It's not a problem. I can take care of you. I insist." Deidara swung the redhead's arm over his neck and laid his hand on his hip to support him. Sasori felt the comforting hand on his waist and gave in.

Oh, Deidara, if only you knew I wasn't really sick….

The blonde effortlessly helped the Akasuna walk down the sidewalk. When they finally appeared in front of Deidara's house, Sasori looked up at the place. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world to visit his crushes' house. He thought of the many people who would like to be in his place like the many fangirls who nearly murder Deidara every day and tire him out by chasing him. Sasori grew a little furious and had the urge to beat those girls down; Deidara was his hot blonde and nobody else's!!

As they went into the house, the faint scent of gingerbread overwhelmed their nostrils. When they climbed the steps, they went into Deidara's bedroom and he helped the redhead sit on the bed.

"D-de-," Sasori started, but got cut off when the blonde started taking off his own shirt. The redhead pulled the blanket over his face a little embarrassed.

"I'm gonna go take a shower. You can come, too if you wanna get it over with," Deidara said, slipping off his pants. The redhead peeked out of the covers and stared at the blonde's body. It was a bit muscular, due to playing basketball and running around the track. The Akasuna felt like he was going to pass out until Deidara went to the bathroom, stripping off his boxer briefs as well. The redhead paused for a minute, unsure what to do. He felt really uncomfortable about his body and felt he was too skinny. Sasori sighed and started taking off his clothes as well. He knew he wouldn't get another opportunity like this, so he had to take this chance now before it was over. He wrapped a nearby towel around his bare body and went inside the already steam infested bathroom.

"Deidara-sempai, I'm coming in," Sasori called out over the pounding of the water. He took off his towel, pulled the curtains aside, and went inside. He faced the opposite way of Deidara and crossed his arms, some water and suds splashing on his back due to the blonde's bathing. The redhead had a strong urge to stare at the blonde's hot body again.

Don't stare, don't stare, don't stare...

C'mon Sasori, a peek couldn't hurt...

No Sasori, that's a very naughty thing to do. You're an innocent child...

Eh, just look. It's worth your while...

What happens if Deidara sees? Then you're screwed...

He won't know. What he doesn't know won't hurt him...

"Ugggh," Sasori groaned out loudly.

"Sasori-kun? What's wrong?" Deidara said with concern. He turned around to face the redhead's back.

"I'm fine. Just a headache." Sasori went a step backwards and stepped on a bar of soap. He slipped backwards and let out a yelp, collapsing into Deidara's body. Before he knew it, the redhead's head was buried against the blonde's chest, his buttocks on his lap and his legs apread wide open and wrapped around Deidara's waist. He looked up at the blonde staring into his eyes, those exact emotionless eyes.

"S-Sasori-kun," Deidara muttered, his lips right near the redhead's ear. Sasori shivered and pressed his body more against the blonde's, something hard and thick applying pressure against his entrance.

Damn, his dick is big...

The redhead forced his bottom downward, forcing the blonde's penis inside of him. It felt like his ass was ripping in half. It was a mistake to not use any lubricant at all. Sasori gripped onto Deidara's back, his fingers digging into his skin and his whole body trembling.

I don't care anymore Deidara. I love you and all that matters is that...

"Aaah, Dei-sempai! It's so b-big...mmmmm...," Sasori moaned, his teeth chattering a little. His bottom hurt so bad and he was already at tears. The blonde lifted up the redhead and slipped his member out of him. He felt the Akasuna's forehead and it was deadly hot.

"Damn it Sasori-kun. Your fever got worse!" Deidara exclaimed, lifting the redhead by his underarms. The Akasuna let out a small moan and got dragged back to the bed soaking wet and naked. Deidara tucked the redhead in with the fluffy comfortable blankets. Sasori wrapped the blankets all around him, the warmth swallowing his entire body. He slightly shivered under the covers. "If you need me I'll be in the living room." The redhead solemnly nodded and let a sigh escape his lips.

How ironic. He thinks I get a fever and I actually do get one...

As tiredness started to overcome Sasori, he felt his eyelids go a little heavy and went to sleep.

The redhead mumbled and stirred as the sunlight poured on his face. He stood up, his ruby eyes hazy and his hair a mess. He brushed the red hair away from his eyes and rubbed them as if trying to rub away the sleepiness. All of a sudden, the incident of what happened yesterday hit him with a bang.

"Oh my God, why'd I have to be such an idiot and...UUUUUG!!" the redhead said out loudly, smacking himself on the forehead multiple times. Deidara must've hated him for that. "I just screwed everything up now! Now Sempai must think that I'm some sort of horny bastard!! DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!" He pounded on the pillow furiously and screamed into it, falling on his backside again. Sasori sat up again, rubbing his head.

Well, it seems like I don't have a fever anymore...

The redhead stood up and made his way across the room, putting on yesterday's clothes. He tripped on something on the floor and fell, letting out a high cry.

"Oww...what the..." The Akasuna at what he tripped on; it seemed to be a painting. He flipped it over and he gasped.

It was a portait of a boy, with red hair and a tattoo on his forehead. It was very beautiful and Sasori couldn't help but be mesmerized in the perfect red strokes that were this boy's hair and a tint of green in blue eyes.

