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Everything around me was silent, exempting the calm, soothing chirping of the crickets outside. I refused to open my eyes, still stubborn to come to terms with the feeling of acceptance. And what was I stubborn to accept? It was the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night…and I wasn't able to fall back asleep. It must have been ten minutes since I woke up and was still unsuccessful to get that moment of relaxation back.

I rolled from my side onto my back, fluttering my eyelids open. My eyesight grew slowly adjusted to the darkness so now I can make out the shapes of various objects throughout my college dorm. The desk with the computer that was always giving me problems, the edge of the bed where my toes slightly stuck out of the blankets, Deidara's MCR poster that stuck out like a sore thumb with its incredibly hot singer Gerard Way, even in the middle of the night…

Did I mention that Deidara and I shared a dorm together in going to college? We've been together for two and a half years…it's truly unbelievable. But now, I'm really happy and I hope to spend the rest of my future with him. I still couldn't believe that he waited two whole years to wait for me to graduate from high school so that we can go to college…

In fact everything started to go uphill from when I graduated. Deidara and I were still together and from more good things came even MORE good things. Although my HIV slowly turned into AIDS due to a certain incident I wouldn't want to encounter ever again, Doctor Tsunade called. At first I thought it was going to be the same as the many calls she's given me before, ("Hey sweetie, how are ya doing? Feeling any sort of drowsiness, sickness, etc.?") but it wasn't. It was actually an announcement that they found a cure, and I mean an actual CURE, to HIV/AIDS. I was supposed to go tomorrow morning, which is this morning, which is probably the reason why I couldn't sleep tonight. I was mainly ecstatic because this disease would finally be terminated (and maybe Deidara and I could actually….*blush*), but I was also slightly nervous. What happens if it didn't work? But, Deidara, being totally optimistic about this, always calmed me of my negative thoughts.

Speaking of the blonde, where was he? I sat up, still grumbling about the fact that I couldn't fall back asleep. I didn't feel the familiar heavy weight that was always next to me, sleeping. I glanced at the bathroom door which was completely ajar and unlit, dropping my guess that he was in the bathroom. I darted by eyes slowly around the whole bedroom until I found that the sliding screen door that led outside to a mini porch was completely open. I tilted my head to the side, trying to remember if we left it open when we went to sleep, but remembered we didn't. What would Deidara be doing outside at….

I quickly glanced at the alarm clock on the dresser next to me.

….2:27 in the morning?

I slid the sheets off of me, them falling to the floor ungracefully. For some reason, I felt like I was floating when I was walking toward the screen door. I took a step outside, the wooden porch feeling rough underneath my feet.

"Deidara?" I called out softly, hearing no answer. I shivered when a gentle cold breeze rushed past my body, creeping under my light, loose fitting pajamas. I felt the goosebumps already forming on my forearms from the cold and the slow rising and apprehensive fear. "D-Deidara?" I called again, this time my teeth chattering. I took more steps until I was in the middle of the porch. I looked around me again, looking down from the porch, seeing the grass sway gently in the breeze. I saw the moon, glistening mysteriously and acting as the only provisional light here.

"Deidara, are you here?" I asked, growing more anxious. A pair of hands grabbed me from behind, one covering my mouth and the other constricting my arms from further use. My eyes widened and I immediately let out a muffled yell, struggling to get out of the grasp of my attacker.

I was bent over the end of the porch, the attacker bending down with me. This was definitely not Deidara; he wouldn't freak me out like this! My body trembled when the lips of this unknown person pressed against my ear, making my head swim uncomprehendingly. Everything froze for a second, even my heart was frozen it seemed, when his voice lingered slowly.

"It's nice to see you again Sasori…."

Oh, God. I recognize that sickeningly sweet voice from anywhere. The blood rushed through my body and my heart was beating like a loud snare drum. His hand slowly withdrew from my mouth and my breaths were coming out unevenly.

"Remember me? It's Itachi, your long lost-"

"I KNOW who you ARE," I interrupted softly, my body trembling harder. Why was he here? How did he escape the tight security from jail? I was definitely scared shitless. What happens if he has a gun? What happens if he came back to finish the job that he tried to do two and half years ago?

"Good, you remember me…but I bet you're so frightened. I can feel you shivering…" He pressed his body more against mine and I looked down from the porch, finally seeing how high up we were. I gulped, afraid that I was going to get pushed from a fifty foot high porch. "Do you know why I came here?"

"W-why?" I asked quietly, refusing to look down any longer. I shut my eyes, only wanting to see the inside of my eyelids.

