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This story is inspired after Big Bang's song - 'The Last Farewell'. Enjoy...


University of Konoha - 12:45 am.

Class: English Literature with Professor Kakashi


Hinata's Version:

"And that my class, is how you can identify the different types of patterns of a piece of writing by the same author."

Hinata yawned and gazed at her watch.

'12:45...class should end any minute now...' Hinata adjusted her thin rimmed glasses and started to put her things in her black and white messenger bag. Hinata never really liked literature...it wasn't really her 'thing' but, her father had requested for her to take it so she really didn't have that much of a choice. Hinata was already 19, and her father still didn't let his own daughter make her own choices...pitiful.

Hinata groaned and banged her head on the desk. Hinata then realized that it was very quiet and Kakashi had stopped talking.


Hinata lifted up her head to see that everyone in the lecture was looking at her, and all Hinata could do was just lower her head into her crossed arms on her table in embarrassment. Boy, she really didn't like literature now.

Once Hinata lowered her head, she heard someone clear their throat and of course it turned out to be Kakashi catching everyone's attention.

"Ok class, that will be all for today. And don't forget to read Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' for a special project that will be assigned next month."

Kakashi looked over his class and nodded at everyone in approval.

"All of you may go now and have a wonderful break as well. And please, don't come back in 2 weeks as a drunk jackass."

Everyone in class laughed while Kakashi directed his attention to a certain blonde in the class. "That means you Uzumaki."

Hinata mentally laughed in her head and looked at the blonde's face. Of course, Hinata saw Naruto grinning wider than ever.

"Sure Kakashi, at least I won't be at home watching por-"

"I said, class dismissed." And with that Kakashi held a blush on his face while cleaning the 'the-very-scribbled-on' chalkboard.

Hinata smiled and then stood up and put on her already packed bag.

Hinata then decided to glance to her right, which later on she would regret.

The one thing no one ever knew was that she, Hinata Hyuuga actually liked someone in her english literature class. It was also one of the main reasons why she ever continued this class.

Hinata's glancing to the right, immediately turned to staring to her right.

Hinata couldn't help it though, for the person sitting on her right was none other than the number one big shot in Konoha and Heartthrob,

Sasuke Uchiha.

Hinata found herself staring at Sasuke.

Sasuke was simply captivating to Hinata, and the rest of the females in Konoha. His flawless face, his raven black hair in it's own individual style, but what Hinata loved most of all was his eyes. Hinata has never saw any other pair of eyes as mysterious as Sasuke's, and Hinata loved it.


Sasuke's Version:

'Damn Kakashi, and this stubborn project of his. I hope they can all burn in hell together.'

Sasuke sighed and started to pack his things together, until he felt someone staring at him from his side.

As an instant reaction, Sasuke turned to his right to look at his secret admirer who instantly looked away but still connected eye's with Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked and decided that maybe, he can taunt this woman a little.

Sasuke's body posture and eyes switched modes from 'Being-pissed-at-Kakashi' mode to 'Seduction-mode'. Sasuke started to walk towards the girl who was by now, blushing mad. Sasuke took each step as slow and seductive as he could and while doing so he also observed the female specimen before him.

She had very straight hair along with old fashioned bangs and it was a black color with a bit of a blue tint in it as well. She was wearing thing wired glasses and she had one of the most...weirdest eyes Sasuke's ever seen. She had on a white collared shirt which was covered by a black long sleeve sweater with a white bird in the front. Her skirt looked teenage-like, almost like the kind of skirts in private schools that looked like fans, but her skirt was down to her knees and it was a dark shade of gray. Her black 2 inch heals gave her a business type look, but in Sasuke's opinion...well...

'Wow, I can't believe I'm taunting the college dork.'

Sasuke mentally laughed and stopped his torture on the girl after getting dangerously close to her.

Sasuke then chuckled and gathered his stuff and casually left the class at ease not knowing how this girl will soon change his future,



Hinata's Version:

Hinata's heart started to slow down to normal along with her breathing.

Hinata's never really been that close to a male before, let alone her crush.

Hinata's face was still holding that crimson blush, but it slowly started to flutter away as she was heading for her dorm. Well, it was more like running. Hinata then glanced at her wristwatch and started to cuss.

'Kuso! 1:10?! I only have 20 minutes for lunch and get ready for my next class! How is this possible?'

Hinata started to run as fast as her legs could carry her and as if a blink of an eye, she was in front of her dorm. Hinata searched for her keys in her pocket quickly and jerked the key in and rammed the door open, never bothering to stop.

As Hinata started to undress in her and her roomates room, she then realized that her same roomate, Ino was still asleep. And the thing is,

they have the next class together.

Hinata was already half down putting on her new outfit when she decided to chug Ino in the head with her brush causing Ino to jerk up in response.

"SHIT WHAT ZE FUCK HAPPENED?" Ino rubbed her eyes and looked at the bedside clock with wide eyes.

"Kuso!! 1:21?! HINATA!"

Hinata looked up at Ino as she got her shoes back on.

"Ino! Hurry up! Don't talk! Just put on your clothes now!"

Ino nodded and got out of bed, and what Hinata saw almost made her laugh.

"Ino! Your already dressed? But wait, how-"

Ino put her finger on Hinata's lips and then she too started to put on her shoes.

"I had a gut feeling I was going to sleep longer than I intended to, so I just thought ahead I guess."

Ino gave a sheepish grin and pulled Hinata out the door with her and they started to run towards their next destination. Hinata was in her own thoughts until something popped up in her head.

"Ino, why don't you just set an alarm next time?"

Ino stopped and then slapped her forehead and groaned in annoyance. "I'll remember that next time Hinata. But Next time if I do sleep late and you happen to be in the room please..."

Ino paused for a moment as they slowly stood in front of their next class.

"Don't hit me on the head with a brush again Hinata-chan?"

Hinata giggled and nodded as she opened the door for Ino and herself and mentally left a note for her in her head.

'Note to self: Never Hit Ino-chan in the head with a brush to wake her up.'

And they walked in their last calls for the day before their 2 week break.

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