Sasori's POV

I never knew my sempai was such a great artist, but who was it? Maybe someone he likes? It definitely wasn't me. I stared blankly at the painting and felt depression overcome me. I knew I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions, but I felt I was doing wrong by liking my sempai. He obviously liked this dude if he drew a painting of him, especially so beautifully. I let out a sigh and put the painting to its original place as if it had never been touched.

I tiptoed down the stairs to the living room where I saw him lying on the couch. He looked so cute when he's asleep and yet so hot when he's at school. His hair looked like as if it stiken by a tornado, but yet I still went over to him and tangled my finger in it. I tucked him in the abandoned blankets that were left on the floor, due to him moving in his sleep, and tucked him in. I kissed his forehead gently and went through the backdoor in the kitchen, on my way home.

Deidara's POV

My whole body was sweating by the time I woke up. I looked at the clock I set for 6:00 AM, but apparently I didn't hear it go off. It was seven in the morning. Guess I would be going to school late. Oh well.

I lifted a corner of the blanket wrapped around me and saw my excitement standing fully erect. Another one of those stupid sex dreams again, except last night's was different. It was with a boy. I wrapped my hand around my member and started stroking it. I can never forget that dream...his face...

His face got even cuter when I pleased him with licks and kisses all over his body. The way his mouth was slightly open, his eyelids drooping a little, and pink starting to fill his cheeks. It was all so perfect. He kept trying to cover his face with the pillow next to me and I chuckled, throwing the pillow to the floor, earning me a beat red face to look up at me innocently.

His touch...

His grip on me became stronger when I started traveling lower down his abdomen. I slipped a hand down his boxers and played around with his excitement. He whimpered and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek with warm moist lips. I kissed those sweet lips and he gave out a low moan which vibrated through our mouthes. He wrapped his slender arms around my neck...

Oh God...and his voice...

...and moaned right into my ear, making the back of my neck hair stand in place. Another certain part of my body was also starting to stand up. I kept my sweet uke aroused by pumping his cock forcefully and quickly. He pants right into my ear and falls back in place on the bed and the last word that kept on through the night was...:


I was getting harder by the moment because of thinking of the sweet redhead, the expression on his face, his gentle and yet gripping touch, and the way my name rolled off his lips, his sweet beautiful lips, and trying to calm my hard on down by masturbating isn't helping me one bit. I gave up and stalled for a minute, dragging myself up on my feet and picked out a random outfit in the closet. I'm just glad it matched.

I quickly put on my clothes; tight black skinny jeans, red sleeveless shirt, Hot Topic red and black striped gloves, and some shoes. I went outside and started walking calmly to school.

Who said I cared if I was late?

Normal POV

"...Wow," the Uchiha said, with his mouth wide open, after the redhead told him what happened last night. Sasori looked at his feet, a little embarrassed due to the pink on his cheeks.

"Well, my body acted on its own...I couldn't stop myself," I whispered under my breath. The Akasuna twiddled with his own fingers nervously.

"So," the raven-haired boy started, "how big was it? Was it larger than the average size? Did you like it?" Sasori's face flushed and his eyes widened in surprise. He didn't expect Itachi to ask all these questions.

"U-umm...u-uhh...speaking about Sempai's penis, did you see him?"

"Actually no...I haven't seen him at all..." Just when the Uchiha said that, the said-blonde came in through the entrance and slammed the double doors behind him. His hair was let out for once, covering his left eye as always. Sasori's heart skipped a beat and he started to panic.


His feet moved by itself and started running the opposite way of his sempai, almost bumping into people who were going to their usual classes. He slipped on water and barely missed the "Caution: Floor is Wet" sign. He had gotten bruises all over his legs for practically crashing into every corner there is. Suddenly, Sasori's best friend rounded and skid around the corner, sliding right up to him.

"Dude...huff...RUN! He's almost here!! And don't run away like that again!" Itachi yelled and with that said, he pushed the redhead into the boy's bathroom and gladly nobody was there. He shut off the light and dragged the shorter teen into the farthest stall. He cupped a hand over the redhead's mouth before he can say anything.

Steps went past the restroom in the hallway and Itachi brought Sasori closer to him, wrapping his hand tighter around his mouth. All that was heard was the breathing against the redhead's ear from behind him which made him a little warm than usual...on the cheeks? Was he actually blushing?

At last Itachi said, "I...think he's gone." Sasori gave a sigh of relief and took in a deep breath once Itachi released his mouth. The Uchiha turned on the light and looked at the redhead. "Why's your face red? Eh, thinking about Deidara huh? I wonder what."

Sasori's POV

"No. I wasn't," I insisted and the Uchiha gave me a look as if he didn't believe me. But, for the first time, I actually wasn't blushing because of Sempai, I was blushing because of my best friend. Well, anybody would if you had a hot guy squished against you in a corner of a pitch dark bathroom. "Well thanks, Itachi, for helping me. Later!" I waved and he waved back, going to the sink, and I stepped out of the bathroom only to see my crush lying against the wall with his head down.

"I've been trying to get you for the last few minutes. We need to talk," Deidara said seriously, glancing at me.


And that is the end of the first chapter! Finally I had the patience to write it. I had time since I didn't get to go to my best friend's house. She was sick. T-T

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