"To finish what I tried to finish long ago. But don't worry, the job's already done. I'm only here to collect my prize," the Uchiha murmured, pressing his pelvis against my bottom. My eyes shot open and I frantically tried to get out of his grasp.

"You…you killed him?" I said, my voice breaking on the last word.

"Yes, I did…"

Everything seemed to crash down on those last three words. My breathing was sharp and I could already feel the tears building up. What did I do to deserve this? Everything seemed so upbeat but now…it was just….blank.

"And now, Sasori…you're all mine."

At that, I screamed loudly.

Screamed so loud, I felt I was being shaken by an outside force. My body was rocking back and forth and I was wondering what was happening. I even heard my voice being called from this 'outside force'. Then I realized what was happening after my eyes shot open to meet eye-to-eye with a familiar azure eye.

"Sasori, are you ok!?" the panic-stricken Deidara yelled, halting his actions of shaking me. I was breathing heavily, beads of cold sweat forming all over my body. I shook uncontrollably. "Sasori?"

"It was…a nightmare. Just a nightmare…" I confirmed to myself more than to him. Deidara wrapped his arms around me securely and held me close to his chest.

"You wanna talk about it?" he asked lightly. I shook my head, smiling at him.

"Nah, I'd rather not…"

I already felt calm in his arms. All my previous emotions of fear and apprehension were gone in a second. I looked over to the clock to read that it was eight in the morning and tilted my head upwards so I can look at the blonde. "We're supposed to be leaving in an hour to the doctor's."

"Right. Today's the day!" he exclaimed, picking me up and twirling me around the room. I laughed, hanging onto him, him joining in my laughter. We pressed our lips together, still chuckling, as we proceeded to get ready for the doctor's.

I stared at the big needle before me, eyes bulging a little at the size. I tried to get words out, but I just couldn't get them out. I've never been afraid of needles, but this one was just….HUMUNGOUS! It was probably the size of my hand, which was pretty, well, big!

"What's wrong hun?" Dr. Tsunade asked, filling the tube with some unknown fluids.

"Nothing," I muttered. Except for the fact that you're going to shove that big ass thing in my arm, injecting a green fluid that might not even work! I looked to my right to see Deidara, also gaping at the size. He looked more frightened than me, which was ironic considering this thing was being shoved into me rather than him.

"Well, are you ready hun?" she asked when the needle was completely filled. I gulped, suddenly unsure.

"Um, before you stab me with that monstrous thing, what is this going to do?"

She giggled tilting her head to the side. "Well, it's simple hun. This needle contains two doses of many antibodies, which are very powerful. These antibodies will get rid of the AIDS infection, and therefore restore any harmed white blood cells. This process will take about a week, but during that week, you might face many symptoms, but don't worry. Everything will be all right. Any more questions?"

I gulped and shook my head as the doctor grabbed my arm gently and led the needle to the right spot. Deidara gently squeezed my hand as the needle was slowly going near my skin.

And then suddenly with a push of her delicate pink nail polished thumb, the needle went straight into my arm and my eyeballs nearly went shooting out of their sockets.


Dr. Tsunade had been right. I've experienced many symptoms ever since that needle shot. That Godforsaken needle shot! The week I went through was a burning hell hole for me, digging deeper and deeper each day.

That blasted week had me in bed 24/7. I couldn't attend any of my college courses, which means I have to make up the classes some other day(s). The pain everywhere was excruciating, and the sicknesses I was catching was not giving me a break. Fortunately, Deidara was always there for me. However, no matter how badly I wanted to take medicine, I couldn't. Dr. Tsunade gave us specific instructions not to take medicine because it might interfere with the antibodies and therefore, not cure my HIV/AIDS.

I'm just glad that week has passed. Now, Deidara and I just came back from the doctor's again to take tests to discover whether the HIV/AIDS was completely gone. And guess what? It was a complete success! Of course, after we discovered that, the doctor had the responsibility of explaining about safe sex, which took an extremely long hour.

However, now, I felt like I was flying. A smile was plastered onto my face the moment she said the disease was gone. Now I don't have to worry about death, dying, leaving the world, however you want to put the term. And best of all, I don't have to worry about transmitting this disease to my one and only loved one. I rested in Deidara's passenger seat as we pulled up to the parking lot of the college.

We made our way inside and after I heard the door clicked, I let out a sudden whoop of joy.

"Yikes! Someone's extremely happy!" Deidara laughed, clearly surprised from the sudden loud noise that emitted through my throat.

