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Sasuke's Version:

Sasuke's cigarette fell softly onto the ground as his expression switched from a nonchalant aura to a shocked yet excited aura. Could this truly be her? Was this really her or was Sasuke's head tricking him into pleasurable delusions? Sasuke was so bewildered that he had to step back in amazement; but he made the mistake of looking down at the ground to catch his breath.

Looking back up in front of him, Sasuke could not believe his eyes. She was gone, again.

'How could the be?! I just saw her here...'

Sasuke then stumbled back against the cafe's brick wall, wondering.

'What the hell is happening to me? A-Am I going nuts?' Sasuke grasped his head in confusion as his face turned into a twisted mix of disappointment and sadness. This day was not bound to be any better for the Uchiha.

Taking a deep breath and settling his thoughts (which in his opinion he cannot trust anymore) the Uchiha slowly took out a cigarette and lit it shakily. This was his third smoke today and he still couldn't find comfort in it. Maybe he truly was going insane...

'Nani?! I am not going insane...I'm not...I'm just a little...dazed about this woman...' breathing in steadily into the taste of his cigarette he started breaking down the possibilities and evidence of who this woman is and how he can figure out her identity; but the possibilities were endless. Remembering her appearance, Sasuke took out a little notepad and a pen he had in his left breast pocket of his black pea coat and started to jot down her rater breathtaking characteristics;

'Indigo Tinted Hair, Light Lavender Eyes, Pale Skin, Around 5'5"-5'6", Curves in all the right places...'

Sasuke immediately crossed out that last part for he may never know if someone might be able to snag his little pocketbook of his. Looking out into the dim streets and feeling the humid weather hugging his skin, Sasuke decided to take a break from all of this madness and re-enter the cafe with thoughts on only this mysterious woman.

And he was determined to catch her; once and for all.


Hinata's Version:

Panting heavily, Hinata decided to stop on the next sharp corner and take a breath while on the side of a little house. Everything was going horribly wrong. She allowed him to see her again and somewhere where she thought she would be safe. This cat and mouse game wasn't as excited as Hinata anticipated for it to be but you know what they say; When you start something you have to finish it.

And that's what she was going to do.

No matter what happens beyond this point Hinata swore to never stop this game. And besides, it may be a lot more enjoyable to see Sasuke impatient especially when he really wants something.

Sighing to herself, Hinata brought out her cell phone and dialed Ino's cell phone number. Hinata was concerned that her friends might be worrying about her so she wanted to clear things out.

"Hinata?! Where are you? You said that you were outside! Me and Ten Ten were worried sick about you! We even asked if anyone has seen you! And you'll never guess who we saw at the caf--"

"Ino, I'm alright. Everything is alright...well at least I think so." Hinata took in a deep breath and settled off the brick wall she was on and started to head back to the Konoha Dorms.

"You gave me and Ten-Ten a scare Hina! We thought you were being kidnapped and raped and slaughte--"

Hinata giggled into the phone for her friends silly imagination never seemed to let her down.

"Ne, Ino it's alright. I just had a little run in with...well...Sasuke."

Hinata stopped and backed away from the phone as soon as she heard a loud squeal on the other line.

"Really?! Oh my goodness! What did he do when he saw you?! Goodness Hinata you should be on Cloud Nine right now! Don't tell me you were stuttering again missy!"

Hinata sighed and thought about things back into the night before. Throughout the conversation Hinata decided to that she will tell about her and Sasuke's 'Secret-Meeting' at the club.

Boy, this would be a long story.


Sasuke's Version:


Just entering the cafe, Sasuke was rather surprised to see his Brother's Friends Sister (A/N: Lol.) in the same cafe as him. But what really surprised him was that she wasn't with her best friend Tinata or Fifanta or Hinara; err that girl she hangs out with. Ino turned around and closed her cell phone as she was finished talking into it. When Sasuke saw her he saw that she seemed a little...Excited to see him?

"Hello Sasuke..." Ino said with a smile. As soon was Sasuke was going to return the greeting, Ino then left the cafe with a different friend by her side.

'That was rather strange...' Sasuke thought as he gathered his things and started to head out of the cafe himself.

Boy, Sasuke really needed a smoke right now.


Hinata's Version:

Walking in the rain wouldn't really appeal to anyone's liking, but considering that this was Hinata who isn't just anyone, she loved walking in the rain. It gave her time to think about everything that was happening at that moment and this was the perfect time to think right now.

'Gah, that was just TOO close for comfort...but really, out of all the cafes in Konoha, we had to meet at the exact same one..?!' Hinata sighed as the rain started to hit her head at a heavy pace, soaking her wet; but it really didn't seem to mind her at all.

Oooh, yeahhh
Calling you on the phone
Whenever you be at home
(get it)

Geu cheos-nar neo-wa na
Nun-eur tter su-ga eobs-eoss-ji
(se-sang-i meom-chun geos gat-i
Sa-rang-e seo-tun geos gat-i)
Eo-saeg-han pyo-jeong-jo-cha
Mo-deun-ge mam-e deun neo-e gyeot-e
(chin-gu-ga doe-gi-reur ba-rae
Yeon-in-i doe-ju-reur ba-rae)

Nae-ga hog-si-ra-do
Ne son noh-eur-kka bwa du-ryeo-wo ma
Yeah yeah yeah
Neo-reur ba-ra-bo-neun
Ji-geum i sun-gan-do so-jung-hae nan
(that's why you gotta know, girl)

"Big Bang's songs can really relate to this moment.." Hinata smiled to the song being heard by her ears. She really was concerned for this situation though. What if Sasuke really did see her? Would he really think it was the girl from his Literature Class? 'I hope he doesn't...' Hinata retaliated in her mind. While stopping on the corner before crossing, she started to think of the different consequences of what would happen if he didn't figure it all out.

'He would definitely confront me..and in a bad way as well...' Hinata sighed and looked ahead of the road waiting for the crossing sign to flash green. She was pretty late noticing it, but she felt no raining being poured onto her head anymore. In reaction, she looked up only to be covered with a black umbrella from above. Turning around, she had expectations that it would be a random stranger who was kind enough to put the umbrella above her head, but instead it wasn't.


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