"Heh heh, sorry Dei, it's just that I'm sooooo happy!" I giggled, grabbing the blonde and jumping onto the bed with him. I immediately got comfortable by cuddling into his chest and he warmly smiled, running his fingers through my red hair.

"And tell me, what are you really happy about?" he questioned, sitting up a little and propping his weight onto his elbow. I thought for a minute of what I was truly happy about, and my face flushed a shade of red. "What?"

"Well, you know…it's just that…" I started, but stopped. I was just really happy that we can officially be lovers, without fretting about catching an STD from the other. I didn't want to say this, because I felt like it was coming on too strongly. So instead I answered, "We don't have to worry about catching a disease from the other, is all."

The blonde raised an eyebrow and completely sat up to be in my eye-level. "Hmm, and I wonder, before you got this shot, how exactly would this disease be transmitted?"

At this, I was at a loss of words. How do I answer THIS without mentioning the…"s" word? "Um, by blood transfusions…?"

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and smirked at me, eyes turning slightly darker. "I mean, something practical and realistic that lovers usually do. I doubt they always do blood transfusions."

The room was really starting to get hotter to me, probably because my nervousness was reaching a high point. I mumbled something under my breath and Deidara came closer to hear.

"What did you say?"

I blushed, knowing that I was saying "sex", but I refused to say it again. Especially since he was getting very amused with my reactions. Instead I replied, "You want me to show you what I mean?" I was so embarrassed and I even felt ashamed that I couldn't hide it. I twiddled my thumbs, biting my lip slightly and gazing into his eyes. He blushed a deep shade of red that didn't even compare to mine and scratched the back of his head. The silence was making me insecure and I chickened out a little so I quickly muttered out, "Of course, if you don't want me t-."

"I want you to." Those four simple words would make everyone else feel normal, but for me, it gave all the courage I needed. I blushed while climbing onto his lap, placing my hands on his shoulders while his hands were comfortable on my waist. I tentatively captured his lips with mine while we met each other's gazes to the point where we slowly closed our eyes. His hand travelled up my back to the base of my neck, running his fingers through the red spikes.

His tongue flicked along my bottom lip, and I opened my mouth, yearning for its entrance. Deidara obliged, his tongue happily intruding the caverns of my mouth. I let my tongue touch the sleek, moist muscle and moaned lightly, swirling it around the dancing organ. We separated our lips, still swirling our tongues around one another. I placed my hands around the back of his neck, leading the tip of my fingertips down where the parts where it would be sensitive. The blonde shivered delightfully, pinning me down slowly onto the comfortable mattress beneath us. He stopped our tongue kissing by licking down my neck, planting butterfly kisses and a gentle suck after each kiss. As the room started to get warmer, I felt that the necessity of clothing was definitely not necessary to wear anymore. I knew he silently agreed with me as he kisses to my collarbone, growling at the shirt that was blocking the rest of my skin, which caused me to slightly laugh.

He expertly undid each of the buttons, kissing the new patch of skin that was available. I flicked my tongue along his earlobe, letting my hands roam underneath his shirt, causing him to groan against my abdomen. After pulling back for a few seconds to let me slip the shirt over him, he slid the sleeves and the rest of my shirt off of my shoulders and torso. We pushed them off the bed, the shirts landing in the new heap that was about to start at the corner of the room.

We pressed our chests against one another, both moaning at the feel of the other's slightly sweaty body. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling his wonderful body more against mine, attacking his neck with my lips and teeth. Deidara groaned, roaming his hands over my chest only to play with the erect nipples. I gasped against his neck, nipping at the skin until it turned pink, and proceeded down his chest, stopping at the hem of his pants. We slowly looked at each other a little apprehensively and then passionately made out.

I pushed against his shoulders lightly, making him sit straight up, and made my way to sit on his lap. I hesitated a few seconds before I slowly grinded onto his groin, making us inhale sharply into each other's mouths. We both shuddered as I gave this another go until I set a continuous normal rhythm. Even though we were both wearing tight jeans which were growing tighter by the second, we can both clearly feel the amazing pleasure and the arousal of the other.

We both felt that short need to stop, and we both started to fumble with the excruciatingly tight lower garments that was depriving us of more contact from the other. I sighed blissfully when I felt a bit freer and we threw our jeans toward that corner of the room. We were only in our boxers now, but all they were was just a thin barrier that was depriving us of what we needed from each other. I slowly slid off my own underwear, him copying my movements. I got closer to his body as our pelvises connected, moans fighting to get out of our throats. He slid a hand and wrapped his fingers around both our members, slowly pumping, making me pant and gasp against his lips.

"Dei…" The name rolled out through my lips onto his, and I connected our lips once more. I twisted my fingertips into his locks of blonde hair, undoing the normal ponytail he usually has. His fingers decided to work at a faster pace, making my head snap backward and moan into the air. "Dei, if you don't stop, I'll…" I managed to say between a few pants.

"You'll what?" he asked huskily, licking along my jawline. I blushed, closing my eyes.

"I'll c-cum…"

"Guess I'll have to stop then. I don't want this to be completely over yet."

He stopped his movements, letting me get a proper thirty second's worth of breath before he reached over to the bedside dresser to take out a convenient tube of lubricant. In truth, I was just a bit nervous about having something inside me. Because of what's happened to me in the past, I was always scared to try to do anything too extreme.

"Are you nervous?" Deidara asked like he read my thoughts.

I gave a weak little nod. "I just don't want it to hurt like…like before."

"It won't. I promise," he said, giving me a reassuring kiss. As I spread my legs I knew one thing; I completely trusted him. Even if it did hurt at the beginning, he'll make it better in the end.

He twisted the cap of the vanilla-smelling lubricant and started spreading them around his fingertips. He lifted my chin up with his uncoated hand and kissed me sweetly, slipping one of his fingers inside the tight ring, feeling a slight pain. I bit his lip slightly, whispering an apology as I tried to relax my muscles. The sting slowly turned into a light pleasurable wave as he started to scissor his digit slowly. I moaned lightly and started to thrust slowly onto the intruding digit. He looked at me to see if I was fine; I never felt better in my life.

"You can add another one," I breathed. I hissed when he entered a second finger, biting onto my lower lip. Like the first finger, it scissored along with its companion, stretching me farther. His fingers circled within me, going deeper into me until it hurt a bundle of nerves which made me nearly scream out in pleasure. The blonde only smirked and I peeked an eye open at him, blushing.

"Ready for the real thing?" he asked, admiring me.

"Yeah," I groaned, feeling disappointed when his fingers left. He squeezed a hearty amount of the lube onto his palms, but I scooped it up with my own fingertips. "I'll do it." I bent over slightly to smooth the jelly like substance onto his hardened shaft, liking the heat of it on my palms. He stifled his noises which made me dissatisfied, so I squeezed his cock gently, making him groan out. When I finished carving the jelly, I stepped back to admire my work and looked up at him with a hazy expression.

"No condom?" he asked, hovering over me and positioning himself. I layed back on the bed as comfortably as I could and shook my head.

"We have no diseases so it's alright now…." I stared him straight in the eye and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Fuck me Dei…" I whispered innocently, never wanting so much more in my life.

He slowly pressed his member against my throbbing entrance. As he penetrated me, my mouth slowly opened with no noises escaping from it. The feeling of being so stretched hurt, but in a good way. He groaned lowly, pressing more into me until he was fully inside. The sensation of being filled only turned me on so much more. I grabbed onto his back, encouraging him to move as I adjusted, and he pulled back only to give his first thrust. The pained pleasurable feeling made me gasp for air cling onto my lover for support.

Soon he was repeating this rocking motion, grinding inside of me and thrusting into my warmth. I was moaning out into the air, my fingernails slowly digging into Deidara's flesh. I didn't think I could be turned on any more until he started to groan music into my ear. I mewled right back into his when he hit those bundle of nerves again; I sharply arched my back, and he continued to hit that sweet spot within me.

We both knew we were getting close, our noises becoming louder and our motions becoming even more intense. He kissed me while I eagerly kissed back as we ferociously made out.

"I love you…" he whispered between kisses, staring straight into my eyes. Nothing could have been more perfect or right.

"Love you too," I whispered back, not being able to contain myself anymore as I ravished him again. The pressure that was holding me back slowly deteriorated when I came with a sharp moan. I spilled onto both of our chests when my body shook from the short-lasting sensational orgasm that clouded my vision with white. He thrusted a few times before he came as well, shuddering as he did so. We both panted for a while as he slowly slid out of me, collapsing onto the mattress right beside me. I cuddled into his chest, loving the warmth his body provided.

"Dei, that was…" I struggled for the word, but couldn't find one. Amazing. Wonderful. Heavenly…..It was all of these words jumbled into one.

"Perfect," he panted smiling at me. Deidara held me to his chest caressing the back of my neck, making me smile. We were both falling asleep, even though it was some time in the afternoon.

Perfect. That was the word that described this moment.

That described us.

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